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Mar 3, 2023
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Android 9 and up

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How to install Squad Alpha MOD APK v1.6.16 (Awards) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Squad Alpha MOD APK v1.6.16 (Awards) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Squad Alpha MOD APK v1.6.16 (Awards) Game for Android


It’s fun to play. However, because it’s a portrait mode game, the view angle is very narrow. Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose a weapon when my other hand is controlling the character. It should have landscape mode. I can only have 4 weapons while playing. Limit should be between 6 and 7. It will be a great game to play if you can improve it.

It’s a unique concept, and it is different from other shooter games in a good way. It was unexpected that it would be available in vertical mode. However, I found it interesting. Although the controls are simple, it requires some skill to master. I like the loot aspect of this game a lot. The ads aren’t intrusive. I hope there will be events and need multiplayer with multiple modes. Also, need a way to chat with friends. Great job on a very unique shooter!

This is a great game. The only problem I have found is that the volume disappears sometimes when you view a video. Volume control on your phone or the game mechanics won’t fix it. It can happen several times and it can be annoying.

It’s a good game, but it takes a lot of time to upgrade your items. It can sometimes feel like a game where you have to pay for your winnings. The ads aren’t so bad. I have never had an ad pop up without my permission. This game has a lot of potential and I hope that the developers come up with something better to entertain players.

Although it’s rare that I write a positive review of a game, this one is well worth the effort. The game’s movement is smooth and the action is excellent. However, you could lose a lot of time if your eyes are not on the clock. Although you aren’t bombarded by ads, you will need to grind some if you don’t want to pay. Overall, a great experience that lasted more than 24 hours on my phone. This is a good thing considering most games only last an hour before their flaws start to become too severe. Bravo to the developers!

This is the best mobile FPS game I have tried. It’s not too difficult, the controls are simple, and I love all the different ways you can play. There’s the main game, but then there’s tons of ways to also earn upgrades/coins/gems/etc. It is very clean with no bloody visuals. This game is highly recommended. It would be 5/5 if it had the ability to merge duplicate weapons and if other stats were available in upgrades. Also, gear drops could be added instead of creating new gear.

You won’t find any forced advertisements in this game. If you enjoy these types of games, it is repetitive but still enjoyable. Although you can upgrade faster (I have not), daily quests can help you progress quite quickly.

It’s a nice game, but the C-rated Ad Server they use is a joke. It is completely optional to view the ads, which I find very nice. While I would enjoy watching a few ads when I have the time, the C-rated Ad server that has 1 minute+ ads and requires multiple clicks to view them and is constantly trying to trick me into clicking on them is just too much. I would be willing to watch any ad that was using Facebook or Google ads.

I have downloaded a lot of games. I probably downloaded way more than I should. This game is by far the best! It’s great that there are no ads to see, the gameplay is easy but fun, and you have tons of guns. This game is just awesome! This game is a must-have for me! !

Pros: *Excellent progression and upgrade systems *Excellent weapon drop variety (think borderlands level when it comes to unique stats for weapons) *Not pay-to-win! Transactions are fair, and you are not punished by ads. Cool crafting and an upgrade system do NOT punish. Cons: *Get gud or you will die A LOT *you might be a mutator and get rolled against you (explosion range+ & explosive damage +, enemy range+). *I wish I had more hands to give more thumbs-up

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