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- Captain! We are in danger!
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Aug 4, 2022
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How to install Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK v1.608 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK v1.608 (Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack MOD APK v1.608 (Money) Game for Android

Fun for everyone and it’s free! It’s always an adventure no matter which game mode you choose to play. Plenty of options and levels for beginners and the avid gaming enthusiasts. Free mode does have some ads but you can choose how many you have to see, and they reward you with stuff you need to level up faster.

Good game, reminiscent of Galaga. Ads are optional. I was on a roll doing really well for free, about to finish another Boss and thinking about coming here and giving it at least a 4 star rating, when the game screen blacked out for a split second (was not my connection) and came back with a laser from the Boss Destroying my ship before I could react. Will keep playing for awhile to see if that happens often. If so uninstall if not more stars.

I have a suggestion, can you please make a wheel for gems too. It seems like I’m running out and can you lower the price of items,it just not fair because its really hard to get them and actually I will have to be online for 2 years. Other than that, I think I really enjoyed this game. Just please also make the other items lower for exchange for ships its really hard to get and I only have 10 ships.

Can be overly complex, and not always clear what you need to do to progress through the game in the best way e.g I was battling with one ship before I realised I needed to change a setting to enable me to have more lives. Battles can be good but not always fair ( dependent on ship and in ap purchases (best ship wins the day ! ), can’t always see how to use the bonus artifacts, still waiting to collect enough artifacts to merge ships ( been playing for more than a month constantly!

Relaxing game but, you need to be determined and persistent and willing to repeat levels over and over again, to get the opportunity to watch free ads to qualify for free gems..1-3 gems per 2-3 levels etc…to then have enough gems to be able to spin the lucky wheel to hopefully!..get specific ship items, so you can upgrade the basic ships they give you access to to play the levels! Be warned, you have to do all levels at Normal, Elite and, Veteran to unlock specific ships to progress!!

It can entertain me for hours some days the others not so much, mainly due to the fact pay to play! I’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars yet I’m not very far or high up on the Captain list! Sometimes I believe that it’s made more complex than needs to be, too many things going on at the same time!

The stages are too easy but the ships are too expensive. There are also Coming soon sections that really annoyed me. But on the other hand, the bosses are quite challenging. I like that there are daily gifts. It really boosted the rating section. Thanks for this game! I did enjoy most of it and I hope you post more!

Great game but seems like another Chinese game. Pay to win what you buy helps minimally over all and the prices are absurd. You want to give people a reason to buy.. spending $20 on a game should unlock everything. I wish the world wasn’t about money and would go back to making video games for fun instead of major profit margin.

This is the first time I’m downloading and playing this game. Looks very good but it cannot connect to a server. I cannot link it with my Google of Facebook. It can’t even open the internal mail messages. Just saying loading or waiting for server. Please assist otherwise I’ll have to uninstall. Update: Account log in only works after you have updated game. You won’t know about it until you go and scratch around yourself. Please update the download file.

Really addictive old school style space invader game. Plenty of levels to get through & really grabs you once you start it. I’m surprised at just how much I enjoy playing this! Definitely recommend it to fans of this type of space shooting games. EDIT: like some other players have pointed out, Devs need to address the fact that the double reward option when watching ads is broken. You sit through an ad but your reward is not doubled. Mighty annoying.

I would give a 5 star if I didn’t have problems getting my daily reward. There’s no way to collect it yourself it just comes up on the screen and it’s been 3 days I haven’t got my daily reward. It has done this since I downloaded and started playing the game. It only gives it to me sometimes.

despite the difficulty in every stage challenges I enjoyed playing this game. more power to the creator and more ideas must be shared to players. kindly make some changes in upgrading ships so we can upgrade often

I was pretty burnt out on the same old video games how many different ways can you kill a zombie, then my wife put me on Space Shooter ,it was the shot in the arm that brought me back to life its fast space but what it also has or should I say does not have are adds every 5 seconds. Thanks for the endless hours of intertainment that other wise I would of spent learning how to be a commercial pilot. M,Farias

Amazing game. great graphics and colors. but, unfortunately, long poring ads that ruin the experience. Please vary the ads and make them shorter. It is poring to watch the same ad for 40-50 seconds repeated again and again and again and ag…………….

This Game requires thousand of Dollars to upgrade your ships Or you need an eternity to upgrade your ship. At a certain point, You wil not be able to compete with other players and even you won’t be able to clear Stages in Campaign mode. It was a fantastic game but the Greed of money has cursed it. Thank You!

This game is the quintessential modern callback to the coin-op classics, but with an anxiety amount of depth and online options. The Hunger Games mode is crazily addicting!! And upgrading your ship to powerful weapons is very gratifying. A great game, don’t spend too much money!!

The best game I’ve ever played.. very easy controls and lots of fun. The only problem is that if you don’t spend money in this game then you can’t get good ships. Hope the developer will look forward to it and give some good ships to players who are playing it without spending money 🙏

I absolutely love this game! I would have given it 5 stars if it didn’t disconnect so much during the PVP. I just did the update so I will see if that helped at all. I hope so because I play this every single day. So, if u enjoy shooting games then this is definitely worth the download.

Good game and very addicted if you want to progress fast then spending is a must. There is plenty of ads or bonuses if you want to play for free but will be slow playing it!!

Not a bad shooter game. Each level let’s you upgrade your firepower. But WHAT IN THE WORLD is that little counter at the bottom right hand of the screen!! Don’t watch it or it’ll drive you bonkers.

I loved it until a few days ago when I logged on and started getting the “server not found” message. UPDATE After contacting the team about my issues they responded within an hour and asked me a bunch of questions…during that “pause” the internet pranksters felt I’d been punished long enough…and then? Everything suddenly worked and all was good in the world. Thanks for the prompt response it shows your concern. Later Captains

What's new

- New ship F2 Duke.
- New miniship F2 Bumper.
- New equipment Gun.
- Fix some bugs.



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