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From the creators of Toy Blast comes the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and endless fun!
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Aug 2, 2022
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How to install Toon Blast MOD APK v8780 (unlimited coins no survey) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Toon Blast MOD APK v8780 (unlimited coins no survey) APK file.

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[Free Download] Toon Blast MOD APK v8780 (unlimited coins no survey) Game for Android

Created an account for this game around 8 months ago. I manage and run my team. I’ve also made it to the league championship. This is all without spending any money in real life. Certain levels seem simple. Others will keep you stuck for bit. A great game to play for short periods during travel and for longer sessions if you have time. The only downside is that if you buy a new phone and don’t connect your Facebook account to your existing one (or do not have Facebook) it is likely that you’ll lose the progress you’ve made.

There are some levels that seem to be impossible to pass, but this is a great thing because it adds value to the game playing and helps with the ability to solve problems. I recently purchased a new smartphone and began from the beginning and it was easy as I’d developed to master more difficult levels. It is a sign of real improvement in mental and judgement. The reward is when you can beat the tougher levels. However, please make it easier for people who can easily become annoyed.

It’s a great game – with without ads! Some levels are difficult when you progress however, as your skill increases, you’ll need to be challenged! There are many rewardsand the game’s makers are gracious. You can purchase boosts in order to progress rapidly, but I’ve never did and have always done very well. My suggestion is that you join as fast that you are able to. Thank you to the for the creators! *Edit: The rewards associated that come with time limitations aren’t worth it since they are wasted in the event that you are unable to continue playing because of time restrictions.

I am a huge fan of this game. There are times when it can take 2 days and lots of money to get a board cleared. If you’re stuck, it can mess up the team’s play and also your rewards. It’s my opinion that it was designed exactly in this manner. No fair. It would also be nice that my boosters were present in the game. Each of them. Then, the choice of where to put them. Every time it falls, it can cause me to miss my doubles. It’s not always possible to purchase things to gain. Also, from the perspective of the team, it’s not helpful if my body is frozen over two days.

I love playing this game in my free time. My only issue is that there aren’t enough moves to that carry over into the following level particularly in levels where one has more than 10 remaining moves. It would be wonderful to save moves or traded for other things instead of to lose the moves. Any leftover moves should be exchanged with items of similar value, or transferred into the following level. Thank you for your consideration, John

It’s an excellent game to date. It’s moving a bit slow but the effects are excellent. I’m at level 12 right currently, so I’m just beginning. I’m sure at higher levels, there will be mini- games that will allow you to makecoins. The idea kept popping in my ads, so I decided to give it a go.

In addition to the feelings of others, the reward system and the coins is a bit sloppy. I actually enjoyed the game, as it did not feel like you needed to shell out money for playing. There were plenty of chances to win coins as well as free games with a little patience and a bit of time. These free games are not worth it I’ve lost so many because of the timing. Monetization…its always about getting more dollars.

It’s fun and addictive, but it’s also a massive scam. Each time you see the unlimited clock icon show up, it will automatically start the clock. There is a button that you can press to get your time, but it will start whether you press it or not. I don’t always have half an hour to play with when it comes up, so I don’t use it and then when I look it, it’s in the process of running. Please fix this!

I’ve played the game for a while and I like it however, I don’t like it any more. The weekly battles with three chests you can collect is no longer based on getting the highest score, but on stars in the level. This is absurd and appears impossible to achieve. It was always an enjoyable effort to reach all three chests , but is it worth it? I enjoy this game, but it’s not the main thing I play during the weekend.

Fantastic game. The levels are difficult but can be played. Micro transactions are worthwhile and affordable if need P2P. They can be very generous in getting boosters with no cost. They have discovered the perfect balance in comparison to other match three games. It’s not a case of long periods of time in search of a winning board.

As you progress through the levels it gets similar, the levels are basically the same things to play. A lot of shouting now trying to convince players to buy. If they ask you to lower prices which could attract buyers to buy more.

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Toon Blast introduces the Dream Team episode with 50 new levels!
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