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Are you ready for an action-packed multiplayer FPS game? Sniper 3D is a fun online gun shooting game – fight in a multiplayer arena and guild war to become the best sniper assassin in this multiplayer gun shooting game. With online and offline game modes, you can have fun and play anywhere, anytime, for free.
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Aug 3, 2022
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How to install Sniper 3D Mod Apk v3.51.5 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Sniper 3D Mod Apk v3.51.5 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Sniper 3D Mod Apk v3.51.5 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

Fun game! It’s engaging and comes with many side missions that allow you for you to earn coins to advance. The only reason I give it rating is that it’s 4 stars instead of 5 stars is the amount of advertisements and no purchase the option to remove ads. I am aware that advertising is the source of revenue, however these items are costly enough to not need these items. It would be nice to add the “no ads” item and this game will be more enjoyable.

Fantastic graphics. Very little delay. Simple control. Fun (albeit somewhat macabre) way to spend time. A few more advertisements than I’d like however they’re not too overwhelming. The only issue is that it’s difficult to get beyond the initial and second cities. Special Ops requirements are too rigid making it nearly impossible to finish missions without paying money (both real and fake or in-game). It is not my favorite game to force payments. Apart from that, a great game. A lot of fun! 8.5/10 Highly recommend!

I love the concept and enjoy it. Two things I do not like however. The import of tools to improve your weapon. It takes time away from you, so you’ll have to wait until you take on the next task. And I do not like the added ads that are forced following certain missions. I’m fine with it as a bonuses, then include. However, forced participation is rather annoying. It’s a great concept, and I really like it much, aside from these two points.

I believe that the game is excellent and you do have irritating ads, but which app does not? This will be the second time I’ve played the game, but I am unable to recover my account from which I had completed the game with all the guns. I’m still trying to gain my account back so I can participate in the PVP and events. You don’t need to pay real money in order to play the game. You just need grind for the game’s currency. I would like to see them include more cities, and that’s the only thing I have to say.

Overall, a fantastic game to kill time. I would rate 5 stars, however after paying for premium, I’m not able to play the commercials for free diamonds and coins. I tried to contact the developer, but the email address is not available. If you’re hoping to get further in the game, get prepared to spend your money. I think you ought to be able open your piggy bank to get .99 cents. I’m likely to restore my purchases and eliminate the game entirely.

If you are a fan of playing games that shoot and blow other people’s brains , then you’ll be interested in this. A great game with stunning graphics, paired with great sound and visual effects..I have given this game an excellent 4/5 rating, however that’s only my personal opinion, so try it out and see for yourself.

It was pretty entertaining, but it’s not the way you shoot an actual gun and it’s fun to be the hero helping people, but I’m not really interested in all the zombie games , killing games, but it’s different from the traditional racing games I play, and the graphics are quite good and keep up the good work. Thanks!

It’s all about the time. You must put in the effort and it can be an enjoyable game. It’s a struggle to get there. Like always, real money helps but is not required. The game is lacking in levels, but it is the main reason for its shortcomings in PvP mode. It’s a long process.

It’s a fantastic game. My only issue is that in Arena mode they place you up against higher-level players with greater hit points. They will take 10 times the damage as you . It’s not every fight, but it does happen often. It’s a bit disappointing that it takes 10-shots to eliminate someone who can kill you in one.

Absolutely gonna vote for a excellent game. The advertisements are annoying, but buy the premium and they are gone. The game is extremely enjoyable, ever since I first started playing and it has only improved as I play. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves PvP mode as well as shooting games! 5 out of 5 throughout the day. Keep the good work going, and make it better every update you make it better. Thank you.

Fun game with great images, stunning weapons models, and lots to do. It’s a bit repetitive but I’m unable to get bored. I appreciate this game, and the fact that it doesn’t pushes a bunch of garbage, poorly-made advertisements at you is the most enjoyable! In addition they offer some appealing offers from time moment, some of which are p2w, and others that are available as an F2P. I would highly suggest this app!

A great game, however it requires less updates. When you complete two missions, you’ve spent all the money you earn on one upgrade! Also, you need more graphic kills like blood spurting and bits of bone and flesh.

It’s an excellent game. There are only a few missions. The rating will be adjusted when I discover problems. Edit. One star was removed due to the double-up of ads, and certain Ads require you to click before they permit players to bypass it and eventually X it out. It’s still a great game.

Being a sniper is a great experience but you also have the option to expand the scope so you can focus and shoot at criminals and enemies without being able to miss the opportunity to shoot. A final thing to remember is that you shouldn’t spend any money or coins on rifles and upgrades as it is difficult to play take on other games.

Reduced it to three stars. I receive notifications that pop up with bonuses, free diamonds, etc.. However, nothing occurs. I’m at the 15th level and am unable to advance unless I invest money. It’s frustrating because I love playing the game.

I’m having fun However, one thing I’ve observed is that every when I complete a task, it asks me to double my reward after watching an advertisement. The first four times didn’t double , and I’m not sure about the fifth one will be since I haven’t played the game yet.

You can earn 10 diamonds for approximately 10-30 seconds of ads and the majority are free. When you’ve exhausted the adds they charge for you to view you won’t see any adds to watch at any time. Haven’t seen any in more than one year. It is not necessary to invest money to improve your game. All it takes is some practice and time. I’ve made a few purchases however, only after I’d played for an extended amount of time and did not have the need or desire to. I would love to have female characters visible in the PVP, however! My daily deals are increasing every month after i’ve notified you.

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