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Note: This game requires at least 512MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU.
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Jun 16, 2022
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How to install SimplePlanes v1.12.123 Apk (Full Version) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SimplePlanes v1.12.123 Apk (Full Version) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] SimplePlanes v1.12.123 Apk (Full Version) Game for Android

The music is gorgeous. The artwork is amazing. The characters are likable. I enjoy the slow pace and the fact that I do not have to keep track of my progress. I like the slow progress of gathering memories.

It’s an excellent game. It’s truly stunning. Although it’s an AFK waiting game, I do find myself playing it a lot. The memories are adorable and the story fantastic (especially when you consider the relationship between spirit and bearcat XD) This is since I’ve just gotten my first earth memory:)

Thank you so much for the answer. I’ve just removed the memory puzzle and it’s quite challenging. 10/10 I would highly recommend. It’s so relaxing as well as challenging.

Everything else has been clarified by game’s developers in the game’s ‘about this slot’. (?)’ However, I’d like to talk about my personal favorite feature apart from the amazing music and art , and that’s the accelerometer. If you don’t love it you can switch it off. It also has a dark mode, however the main screen hasn’t get affected. Overall, this app is fantastic. Thanks to the developers for making this. It’s well is well worth having the space to store it.

Overall, it’s a fun and easy game. It is well-developed and fairly easy to master how to play with new features that are not locked. The interactions between characters are hilarious and funny. However, I discovered a problem that was caused by a system update I was unable to play any songs that I’d downloaded prior after the upgrade.

I absolutely love this game. it’s relaxing and beautiful. But there are some aspects that could be improved each time I click to an advertisement for rewards, it fails to provide me with the reward, which can be quite irritating. Particularly if I’ve watched the same ad several times. The instructions to calm were difficult to follow. However, your game is fantastic and I am in love with the story, music, and graphics

Completed the game! I’m reviewing this after I completed the whole game. It was so engaging that I didn’t want to take my eyes off it. The music, the landscapes, characters animated, dialogues colours and above all, the storyline in the game is stunning. I really like the idea that there’s a story within another story. The stories are divided into various categories. A beautify, a scary and an emotional at certain points, there is interactions between the stories. This is truly amazing.

It’s a great game! Although the gameplay is monotonous, the design and story keep me coming back to keep playing. The play is more of an evolving story that incorporates game elements. Advertisements can be viewed for reward, but don’t look like that, the characters are adorable, and things become more exciting as you progress through the game. Very relaxing . I highly recommend it to those not looking for action. It’s addictive in the best way! !

I really enjoy this game. It’s very enjoyable ( some may say it’s boring, but it’s okay for me ) however, the image and the graphics are superbly done and shows the effort. The interactions and conversations between the characters are thoughtfully planned as well and I find some of them humorous ( in an enjoyable way ). Therefore, there are only minor bugs, however not often, but the spelling and translation may need to be checked. Overall, a great game. excellently done!

“Gameplay may seem simple but it is in fact complex.” I haven’t yet been able to experience any difficulties in the game. The Travel log is extremely useful. Dialogs, music, and puzzles are all fun 🙂 I don’t wanna accumulate all of these pieces simply to play to send the hero off to a destination, and then exit the game. The game is boring and takes too long to collect all the pieces

A beautiful and charming game that is very fun to play. The graphics are stunning and the story is captivating and pulls at your heart strings. The advertisements are extremely simple, which is appreciated! If you’re experiencing difficulty having the water container as well as the glow pot function ensure you use the correct crystal (rare extremely rare) as well as the right lighting and charm. A big thank you to the designers for their quick response!

THIS STORY/PUZZLE GAME IS BEAUTIFUL! The developers are amazing! Be patient when playing It takes a bit of repeated play to accumulate memories pieces and make dandelions (it took me 2 months of playing at least two hours every evening to get to the final). I would recommend it to young adults all the way to senior age (I am now 49!) The story arc is entertaining. It was my favorite bedtime read over many nights! The characters make it the most enjoyable. Thank you.

The soundtrack, visuals and story is above my expectations. You don’t realize how much I love every detail that this game of adventure offers. Although I have to wait longer than an hour for memory pieces, I do not mind the possibility of getting duplicate memories. The story is extremely touching, it caused me to feel all sorts of emotions for the characters, the visuals make it visually appealing enough to make one want to be a part of it. And the soundtrack enhances the game better.The game is stunning and the story fascinating, however you could spend a huge amount of money into it but still be bombarded by advertisements and wait for hours and hours to progress. The descriptions of the objects aren’t clear enough and are misleading making you think that you’re receiving a product that is doing things it does not actually do. Spending that much money on an item should guarantee that you have the ability to use it without ads and have the game in a completely unhindered way. It’s still a great game, but definitely not something worth investing money in.

A truly relaxing semi-idle game that every once in some time you are able to enter, take a few minutes to play and come back refreshed. Gorgeous graphics, relaxing bgm and a fascinating story (but it takes some time to understand). There aren’t any annoying advertisements that appear every two seconds. The only ads you see are when you need to speed things up (ie when you ask to view the video) which is pretty cool. The biggest issue is the lack of activities to do. The addition of minigames would be great in my opinion.

I am awestruck by the story so that I’m taking the dandelions in order to travel and making more memories. The new music experience is easy and simple to complete all music bars with ease. It’s a game of collecting therefore if you’re looking for a more immersive game, then this may not be the right choice for you. However, if you love stunning artwork, well-constructed story and gameplay

It’s stunning, i am in love with it. However, it needs more music, but only excellent ones, like the current one, because it’s the most effective. ((And one of the things you could add is a small and fun minigames that you can play to kill some time and perhaps gain some easy stuff with winnings the game, and a flight is very relaxing)) The plot is flawless and I’m certain you’ve worked hard on it, and the artwork is stunning. This music and art truly makes you feel as if you’re in heaven.

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Fixed a bug where gauges could reset certain properties to preset values


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