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How to install Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.43 (Awards) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.43 (Awards) APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.43 (Awards) Game for Android


The game is overall fun but there are to many bugs one like when you are playing and when your opponent gets the Ball the purposely kick the Ball and when they do there should be corner or throw in and when your opponent does a major tackle there are no penalties or free kicks and also I believe that there should be better graphics so pls and these updates. Best.

I’d give 3.5 if possible. The good: graphics are nice and gameplay is good. Body shaping could be improved but no big deal The not so good: it would be nice to keep better record of your history (clubs, trophies, goals, assists, etc) (clubs, trophies, goals, assists, etc). Also some explanation of game stars and impact (does it matter at all? Does it impact the likelihood of being re-signed or offers from teams?) This game is better than most like it. But plenty of Room for improvement… overall fun game
The game is good the problem is that you never get an option to tackle your opponent and I wish you could have the option to do that and the ads are to much and please reduce it also wherever the goalkeeper is the star is also there how do you expect me to do that. but overall great game
This is essentially a puzzle game. PROS: Excellent game dynamics. Easy to play. Casual friendly. CONS: 10 second gaming vs 30 seconds adds. Actions have no repercussions. Sometimes your team will lose whatever you do. No table, statistics etc.
Simple and pleasant however like most games id love less advertising. Overall I love this game quite a bit but could see where someone would become tired with the repetition. To me its like having a game comparable to Fifa except on my phone, plus its free.
This game is fantastic!
Buttttt it does have a couple things that could be tweeked. 1 it’s sort of bothersome it goes directly to add or replay option, I wish it would let the ball descend to land on the field. Also it’s infuriating when you just passed it, your man dribbles around and then has the ball taken and it’s not even your fault. that occurs all the time!!!
Amazing game, one of the best football games, much better than score hero.. The only problem would be the bags, I wish if there was a variety of items haircuts beards and stuff other than that it’s a Great offline Game
Amazing game, one of the best football games, much better than score hero.. The only problem would be the bags, I wish if there was a variety of items haircuts beards and stuff other than that it’s a Great offline Game
Love this game but since the latest level update my player is invisible! You can see his head and the star but that is all, maybe his arms in the replay! And sometimes the star above his head wonders off randomly. EDIT – thanks for the advice, changing the shirt type in the locker room resolved, it, thanks so much!
The game is good. But it has a lot of problems. No1, You are not given the chance to stop your opponent from scoring which is annoying I was winning a match 3:0 at 60 minutes when the level finished it brought 3:4 as the result. I think the developer of the game should make it possible to have control over the outcome. The game is always decided before you start playing which is annoying. No2, please reduce the ads of game, they are too plenty especially when mistakes are made. Please fix it .
Man ,its so good just some times it is so hard i try alot of times nothing. But i like the graphics, and training is also hard, thats why some times i play it, something comes on my mind saying dont retry. But yea its good
Really enjoying the game However since the last update my player is only a floating head. Making the game almost impossible to play accurately Re installed but has not fixed the problem On season 65 if that helps
This game is awesome and i can make my own character tank you so much for your gaming and a few weeks and months ago, the more you will need a bit like the idea that the other hand is the best way forward, but it is a great deal with it, so you know the answer is no width or not to be able the the other day, so that we are looking for the first one is a great time to get the most popular
I was at level 2560 and there was no next level. so i updated this game and game was resetted. now i am at the level 120. what happened? i’am so disappointed.
Its good but fouls for the other team should be added and when I’m pushed they don’t get a yellow card or when I’m in the box there is no penalty so I think some updates should be added.
I like this game it is better than score hero but one thing I want to say that we are not able to login our account in the game, which creates big problem so , I requests to all team plz add this feature otherwise I think the downloaders of this game may be can delete this game in future
This game was amazing, it has experience , fun and hard . It was very fun to play, you can move to new clubs and even put your football skills to the next level, even in real life. So if you like football, this game is for you.
This is a great game. I was at level 348 until phone crashed. Actually I’m glad it did, starting over realized how cool it really is


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