Speedtest by Ookla Premium v4.7.14 Apk + Mod (Unlocked)


Use Speedtest® for a quick, easy, one-tap connection internet speed test—accurate anywhere thanks to our global server network.
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Jun 30, 2022
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How to install Speedtest by Ookla Premium v4.7.14 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Speedtest by Ookla Premium v4.7.14 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Speedtest by Ookla Premium v4.7.14 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) App for Android

The application is easy to use and provides accurate results, and is a valid test in every way! It is very reliable and user-friendly. The VPN is very reliable and offers a great free version of VPN use. I would not say anything negative about premium services since they have to make money, which is perfect! The most appealing feature of the app is that it can look back at previous tests in case we’ve installed the latest router or upgraded our connection and want to know which one is more efficient or more reliable, simply check the historical data to determine the difference!

Edit: I’m not sure what went wrong with the recent updates, but it seems that now it will not pick the most reliable server. The new ping statistics are confusing, and the help section isn’t clear on any of it at all. PLEASE FIX! I depend on you very much. Before: I’ve been using this app for a long time. It’s extremely reliable and easy to use. It costs $.99 the ads are completely removed and I can use it on all my devices without ads and even after I purchase an upgrade. Highly highly recommended for its features and precision. It would be nice to have it in the families to use as a library.

This app is as good as you’d expect. It’s superior and more user-friendly than other pay apps ! **** I’ve saw a lot of complaints, and lots of people were experiencing issues with the app , even across several devices. This means that you might have switched off or turned on a function/option and that’s the reason it behaves exactly the same on every device. If the app is synced across devices.

The tool is a good one, but it crashes frequently when upload speeds slow. It’s impossible to obtain a reliable measurement when the connection speed is very low. Sometimes it doesn’t measure uploads even. It ought to at the very least display an error if there are issues with the connection , but it just quits.

The devices (phones and smartbros, for example) …) may have different connectivity to Wi-Fi and cell radio. Some devices might not be able to gauge the full bandwidth of your internet connection. There is also a chance that your router isn’t capable of supporting the full bandwidth of your service. The browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc …) offer different capabilities and can give different results, especially when connected to high-speed networks. Utilizing the Speedtest apps instead of the website, generally offers better reliability.

I’ve used a variety of speed testing services, and I’ve found that the Ookla(r) Speedtest service has been of the highest quality. The speed tests are extremely precise, especially when there are multiple servers across the world. It’s a great tool to possess. Although the interface could do with an overhaul.

One of the very few applications that are free but highly popular applications these days. In recent times, there’s been extremely cool features such as the video resolution. (capability) test, and in recent times, more precise tests for the speed test. The app also has an option to get 2GB of (capability) test for free VPN access. There’s plenty of room for improvements however I’d rather wait for some more months for the application remaining free for use. My only issue is that I am required to rate the user for each test.

This may be one of the least accurate speed tests application I’ve ever seen in my time. Based on the application,, my speed for DL is 4 mb/s and the UL speed is 1 million bits per second. Based on my Nighthawk router’s speed test (“Powered by Ookla” BTW) it’s 110 Mb/s DL and UL. It was tested using exactly the same gadget. Do not rely on this application. You can check your speed through the site or via an access point direct.

This is one of the rare applications that I trust to deliver consistent results. Apart from a few glitches, sometimes beyond the control of Ookla I believe this is as reliable as it can get. Bravo to the developers!

I’ve been using this application since the year 2015 because it’s the only application that can trust. It works well and provides a pretty accurate speed ratings. The app has vastly developed over time. You may have experienced the seven year itch when you’re in a relationship. However, this one after seven years has remained strong. Bravo to the developers for creating an simple and user-friendly app.

Wow, really cool graphics. It attempts to explain what heck it’s doing, but I’d have no clue, ha, ha. However, it’s stunning and has lots of text and technology to go through to comprehend what’s happening For me, I’ve been using this application for quite time and it’s great to have in case your experiencing issues with your internet. It is possible to switch towers to receive and send from and thus increase the speed of your internet. An essential app to keep your phone superior device. Install it now. It’s a great tool.

Poor scaling. 50Mbps is only half of 100Mbps The needle (needle) ought to be at the middle! Include additional technical specifications. (used band (2.4GHz 5GHz) and the standard (g,n,ac,ax). Speedtest could fail if the user is using an 8011.g (20MHz) APT and attempts to measure any speed above 20Mbps… Therefore, the test in this case is not relevant! 2022-06 They have added some specifics to test. This is a great step!

Excellent. Update June 22, 2012: Unusable as of nowThe app keeps crash-crashing continuously on the Pixel 4a running Android 13 BETA installed -regardless of what you do or attempt to do. (Not an expert on Android or superuser, but superuser also known as “tech savvy” nonetheless). Of course, it’s normal that an in the early BETA OF ANDROID 13 will be a challenge and there’s absolutely nothing to complain about the application in itself. On the contraryit’s amazing and I’ve been making use of it for a long time — it’s among my “must haves” on my main screen.

The results of the app test result in a lower ping and a slower download/upload speed as compared to the results of tests on browsers. The same test, the same device the same provider, the identical server, and different platform however there isn’t any uniformity.

I’ve been using the app for a long time happy, however since upgrading to premium, I’ve experienced none of the problems. VPN states that I require an upgrade to a premium account in order to change servers (even even though I already have one) however, if I click on the premium account, I get an error message that says there is already an account. I tried updating the application without success. Also , VPN informs me that I do not have an Internet connection however when I run a speed test, it’s working fine. The time is now to remove the premium service and return to using it only for speed tests.

The app is generally good, however, since the last update, the app is unable to be closed by using the home button of my Galaxy S8 (Android 9) It is required to select the home button, this means that the app isn’t completely closed , and it continues to run. Update: Since updating the app this morning, the issue has been is fixed and running great. Thank you to the developers for rapid resolution.

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