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Fan of sports video games?? Then here is a great tennis experience on mobile!
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May 26, 2022
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[Free Download] Tennis Clash: 3D Sports MOD APK v3.20.0 (Full) Game for Android

A great and fun tennis game! Edit: Reduced down to 4. The game is enjoyable however it’s concentrated towards those who are paying for advantages. There will be wins in the beginning, but after a while, you’ll be placed with players who are higher in ranking and lose several matches that are back-to-back. It’s frustrating to lose trophy awards and then dropping after putting in so much effort and making money to get up. It can be a bit of tiring after an amount of time.

The game itself is enjoyable however matchmaking heavily relies on statistics and a pay-to- win system. The stat upgrades are incredibly costly as well. It also has a chest reward system that is a long time to unlock, and I’ve always thought was an ineffective system since there’s no incentive to play if you don’t gain additional chests, and the game is limited to playing for longer than 5 minutes at an time. Overall, it’s a great game, but it doesn’t perform like tennis.

A nice little game of tennis. Although spending money can get you further ahead but so far, I’ve found there’s no reason to. I’ve read some posts concerning people who come up against extremely powerful players and losing their entire money, (costs in the game to play in the game) I’ve not experienced the same issue myself, so it is possible that they’re jumping to the next level way too quickly.

The opponent is chosen by the cup they have that have been won, not the same players’ total power. This is a little sloppy, as matches are often times wildly different and you are matched with an opponent who simply beats you, or vice versa around. There are very few occasions that you can see a fair match! Some of the opponents who are able to return some amazing shots are also too optimistic. Great game, but could be improved.

In the beginning, I was fascinated by the game’s gameplay and graphics , but in short time, it turned out to be a scam to get money. The game was designed by the developers solely to allow players to continue buying upgrades , and in the process you’ll lose diamonds and coins fast. The worst thing is the long wait to open your bags, where you’re forced to use significant amounts of diamonds… Come on developers!! The game can be improved to be more entertaining.

I was awestruck by control and the way it is simple you can play games, while feeling as if it’s going smoothly. I also love that winning you will lose some of the trophies. When you win, you’ll get. I’ve recently been able to get into tennis, and this is helping me understand the rules.

It’s a good game. However!! It’s pay-to-play… I noticed that after I purchased a 99 cent pack for sale and it appeared that everyone I was playing against was not as skilled as me (I had only been playing for three hours at that point) I earned lots of points in order to improve my character. When my pack expires, I began losing games on a regular basis. I uninstalled it and installed it again. must start from scratch. Three days in and I’m constantly losing (didnt purchase any items this time)

The skill of matchmaking that is based on skill is garbage it’s sole purpose is to keep you in the board for the longest time possible and it’ll happily put you in the face of a player who has five times more statistics than you, should it mean you’ll stay playing. Additionally, that the game will decide the player they would like to win regardless, which means that all your shots land on either the net or the ouy, with the entire opponent is in front of you.

The game is fantastic and addictive, however, it does really pay-to-win. Certain items do not appear for example, for instance, the PrecisionString?, can not purchase it, making it impossible to win. There is also there is no way to and play without losing the loot. I can only equip four bags and then continue playing, but not be able to gather, must wait at least 3 hours to receive bags to be opened or pay gems to open bags. I’m thinking I should restart the game from scratch as I enjoy playing 10 to 15 times in a row. I’ve lost many loots.

An A+++ rating. I am awed by the ease of use the game can be. It’s very simple to grasp. There are many different obstacles that make it more addictive. The ability to play against real people or my buddies is my most favorite. Highly recommended!

Overall, it’s a decent appwith great graphics, and playing. I’ve been playing since the beginning of January. But you don’t get to Win. If you win one game, you lose the next five matches. People with less abilities are able to beat you. Their speed increase. How??? and we don’t go to balls. Each time you look at videos for coins. It seems like you’d prefer to earn more than you can by advertisements, and then by people buying the passes. Please make the necessary adjustments, or else it appears to have been scripted. A lot of updates keep coming.

It could have been a five stars game..but the amount of cheating that is a an element of the game. It is amazing and dissapointing. A few examples are like this: suddenly a player who has the highest profile is shown for 100 350 or 1500 or issue with this however when you play great shots, the ball enters Matrix mode and remains at the same position till the person gets to the is that possible? If it’s a glitch, fix it..if the strategy is for players to spend more money, you’re all busted

Terrible. When you reach an amount and then unless you purchase coins to advance, it becomes impossible to win games! Certain shots I’ve made with more speed than others and taken place, however slower shots have managed to get out of the game! Some shots are able to return shots that are impossible. Then you lose your entire coin and you begin to build again , only to lose them all over again in matches which are impossible to win.

Unistalled!Pure bug. If the game fails to locate an the opponent, you are unable to return to the menu from which you came. The the only way to stop endless search… can be by ending the game. In the end, you’ll lose the gold and trophy. Swipe control is a joke when you are in portrait mode. You cannot move your hand and hit the ball simultaneously. It’s a nightmare to play games. because it is like the ball freezes in the air while waiting for the player to hit it . Volleying is just a joke! The meaning of volley can be described as playing with the net close .Ridiculous !

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