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May 27, 2022
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How to install Tom and Jerry: Chase v5.4.13 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tom and Jerry: Chase v5.4.13 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Tom and Jerry: Chase v5.4.13 (Full) Apk + Mod + Data Game for Android

The game is good. I first downloaded it when it was first release, but after some time I un-installed it due to internet problem. I thank you for keeping my data even if i am away for 6 seasons. I will do a 5 stars if you can just fix the language. I notice that if one of my teammate left, the button i must choose is in chinese and not english. And also about casual, please finish it now. That is all of my problem. Good luck and keep improving the game.

Seems like this game was famous on 2020 and I hope this review will be good 4 u I was hoping you will minor the skins price? It’s kinda way off for me or maybe some other players and I hope you’ll add more things in this game like new maps or so new characters like dogs chase the cats and maybe add something like you can just chat to player’s and rp This is a very great game! I’m new to this and I want more! I’m addicted to it hope this helps thank you!

The app is Very nice but the loading screen takes super long,the black Screen,Pls fix this even tho my wi-fi is good,the game is still very slow..The ping is sometimes so high in 5v5 or even normal Matches when u have like Good internet and the cowboy thing is so powerful that you can’t even escape him when he has the bull so Cowboy tom should be nerfed and the perks are showing 20/20,It used to be 21 but now it’s 20,best game and funny but the movement is sometimes delayed it hard to catch mice

Everything is good but there’s is one problem when I play my first game there’s already a hacker and almost all of my match is lose because of the hacker please ban them so it will be fair for everyone oh and when I play cat too I always fight with some tryhard pls try fixing your system and pls stop placing me in high rank people’s

There should be an option for laptop players to enjoy is the ability to use your keyboard (and the mouse to throw), because It’s hard for us laptop players to it’s touch screen games, I had to rely on my mouse, other than that I enjoy the game and everything in it. Thank you, Netease for make the game.

After playing a few games, this game I can say is good. its like multiplayer pacman in a way. Its good graphics is great, movements is smooth, gameplay however seems lacking, but will need to play more games to find out. However being the cat feels overpowered and lonely, i wish they will add a cat co-op too, like 2 cats but more mice? Super great job to the developers, and the cosmetics are also cute, the cat and mouse skins are very cute. Also add events too, Thank you.

It is kinda fun although it’s repetitive. The mice are somewhat at an advantage because they are fast even when they are carrying the cheese so I suggest that you make them a little bit slower when carrying the cheese. And the cats are ok but I’m really disapointed that their are only three playable characters I think, I recommend that you add more like a detective or a muskateer to the cats I don’t know if it will take a turn and the cats will be at an advantage.Overall, great but repetitive.

This game depends on the characters and perk cards instead of skill. It also needs high speed of connection. In the classic mode, if you want to play the character that is not suggested you will play with bots and the bots will literally disappear in the game everytime and it is not fun at all.

It was fun.. but not for long the game started to get a little bit error.. when i opened it, the loading screen just keeps loading and i cant get to the main menu. it doesnt want to load even though the loading bar keeps loading repeatedly over and over.. so i thought when i close it and then reopened it again it was gonna work but it’s the same.. Can you please fix this? I’d really appreciate it if you are willing to fix this problem.. thanks

Its Very Good and Cute, the graphics is stunning it feels like Im watching a tom and jerry classic episodes, so does the background audios. The Gameplay is also fun you can do many things like throw items, drink and eat, trick the mice or cat, etc. The controls is also good, you can also customize them. The game is really really fun to play to especially with friends, I highly recommend to play this awesome and cute game ♡. Btw the game also have problems but I hope the dev. will fix it.. ☆☆☆☆☆

This game’s gameplay heavily borrows from Identity V however in 2D format. I cannot say that this is a bad game, however this game is not amazing to me either. The gameplay for the mouse is pretty fun, however the gameplay for the cat is severely frustrating because of clunky hitbox and the let go after a certain amount of time mechanics. Those probelms make the game unnecessarily long and tedious.

The game all in all in great, there is just minor problems I would like to complain about. First the lag of the game, while pressing stuffs like events, mails, add friends the game is lagging and it takes a minute or two to load. Second is disconnecting from the game, my internet connection is perfectly stabled and the ping is 999 which is confusing, I’d like that fixed as soon as possible. Maybe I’ll change my ratings, Thank you! ( I still enjoyed the game )

I think it’s sooo unique and original! With awesone graphics as well. There’s just some minor issues on sensitivity, accuracy, and calibration of the controls but it’s normal for a newly released game. One suggestion though, make a game mode where you can be 4 cats, or a game mode where each side has an equal number of players. I wanted to play with my squad but we always play mouse :((( I’ll make this review 5 stars if the game gets better 😉

It’s a very fun game. Surprisingly no bugs, no cheating players and it’s all base on skills. Unfortunately, the thing I don’t like about this game is only having one map or a place where the game take part. Only one map will let the players get bored pretty quick. So please make more maps.

What's new

1. New Skin: Cherie's Song of Joy.
2. New Skin: Detective Jerry's Time Traveler.
3. Limited-Time Event: Song of Joy's Promise.



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