StayFree MOD APK 10.3.5 (Premium Unlocked)

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How to install StayFree MOD APK 10.3.5 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded StayFree MOD APK 10.3.5 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


StayFree does a fantastic job as a dedicated memory alerting users of smartphone usage time. Split applications into segments, measure how many hours you spend on each, and deliver pre-set notifications. By listening to comments, we’re back with the much-anticipated time-wasting support tool. Start setting up reminders and resetting app use on your smartphone immediately!

Developing an efficient time management system during the day, StayFree is like a piece of schedule that helps you split your time wisely and avoid excessive usage of your phone. From there, customers acquire free time to pursue other useful things. This method will be documented to compare your growth and self-discipline over time. In the form of statistics graphs, the whole usage history is presented.

StayFree – Stay Focused & Screen Time Tracker

StayFree – Stay Focused & Screen Time Tracker
There is a wristwatch that is triggered when you start to want to regulate the time you use your phone, and the system will offer you the power to pick how long you want to use the application during the day and once the time is surpassed, alerts will be sent to the device to remind the user. Your app will thereafter be placed on our restricted list.

Once the usage time has elapsed, StayFree temporarily bans the excess program, and efforts to access it are difficult. Any time of the day, you will be more focused on your task when most distracting applications have been prohibited. If you do not want to get loud alerts from the smartphone, go to and activate sleep mode to be able to create sleep schedules for various programs.

Are you getting bored with repetitious job or lack of enthusiasm to continue to grow yourself? Don’t worry; we’ve devised an automatic system that gives you inspiring messages on your home screen every hour to motivate you to strive harder.

StayFree – Stay Focused & Screen Time Tracker

StayFree – Stay Focused & Screen Time Tracker
In the UI, you can simply browse five distinct themes and pick 1 of 5 as your background to assist start your day more joyously. The common functions are ordered and easy to access, and of course, anybody wants to acquire a decent program for their smartphone.

However, StayFree also greatly appreciates the capacity to safeguard and maintain personal information for consumers. Installation is now much more secure! All information given on the device will be retained, and operations to alter application usage time, schedule to avoid disruption, etc., must enter a password to proceed.

A column or circle statistics table will record the commonly used programs and those that are infrequently used and determine the total time the user spends on them. Control your time more effectively and have a better quiet place without distractions. Display information by day and month to make it simpler to compare the success of reducing phone addiction for each person.

StayFree – Stay Focused Mod Apk: StayFree Screen Time Tracker and Limit App Use are self-control productivity and smartphone addiction control tools that help you manage your time and focus on what you actually need. Set use restrictions and get warnings when your app usage exceeds them. You may check data about your usage as well as statistics regarding your usage.

StayFree – Stay Focused Mod Apk

StayFree is special \sApps with the top ratings for screen time, self-discipline, and control

The UI is really fast and intuitive

The most accurate use statistics

Quick customer assistance

Batteries compatible

Completely ad-free

StayFree Screen Time Tracker and Limit App Usage assist you to:

Overcome your phone addiction

Stay focused


Reduce screen time

decrease distraction

Boost productivity

Unplug more often

boost your digital wellness

Spend meaningful time with your family and friends

A digital detox can help you cut down on wasted time

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