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Truecaller is the leading Caller ID and spam blocking app trusted by over 250 million users.
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May 1, 2021
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[Free Download] Truecaller – Caller ID & Block (Premium) v11.59.7 Mod APK App for Android

New complaint. After the recent update, it is not working well. Now I can’t toggle back and forth between text conversations, and worse, I can’t attach images unless the app crashes. I’ve rebooted, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. You will have to find an alternative. So disappointed. This was my favorite spam blocker I tried.
I’ve tried almost all caller ID / call blocking applications and found that Truecaller is one of the best. It has identified more callers than any other application. The only grip I have is that to send an SMS from the app, TrueColor should be the default. I use Google Messages because I need a web interface on my other devices, so I wish it would use defaults instead of forcing me to use it. For me, that’s enough to see nowhere else. However, I can understand exactly why the developer did it, but it just doesn’t work for me. Now I am using another application. If using a built-in SMS client works for you, you really can’t do better. * UPDATE * So, another app that I was using was the fact that I started posting ads on my Twitter feed despite being a paying user. This helped me find another way, and I was able to work around my previous issues. Here’s what I did. I use a Samsung phone that has Hia lookups in the dialer. I’ve made it my default dialer, but TrueCleaner has created my default caller ID and blocking application. By doing that, every call is checked against both databases which is great. In addition, I denied TrueCleaner’s denied access to SMS, making it a call-only scheduling application and allowing me to continue using Google Messages as my communications application. I have to delete all my sms messages, this is to work the way I want it to, but it works fine so far. I can check numbers against Truecolor and Hia databases and continue to use Google Messages on both phone and web. This solution has been working very well for me so far.
It does a good job of blocking unwanted calls, but going back to previous lessons is a dream. Texts received with incoming and incoming call history, including all numbers blocked by the application, seem to clump together. In most applications, text history is listed separately from call history. This app doesn’t seem to do it, it’s a big drawback, user experience wise. And if it does, it’s pretty vague where my text history is. Failed to send feedback option. Rethink UI.
From the launch of TC Gold. The one subscribed has gone bad. Clerk takes forever for the name. Everybody tried, uninstalled and didn’t even restore the back-up. You have to rely on a browser based TC to look up for unknown callers. If the TC team fails to resolve this, then for me there is no point in re-subscribing to Premium. P.S. Upgrading to TC Gold is not the answer!
I give only 1 star based on app performance. I have to say this, it seems that the maintenance for this application is very poor. Even with my new phone, the app often freezes, often when I get a call from someone, the name on the caller ID does not appear immediately. It can appear after 6-7 phone rings. That means I have no ring I have to wait 7 rings until who calls me. Sounds like a lot of bug related issues that I’m still dealing with is also changing my phone.
It usefully identifies incoming calls, checking the chat information provided by other users and the contact information in your phone (and by sharing), for me it has 2 problems. 1) It is corrupted, sometimes I can answer a call and the application may remain unanswered after finishing the call, ringing new calls because the old call appears to be active, does not help to restart the application, The only solution is to turn the phone on again. 2) They put pop pops at the beginning of the class, which is really intrusive if you are in a hurry.
Previously I had Android 6 so it would work well. Now I have Android 11. The caller ID does not show. Message blocking doesn’t work. Numbers drawn are not automatic arch power. I have tried to remove all restrictions by giving all approvals. This may be due to the more security features of Android 11 but you should pay attention to this issue as these things are not being addressed.
Truckler has been used for many years. Upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy with Android. 11. The caller ID and call notifications do not appear on the screen when someone calls. All settings are set to draw on top as well as all approvals are given. I need to see who is calling as soon as I pick up the phone. To go to the home screen I have to enter my code to see who it is. Also, even when a tricycle is set to full screen, it is not full screen when it makes calls to someone. Popup does not work either.
It’s great to know the spammers that drove me crazy. Loads of ads if you’re not at a premium but it doesn’t really bother me. The UI is a bit strange because all calls and SMS are grouped together in chronological order but I think this is something I can use. Overall it has saved me a lot of time
It had been working well for the last few days, but all of a sudden it started trying to make itself the default messaging app and despite canceling the request it was repeatedly asking for my consent. This message asking for my consent continues to refresh every second, thus blocking my SMS. Sometimes I wait for TP TP and it never comes because this application temporarily prevents us from getting access to new messages. So you have to get out of “Messages” again and then come back to Messages.
Sorry for the poor rating but the extra features you are offering are more annoying than the annoying ads that appear inside this app. I’m willing to upgrade to a premium and pay you double the cost and let you run ads even if you promise to remove additional features like dialer, messenger, financial planner, bills and travel reminder etc. Please just let this application happen with what it was originally – the caller ID and the spam identifier. I don’t need anything else to spoil.

[Free Download] Truecaller – Caller ID & Block (Premium) v11.59.7 Mod APK App for Android

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