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With Spotify, you can listen to music and play millions of songs and podcasts for free. Stream music and podcasts you love and find music - or your next favorite song - from all over the world.
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Jun 10, 2022
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How to install Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.36.923 (Full/Final) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.36.923 (Full/Final) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.36.923 (Full/Final) App for Android

Last couple of updates have been horrible! 1. No longer allows you to preview a song before adding it to playlist. Please fix this! 2. Has been skipping a lot or just doesn’t play. 3. Everytime i restart a playlist, it plays a lot of the same songs I’ve already listened to. There are songs on there that i still have yet to hear. Side note… If you don’t have premium, get a different app. Way too many ads. You get 2 songs and then a ton of ads…and the ads are long.

Best free music app out there. It even stands in the top 3 of the ones that charge a fee. For the complainers, if you think you can get better for free your wrong and you can’t get better when you pay for one either. Even the most expensive ones have the same little issues because certain issues can’t be fixed. Perfect signal and perfect play comes with perfect reception and it’s where you live that determines that. If you want better, move to better reception areas. They’re all the same.

Again, this update is extremely glitchy. It will play music then the app will close or stop the music and when you open it again, it’s like you haven’t used it; the music doesn’t start where it stopped and it will do this every couple songs. I have been paying for Spotify for a couple years now and I like this app when it works well. I don’t plan to switch but this needs to be fixed, it’s like every 2 updates it glitches so bad.

It used to really good. Now all of a sudden the price has increased dramatically and its just been flooded with adverts. Now you can’t even listen to 2 songs before you get 3 adverts. Honestly with all the substitutes out there I don’t even mind copying hundreds of songs from my playlist because it’s just getting ridiculous. When you think that it’s just music and its £9.99 per month, might as well go to another app that’s either cheaper or for free.

I use spotify daily. There are a few problems. When creating a new playlist, if it isn’t over 40 or so minutes long, it won’t stop “suggesting” songs or playing random songs. I’m on the free version, and the ads played between songs, while bearable, are quite ridiculous. Sometimes, the songs just stop halfway through and start over when played again. Spotify is probably the best music app I’ve seen though, so I won’t be leaving, but I do hope that these problems are taken care of.

The app is easy to use and there’s a bunch of different music, not just the popular ones. There are good podcasts and stories, too. The reason I’m rating a 3 is maily for the glitching. The app will shut down or stop playing music for no apparent reason. This happens on my iPhone and laptop. Also, the ads are too much. For the most part I’m fine with them, until there’s 4 or 5 of them in a row. It just gets annoying. One or two would be good.

Best app ever, premium is cheap and ads aren’t as bad. Free music always, you can play it even when your device is off! Did I mention that if you’re in the app while watching an ad, you get 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening?! Soo easy to search up your favorite songs and find new ones! Playlists are easy to make to! This is truly the best app for listening to music

It’s a good app but I have a couple complaints. So when your listening to music I love to listen to on my Playlist it always goes to my recommended and it’s so annoying! Like let me listen to the music on my play list. Idc if it’s trying to get me to listen to songs that will make me happy. It’s so frustrating and I don’t know how to fix it I tried going to settings but can’t find what will fix it even when I close out of the app it still goes to the friggin recommended can this plz be fixed.

I love this app but there is a couple times when like Wi-Fi is like working but then it’s still having problems working like it has its times when it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to meaning the app but other than that it’s a pretty good app it even shows lyrics which is good if you want to learn the lyrics of the song. I really hate the ads especially after like 5 minutes it goes to having three ads and everytime please fix that.

I mean, it’s a great app to listen songs with but there are some issues going on. When I play songs, I couldn’t rewind a certain part of it though I was able to a few days ago? Why is it that the shuffle buttons are gone like, the buttons where if you tap it, it’ll replay the same song? This app is confusing, seriously. I just want to listen to songs that’s it.

Theres to much ads that you will get three 30 second ads in a row after each song. The only way you get to relax from the ads is by watching a ad that say “get 30 minutes free of ads”on the bottom of the screen. Also, I believe the 30 minutes is wrong. You get to listen to two or three songs before the ads come on again. Another thing is that you won’t tell when one of the ad free videos come on because they don’t ask if you want to view the ad like in the older updates.

Not sure if anyone reads these, but the latest Android version ( keeps crashing and loading very slowly. The app is semi-unusable. Again. Do you even do beta testing at all? his is my favorite app for streaming albums, playlists, and podcasts. What is up for the recent push for videos? The chief beauty of Pandora is its ability to play in the background!

Spotify is an excellent app, it’s easy to use and pretty straightforward. The one thing I wish Spotify did was allow you to play locally saved music as well as upload your own library of music. It’s a shame I have to have 2 separate apps for music, Spotify to stream my favorites and YT music to listen to my library of music that’s not available on Spotify (mixtapes, certain EPs excetera) hopefully in the future that’ll change

Great! Love the fact that you can search up famous musicians from the 70’s! You can even like how many songs you would hear over, and over again! My sister has over 400+ songs in her like list. She is still trying to pick more songs to like, and more songs to here. Great app, and I love it, so much. One more thing is that if you don’t pay premium, you can still shut off your phone. Great job, Spotify!

premium Spotify member and I have issues with Spotify turning itself off or not playing whole songs and then starting up again. I don’t feel like I should pay for something that does not work properly I’ve tried the tricks with logging out of everything and making sure the apps are closed instead of suspended. still doesn’t work. Please addressed and resolved. thank you. If there was a app that gave me what spotify does without the problems and charged me more I’m would switch without a doubt

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