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With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run 2!
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Imangi Studios
Jun 11, 2022
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How to install Temple Run 2 MOD APK v1.90.1 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Temple Run 2 MOD APK v1.90.1 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Temple Run 2 MOD APK v1.90.1 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

So, I have to acknowledge Imangi credit for this. It appears that they’ve solved the issues with control that I experienced in this game earlier this year. The game runs very smoothly even with the most extreme setting for graphics on the older Galaxy S9, and I’ve returned to clearing 10 million+ points in a single run. But, I’ve always liked the menus and interface in earlier versions. The new version feels slow and confusing to me. Maybe I’ll come to terms with it.

So i really want finish the quest however, i was only given the opportunity to earn coins from the jungle level however i am unable to gain an access point to the level. as well as artifacts aren’t showing up, for example, artifact 101, which i am unable to access because they don’t appear in chests, and i am unable to complete the objectives if I am stuck in areas that i cannot access. I’m hoping they can solve the artifact bug.

A great game! New update is fantastic! There’s one issue. I am sorry for asking but I’m unable to locate the coin skins. If you could make that fix then that would be awesome. However, the game is fantastic! You’ll be engaged for hours!

It’s a fun and simple game to play to pass the time. However many times I played, I was never bored. It has interesting characters and stunning maps, each with their own unique music.

The game is fun and enjoyable, however the characters’ movements are not always smooth and move to the left or right, and I had to turn off and turn on my phone. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the latest versions of the game. However, the previous version was excellent.

It’s an excellent game to play when you’re bored. And for those who complain about the excessive advertisements, this is an offline game you can play take off your wifi or internet to solve the issue and also for bug issues I haven’t experienced this … I’m not sure about that, but i’d say it’s a great game.

It’s almost returning to the normal! Thank you! But I’m not recognized for the completed tasks. I completed the Global challenges, but I did not get credit for it! Also bought a player, but isn’t able to utilize it!

This is a good game, but I prefer the original game and you cannot change the style of coins any more. Please bring it back and the number of ads, my god and please return the original jumping sound of Barry bones as it is more similar to him and I don’t like the way everyone sounds exactly the same. They ought to have different sounds for jumping because no one sounds alike, so please bring the original sound back. I enjoyed having to buy the characters as it was more enjoyable and I’d like to see that return also! Ty!

The graphics in the game appear realistic and that’s something I love about it. However, what does not look real-time is the fact that when you fall, you do not know where you’ll fall, therefore, please let us be aware of where we fall however, it’s nevertheless a great game!

It’s an addictive game! However, the reason I awarded the game 4 stars is because the new version made things a bit more challenging ( according to me). In particular, I couldn’t find the settings needed to switch our coin skins. However, the game could be a 5 stars! The bottom line is that this is definitely a great game thanks to the many runners’ skins, the various maps, the amazing features, and so on!

An amazing game for the endless runner that comes with a variety of maps that are amazing. There are some missions that fail. Sometimes they’re not compatible with the tasks I need to complete the task. I attempt to do it, but am not working, which is why it’s necessary to be a reason for me to not complete these tasks. How is you Coin Skill? Where are they? I can’t find them any more after you switched into the latest interface.

The game’s quality has been reduced since the year the year 2020. There’s no customizable button to replace”runners” as a replacement for “runners” button since I would like to modify other aspects (ie coinskin skins or maps). Certain of the quests are unattainable to finish by spending money. Maps and characters that are default have not been redesigned to look attractive instead we’re presented with characters that are low-quality and maps that copy the ones that are already in use. Instead of spending your time making unnecessary things and waste it on unnecessary things, why not make use of it to solve issues?

There are so many menus and animations that you must go through in order to experience… How do I have to choose the map each moment i want to play right now? Why can’t I just upgrade my powerups (wich can be done temporarily, but has to be performed repeatedly) instead of having to watch gems disappear to a bag each time? It’s not a problem, I like the new features particularly the new menu system, but don’t force me waitaround, let me upgrade if it’s playing or some other. It takes longer after running before allowing you to push.

Following some difficult times immediately after the update there have been a few minor improvements and the most enjoyable aspects of the game have returned with exciting new features. The responsiveness of the game is not as great as it was particularly there are some instances where an upward jump isn’t registering (most times , you fail to hit a power-up, but sometimes you die due to that!)

I enjoy playing this game since my childhood. This is a excellent game..one suggestion is to include coin skins in the future updates as they did the case in the past game that I was playing last..hoping for changes in the next update.

This game is addictive forever when i downloaded it in the past 9 years and am looking forward to playing this game. I am a huge fan of this game and subway suffers these two are addicting ….i keep my phone after many long hours I’ve lost my phone due to preblms, and finally i found it, so i downloaded this game…

There were some issues during the major update this year. However, slowly the bugs have been eliminated and it’s now all good! As much enjoyable as before.

Certain objectives seem impossible for a start, like 10 artifacts, which is difficult to accomplish for us as there is less likely to get artifacts today than in earlier times. When I used to play I used to collect lots of artifacts

The game is far superior in comparison to Temple Run because it has more ads and brand new characters as well. I like the way they curled the models of runners in place of straight lines (see models from temple run1 to see the differences) The best game I’ve played. If you fall, you don’t fall while you’re running forward. You’re interrupted by a loud sound

I’ve always been a fan of the game, and it hasn’t changed in response to game playing, and that’s amazing. The new updates are great offering new challenges and more maps to pick from. Simple and fast to complete, it was a fantastic time passed.If you turn off wireless or mobile data the character won’t move when I tilt my phone.its as if the game is designed to prevent us from being able to play when the data is disabled. And advertisements keep coming after the game has ended, ads that open the playstore directly without pressing any button.

It’s a really enjoyable game, and I’m actually playing my favorite game. ….. However, I’d love to understand why need to download my characters and maps whenever there’s an update

At the time I downloaded the game, the majority of maps were unlocked , however due to the fact that I’ve been playing it too often and have been playing it for too long, the majority of maps are now locked and you must either buy or give diamonds. The challenges that you had to earn diamonds aren’t coming, particularly those that are global. Please don’t download this game at any chance. I am very unsatisfied and dissatisfied about the game.

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