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Dec 8, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Sygic GPS Navigation Mod Apk v22.5.3 Cracked + DATA + MAPS APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Sygic GPS Navigation Mod Apk v22.5.3 Cracked + DATA + MAPS APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Sygic GPS Navigation Mod Apk v22.5.3 Cracked + DATA + MAPS App for Android


Needs voice input? I think the app is visually appealing, I love the exit views and I like the upcoming gas station icons as well. Routing seems to be pretty good and traffic was pretty good also. But I’m really struggling with not being able to use voice input to choose a destination while in motion? If I try to use the voice input for Android Auto, Android Auto can find the POI or the address, but Sygic never seems to recognize it. I really want to like it and get away from Google. Help!

When exiting the road, its not good for the driver or motorist to be bombarded with a fixed display or an intrusive display showing roads with white arrows on two right lanes. I want to continue seeing my progress to know if I am off track. That intrusive display is not helpful at all. You better indicate exit with a voice, a small and non intrusive prompt that comes and goes after a while, while still keeping the navigation alive. An intrusive display is an unhelpful feature.

Big fan of the app and the facility to navigate offline. But when I open via Android Auto, the functionality is very poor. And in some instances doesn’t even work. Example: I press on a petrol station badge and instead of opening, it (and all the other badges for parking etc) just close. Very disappointing.

I like it, or want to like it, tonight. I had a horrible experience with it today. It kept directing me to exit the freeway EVERY FRIKKIN EXIT during a longer road trip during holiday rush hours. Yes, there was a frontage road that was slightly less impacted, but I wasn’t interested but I couldn’t make it stop. It became so distracting that we ignored it. Naturally, we ended up missing a legitimate alternative route and driving an extra hour as a result. False positives cause you to ignore them.

There is lot to like with this app. It has good functionality and probably the best GUI. Unfortunately the deal breaker for me is it only speaks basic directions. It doesn’t say Town or road names. Google Maps and TomTom will say “take the 3rd exit towards Brighton”, which matches the road signs and is vital when navigating difficult junctions and roundabouts. Sygic will just say “take the 3rd exit” and also doesn’t prompt to say “take the exit” when you get to the exit needed. Leads to mistakes

Sygic GPS Navigation is my favourite and go to navigation app. It is reliable and makes travelling convenient. Offline Maps are a great plus for long distance trips. Other useful features are a welcome addition. One area to improve would be to add more details in Maps just like Google Maps. This app is also a great private alternative to Google Maps and helps lessen reliance on Google products. Overall I highly recommend this application to everyone, as it is user-friendly and rich in features.

So far so good, my car has no satnav fitted so I have to use Android Auto, I already have Google maps in my phone but decided to try Sygic GPS Navigation as an alternative. I upgraded to premium, and WOW, its much better than Google. The features that come with it ie -: speed camera detection, reliable traffic information, head up display, house numbers, and a dash cam feature, What more could I ask for. I will use it a few more times and give an update, but no problems so far.

This app, if it would stay connected to the satellite, it would be great. Would not stay connected, not even for 5 minutes. Pay for the premium. I had to cancel in 2 days. 2 Repurchased this app again on Google Play, although I downloaded the latest maps for the state of New Jersey, USA. I can never find my street address. When I put the street number in and then the street name and hit search, it tells me to download the latest maps. When I checked, it said I’m running the latest maps.

Works fine have used sygic for many years. But now i have a big complaint. I have paid for a lifetime sunscription. So why do i constantly get full page adverts asking me to upgrade to premium + for a year. Also the other day i needed to use the program to get out of the mountains i was in but was unable to , as it informed me every time i started the program that i had no internet connection. I always thought offline navigation meant just that. Very frustrating when i have to resort to Google

Map updates fixed..Brilliant!! Overall it’s a great app, but why do I need dropbox? Bit quirky on traffic. Local night roadworks, but map showing severe delays both directions for last 2 weeks! Night roadworks cause minor delays in one direction, in fact no delay to be honest as diversion. Otherwise a much improved app

I always thought Sygic was an excellent sat nav app and used it from time to time, but since the inclusion of Android Auto it’s now my main navigation tool. With Premium monthly map updates it is more reliable than the inbuilt vehicle sat nav. If I could enter my own, personal, POIs it would be perfect!


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