Smash Colors 3D MOD APK (Money/Unlocked)


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Dec 31, 2022
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5.1 and up

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How to install Smash Colors 3D MOD APK v1.0.79 (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Smash Colors 3D MOD APK v1.0.79 (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Smash Colors 3D MOD APK v1.0.79 (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android


Review update: Five stars, but something new to say. A lot of negative comments about ads within the review. Personally, I haven’t been able to get an advertisement to play this game in any way. None of it. Sure, I’ll exchange the attention of 30 seconds in exchange for cool skins, or even in-game currency. Like, w/e y’kno. But, no, it’s not the case in this particular game. Too many advertisements? Maybe. But I’m unable to find it regardless of how I play. It starts loading after in 20 seconds, then quits.

A great game, however if are a fan of a lot of advertisements, this game isn’t for you . You can’t play online for a while unless it’s the songs you’ve downloaded

I enjoy playing the game, however when I win, most of the time , I have to go through the entire weal, and I cannot continue unless I work the full force.

Some people have mentioned the ads, but when I played the game no long ads appeared . My favorite game, as you can play music and is fun when it accelerates . It’s kind of irritating that you aren’t able to play songs you’d like to play, but it’s only minor and doesn’t need to be a star. is it ?

The game is really enjoyable, but my most loved songs and music aren’t in this game, but I still recommend these guys to thumbs up

I’ve played this game for about a year, and where are the latest songs? Every time I go online, it’s the same set of songs and additional songs I bought the previous year. In other words, the game is a blast. I’m playing with Bluetooth headphones, but I changed the’sensitivity’ setting and there’s now no problem with lag. It’s also great for those who have slower processing speeds like me. I’m not able to handle the more difficult, faster ones. This one is challenging enough to be entertaining without becoming boring. If you add more songs, I’ll update this to 5 stars.

This game is great. The music is great. The graphics are…well “okay.” However, the effects can be distracting. I’m at a level, and when you hit the lines scatter particles all over the place. Change the effects to make them less distracting. However, overall, it’s an amazing game.

The game keeps me from getting bored and more enjoyable to play. The reason I rate it four stars is that you can’t really play it without music. It’s more enjoyable when you play with music. I also wish the levels were slightly more difficult. However, overall it’s enjoyable and I’d highly recommend it. There are reviews of advertisements, however I haven’t seen these often in the event that you are looking for extra coins, or you want a brand new music that’s more enjoyable. Happy almost Valentines day!

This is one of the most enjoyable games ever. It’s fun and it with great music. It is much better if you have headphones, as suggested by game. There aren’t many adds. No ads appear while you’re playing. When you are presented with adds on the the home screen, they are just five minutes. If you’re looking to add an additional character to the game, the character in one quick add . It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played to date and recommend it to everyone who are into music.

Amazing! There are a few commercials, however, not as many as some reviews suggest It’s amazing once you master it! One of the most easy songs is Dance Monkey. 20/10, fantastic application! I’d highly recommend downloading! The game needs 1000or more songs, but it’s fantastic overall! There are a lot of glitches and bugs, however. It’s still incredible!

It has the potential to be an extremely underrated game but only if you can differentiate itself in a world of games similar. Create different game modes in addition to the default game mode where you simply swipe across the screen. (maybe you can have a dual game mode where you have two sides to control each or two buttons?) Additionally, it is possible to enhance the method for creating levels using local music. It’s out of tune and it feels like it’s random. Add an ability to create levels this would be an interesting idea.

The GQME is really great! The only issue is that they will always hand advertisements after you finish or lose. I would prefer if you made less of them, and it’s very enjoyable to play all day long and still be able to play for hours! But to those who be complaining about losing and not passing and being unable to pass, it’s either because you’re not good at it or blind to realize that you are able to play another song, but there are many better games to play however this one is excellent, and if like games with music, I believe this game is perfect the game for you!


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