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"Here's the best mind teasing game ever!
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December 17, 2021
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How to install Tangle Master 3D v34.3.0 (Money) MOD APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tangle Master 3D v34.3.0 (Money) MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Tangle Master 3D v34.3.0 (Money) MOD APK for Android

There are too many advertisements. You are given a 30-second advertisement, then play a single game (which is around 10 minutes). After that, a second add will close the game. Repeat for every game. I understand that developers have to earn money, but this isn’t how to go about it. I love the idea, but am trying to improve the game.

It was fun, but scoring is a joke. You can score a quad having 6 moves left to go, only score two stars? Yet, you score an additional double in just three moves remaining and earn three stars? Hmm. I’m not sure. If you play using Wi-Fi or data It has a LOT of numerous advertisements. It is necessary to cut off all connections to the outside world before you can play the game. Hard pass.

Awful. Adverts after each stage. Sometimes, two. Evidently, the goal was to get people in desperate need to buy the option to turn off ads. The ads that turned off had an unsettling message that required you to give the right to cancel without stating the terms you signed to. You had to click to agree without knowing the specific terms. I would give it zero stars in the event that I could. The installation was uninstalled after five minutes.

Thank you for installing cause it looked like fun. I made one move, and then two minutes of advertisements and then the game requested me to rate it. I mean programmers, what exactly do you have to be doing, where is your head, are you listening or are you just trying to get the green with no trade-off? Let me have a chance to play for the first time. After uninstalling, you won’t give an opportunity to or even swim, so let alone swim. I’m sure to be able to remember your company should you make a change and allow me to play for 60 percent of the time, I’ll return. Please respond!

I’m sure ads can are a great way to generate income, but a 30- second ad, then switching between two screens as I am waiting for the X to finish, every new level is too to much. It’s a nice game, thank you.

Sooo I am in love with this sport. ADS everywhere! Paying for ad removal will only last a brief period of time, and SUPER expensive! There is no permanent removal. Therefore, you must continue paying to get rid of all ads. This is not like $4.99 and all ads deleted for life in a different app. 30 second ads all the time, not the 5 second ones that are short in other apps. You’re watching more advertisements than you are playing, and you must look at ads in between every game. Absolutely not.. this patient person has decided to end the game

The ads are ridiculous and include an advertisement before each level, an ad at the end of each level, and an ad to play on, even if you make a mistake, go in, I’m sure that it’s free, but seriously, it’s absurd it’s so ridiculous! I would like to rate it 0 stars! There isn’t an Undo button! Don’t waste time! !

I absolutely love the game, and I would rate five stars, however, you won’t be able to enjoy it due to advertisements. I’ve never played any game that had ads following every game. This is the sole reason I’m not installing it. I’m not paying to be able to play the game. The developers really screwed up a fantastic game to earn cash.

I’ve played over 3000 levels and really am enjoying playing the game. It makes me feel relaxed. You can find a method to avoid the ads if you’re not a shrewd. For developers there’s no way to achieve an extra quadruple.

I am awestruck by the idea behind the game, and I even purchased the version with no ads but there’s an issue where it gives you more coins when you watch an advertisement and it starts counting down but does not stop at 0 and will not allow you to select that alternative! Please FIX this!

There are too many advertisements and makes you be forced to. It’s impossible to play without making sure you take care of the tangle beast and it’s impossible to do that without watching advertisements. I played one level and demanded to review. The game itself is excellent, however the way they handled it was very bad.

Literally, I loaded this game to let you know how awful it is. I’m fine with ads for games that are free. However, this is absurd. The riddles aren’t very intelligent and you’re watching advertisements in between and following absolutely everything. Do not waste your time.

I haven’t found a tutorial that explains how rewards work, or what they’re used to be used for. There are power-ups as well, however how can I access they work and why do they function? There are a lot of ads, higher than the other games that I have played! 30 sec. advertisement prior to each level. ads each time there’s an “gift” or “treasure chest that needs to be opened. It’s an enjoyable game, however it’s is ruined by the excessive 30 second advertisements!

If I could award the game 0 stars, I would. You have an amount of choices, which means you can’t tangle the knots and work out the puzzle. You simply have to jump the gun and there’s an ad for each level. every single level is a death sentence I’m dead! !

You can play for 3 seconds and then you can watch two 30-second advertisements. Then, it’s just between 4 different ads are repeated again. Lol. If you enjoy watching commercials (or switching off your phone) in 60 second increments for every single second this game is perfect for you!

[Free Download] Tangle Master 3D v34.3.0 (Money) MOD APK for Android

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