Swipe Brick Breaker Mod Apk (Full Version)


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Dec 26, 2022
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Swipe Brick Breaker Mod Apk v1.7.1 (Full Version) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Swipe Brick Breaker Mod Apk v1.7.1 (Full Version) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Swipe Brick Breaker Mod Apk v1.7.1 (Full Version) Game for Android


It can be a bit naughty by bouncing off corners, however, it’s a lot of entertaining and addictive. There’s no significant improvement in difficulty as you progress. The main distinction between 200 and 2000 is the fact that it is a bit longer (even due to the power/speed upgrades). The very high levels are definitely more challenging but. Being able to begin with the closest 100 points is amazing and also you can quit the game and return to where you left off, which is why I still love it.

A enjoyable time-pass game. The gameplay has been improved from the previous version, making it more enjoyable. The ability to begin at the end of the 100 after losing an game is the most beneficial feature. A way to turn off the sound of all advertisements so that people aren’t disturbed by the sounds of my phone when I am in public areas could be an excellent addition.

It’s interesting to see the ricochet continue to move rapidly until it reaches the bottom. The more bouncing it does on both the top and SIDES it is the faster the bricks that are removed. It is essential to continue taking the amunitions, or else there isn’t enough to get rid of all the bricks that are being produced. Making sure you hit a lot of ricochets is essential to get more points. This game requires no thought and could take lots of time.

A really great game easy to play, yet engaging and challenging. Could be significantly improved with having a button that would allow games to be speeded up or cut in the event that a ball can get caught in a loop that is slow. One turn can take LONG time if that happens?

I love this game however it would benefit from having additional options to alter the color (dark theme perhaps) also the speed at which blue dots might be quicker or even adjustable. It’s one of my favorites because it’s free of ads and I don’t require an internet connection in order to play!! !

Problem needs to be addressed. When you’re at over 1000 or more, the balls disappear even if they’re not hitting bricks, which is extremely practical. However, sometimes the balls disappear at random, even when they are hitting bricks, and it occurs often enough for me to be frustrated and then write reviews. Make this a priority, and it’s an all-star game without doubt. Update: This has stopped happening. Noice

The world’s most famous game and I’ve played it casually for five years. I’ve yet to find a game which strikes the right balance so that I can play in the background while waiting in line or watching television. Without a lot of effort, it’s still enjoyable and enjoyable. Blest game ever.

I love I love the game but i think the dark mode would work more appealing if the background were only black and the colors of the text and blocks are changed to grey or some other color. Dark mode currently looks somewhat unappealing, however it can be fixed quickly!

I really enjoy the game. The game is easy, and fun, I could play the game for a long time… It doesn’t make you see an advertisement prior to starting the game or after you lose the game there are advertisements if you’re looking for boosts to speed or power. You are still able to enjoy the game without the boost Overall, it’s a great game…

Much superior to other brick-breaker games. Simple, well-executed mode, along with subtle banner ads as well as rare full-screen advertisements. The only issue I have is the absence of dark mode.

There’s a strange thing that occurs in which the game isn’t within the boundaries that my display is (i have a Google Pixel 2a). It’s not an issue, but sometimes it’s a cause. However, I really enjoy the game. I mostly use it to fidget

I’ve written a review previously but didn’t include certain things.. This game is easy, simple to play. It has a few ads. It is nice to have additional game options. PLEASE MAKE AN UPDATE. I really enjoy this game and especially the way it allows you to continue on with the 100s block you left. The most important thing is that it uses an unidirectional block generator. This is far superior to the other games that generate the exact shape

There are no pop-up advertisements, no irritating music only you and the game. It’s easy to appearance and design, yet demanding. It’s something that you can begin playing immediately regardless of where you are. My highest scoring score was 461. Can you beat it?

Have played all of games in the Brick breaker games, with the most beautiful graphics, however this game has most effective mechanics and is more difficult as well. There aren’t any pre-determined levels to be completed unlike other Swipe Breaker apps , but instead randomly laid out blocks each time you begin the new game This is awesome Thank you Dev

What exactly does “Power mode” do? In addition to the speed mode, there’s another option called Power mode. Users must view an advertisement in order to activate it to use 100 shots or purchase it, but it’s no effects! I’m wondering, why does it have to do with it?

I have read your response to power mode, but it’s not evident. What exactly does it do. I’ve conducted tests in power mode and without , and often they’re exactly the identical.


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