Strava Premium APK Mod v269.10 (Premium Subscription)

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Track your fitness with Strava activity tracker. Record routes, map your favorite bike trail or run & analyze your training with all the stats – for free!
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Aug 22, 2022
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Varies with device
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How to install Strava Premium APK Mod v269.10 (Premium Subscription) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Strava Premium APK Mod v269.10 (Premium Subscription) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Strava Premium APK Mod v269.10 (Premium Subscription) App for Android

This app is the best and most reliable. It will help you achieve your goals in exercise (fitness/social). However, it’s not perfect. It’s not clear that the activity graphs for power/HR/Etc have any meaning. The actual graphs are very different. To access more technical information, you will need to log on to a computer. KOM attempts are not regulated so there are thousands of KOM users who have accidentally deleted their strava recordings. You can report them all. (computer only!) Overall, however, it is a good choice

I am joining the 5 star rating people who have given this app 5 stars. I must mention that I have the paid version. I think it is well worth the cost. I appreciate the progress and fitness follow-up, as well the detailed analysis of your workouts. However, I do find weaknesses in the routes function. Although the automatic suggestion of routes based upon your location is great (I believe it is only on the paid version), I find the route editing function to be too limited (at most on Android).

It is used by the cycling club that I belong to, so I was forced to use it. I would uninstall it if not for that. The dark mode is not available so the bright white screen drains my phone’s battery. It seems to accurately track distance and elevation gain. Only one ride has been dropped so far. I would subscribe if it would allow me to use the native dark mode without all the spamming. It runs in the background while I ride and I hope it doesn’t crash.

There are some downsides to this feature. – It is not easy to find a list or followers of your friends or followers. – It would be wonderful to be able to hide activity types that I don’t want to be involved in. For example, hiding running if you’re a cyclist or biking if you’re a runner. This filter could remember the preference. This app is great. – It has a huge user base. Segments are great for keeping people interested and competing. Privacy controls are excellent.

What is it used for?

A good tracking app for Android is a must if you are into outdoor activities. These apps can provide important data reports about your progress and useful information to help you build healthy training habits. Strava is a fantastic app for mobile users, thanks to its large user base and many interesting features.

Access to many training challenges available to all Strava users. This will encourage you to team up with your friends to achieve your goals quicker. You can find interesting routes to train on your bike or on foot thanks to recorded runs by other users. Connect with other users and share your ideas about everyday fitness activities. You can join many Strava online clubs to enjoy addictive group training and to build your community.

Strava also allows you to track your activities via GPS. This is especially useful for runners and bikers who are travelling in remote areas.


The app records swimming activities and tracks running, cycling and other activities. Your progress is compared with your past results. Strava allows gamers to track their training progress and calculate how many calories they have burned. A variety of features are available to consumers that will help them understand what’s happening.


You can record your entire training process using this app. After each session, you can review your results or post them. Your friends and followers can also comment and cheer you on. You can also share your fitness goals and routes with others. Run activities to help the community, raise funds for planting trees, or to support poor children.


The plans are suggested by players who can modify them to their liking. Tracking tools can help you set clear goals. You should always be a challenge to yourself to exercise and improve your overall health. Strava tracker allows players to keep track of their health and work towards improving it.

Since more than a decade, this app has been my constant workout partner. This app helps me track my runs and monitor my progress. It also allows me to share my data with friends. You can’t ask for more from a running app. You can also connect to other tracking applications. The app is free but you can subscribe to additional features. Google offers their own free monthly subscription because they have other businesses that will pay the cost. Sometimes GPS can be a bit sloppy, but if your home is in a big city, this is what you’ll get.

Solid app. It’s easy to use, has many features, is integrated well, and the social component is improving. Two of the issues are that the website will always try to make you return to the app, even though it is the only place where you can manage your shoes. The app interface is also clunky when you add details about a workout.

Needed to get a refund as I wanted to complete the 30-day free trial before activating my annual subscription gift from my partner. Once I sent an email to Strava, the refund process was seamless. I was very pleased with their customer service and efficiency. Their app is amazing. I feel like I have my very own personal on-demand trainer dashboard. I can see how I am doing compared to the previous weeks. I cannot recommend them enough.

Strava uses which sports to measure performance?

This is a long list. Strava doesn’t limit itself to simple activities. It can even take on more complex forms, some of the most surprising. There are many activities that everyone enjoys, such as swimming and hiking, marathon running or indoor running, biking, climbing, Yoga… But at more advanced levels Strava still has its full effect with Crossfit, Alpine skiing, canoeing, and surfing.

Strava is also compatible with popular social networks such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram… you can use these features and share your workout results, schedule, route and route on these social networks. It will be great if you find like-minded friends or people who live far from you and you use the same apps or participate in the same competition.

The difference in moving time is staggering, by many thousand percent. Strava recorded between 8-10 minutes of nonmoving time in workouts that I did, even though I didn’t stop for a hike. The worst part is that the results and map don’t show you what Strava considers to be non-moving. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot. You should have the option to disable moving time (you can set a race but that will require you to do it individually for each workout).

There have been no issues with connectivity, activity tracking or posting. The app is a gamechanger from its social aspect to its analysis. This app’s only problem is its record-keeping. The only problem with this app is the way it rounds down distances. This means that official races, which are precise distances, don’t have the opportunity to set or break any records. Many records have been lost due to the Strava Tax (0.01 mile short, etc). Keep track of them elsewhere, however.

Connect easily to other smart watches

Android users can connect Strava with their smart watches to get more utility and conveniences from your tracking app. You can now use your smartwatches for training and receive more precise results by connecting Strava to them.

You can find the modified application on our site.

Last but not least, the modified version is now available on our website. This allows you to enjoy additional features in Strava for free. You can download our modified app to access the premium app. You can install Strava Mod APK by following the instructions.



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