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Aug 25, 2022
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How to install SHAREit MOD APK v6.21.48_ww (Premium+ No Ads) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SHAREit MOD APK v6.21.48_ww (Premium+ No Ads) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] SHAREit MOD APK v6.21.48_ww (Premium+ No Ads) App for Android

Download SHAREit now! It’s the perfect tool to share and transfer files between devices! If you like it, SHARE it with your friends! With SHAREit you can also clean your phone to free up storage space, manage files on your phone, speed up your phone and save battery life, boost game performance by transferring game cache files directly from mobile to PC. It’s super easy to use! And the best part? Its free!
There is this one annoying bug (I don’t know if it is a bug) but when I play a music it just pauses automatically even if I didn’t clicked the pause button. I would appreciate it if this gets fixed. Thank you.
Love this app, I’ve using this app for many years. But the app is suddenly auto download without permission. About the withdraw load, I only redeem my load once a week or month because the rewards is small. Everytask reward is getting smaller now unlike before. I hope you improve more
SHAREit is a data sharing application developed by ShareIt Technologies, which allows you to transfer documents, videos, music, photos, contacts and many other files without the need for technologies like Bluetooth or cloud computing. Thanks to this application, you can transfer documents from an Android to Android device, Android to iOS or Windows Phone. Any device can be used, as long as both of your devices have installed SHAREit and connected to the same Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot.

Flexibility is the most outstanding advantage of SHAREit. You can transfer a file from your phone to your tablet, from your tablet to your PC or from your phone to your PC easily and quickly with just a few basic steps. In addition, you can discover a store of music, images, gif and online videos with the highest quality.
SHAREit allows you to share files – no matter their types – across a wide variety of devices. From phones, tablets, to computers, and also through a variety of platforms that support the app such as Windows and MacOS. The best thing about SHAREit is that it grants you the ability to share your file in speed dramatically faster than traditional Bluetooth sharing. Instead of utilising the low bandwidth Bluetooth connection, SHAREit utilises the speed of direct wireless hotspot to transfer your file. Note that there is a difference between general WiFi and wireless hotspot. The latter – which SHAREit uses – connects directly to the recipient device in technically the same way Bluetooth does, yet far more efficient. Not Internet WiFi.
I hate this update it has so many Ads and it take a long time to connect. Sometimes the app crashes. But still this app very useful bcoz Sharing speed is still working and getting faster when you update this.
Nice sharing app, my experience when transferring files was a bit troubling because of the ads cus it make my screen very laggy. Before the free load is good since i received the redeemed load but now I can’t press the button for buy load but can still do task. I’ll rate it 5 star if fixed 🙂 Edit: It finally worked! I am happy that this got noticed and thank you so much for fixing it! I recommend this app to y’all ♥♥♥
Already transferred 14gb(genshin impact fails data) to my new phone but i need to compress the fail to Zip in order successfully 100% transfer to my new phone. Because at first try it stop at 20% .the speed is decent and faster than my internet speed 😅 , around 1mb/7second if i wrong . Hope you can up the speed like 30mb/second . Thank for your service
In the past, when you have to utilise cloud-based storage services, you have to go through a lot of complicated steps. Such as uploading the file(s) to the storage server, acquire the share link, give it to the recipient, and then the recipient himself have to spare the time to download the file that could take a mighty long time if it is heavy. SHAREit allows you to bypass all these steps and allow direct device to device sharing. The file you want to share goes directly to the recipient device without having to pass by the hands of any man in the middle. SHAREit connects all of the user’s devices into a small, private network that would allow free, unfettered transfer of data between them quickly and efficiently.
Been a user of this app since years and it delivers. Very fast file transfers and good features…i haven’t really used them all though. Lol Never the less great app when transferring file from mobile to mobile or android to ios. Mobile to pc or vice versa might have some pairing challenges but works after getting them connected.
However, the one little disadvantage it had over traditional Bluetooth is that it is not that universal. While Bluetooth is equipped on virtually all contemporary smart devices and you could share files immediately without having to download anything beforehand. SHAREit, as you can guess it, only allow you to share files between SHAREit enabled and running devices. Though the moment you know of this app, you probably would’ve already expected this for it to be too much of a problem.

But due to the fact that SHAREit tries to unite and support as much platforms as possible, from Android, to iOs, to Windows, and down to MacOS. It can be troublesome if you use devices across these platforms. Since each platform has problems of their own, once you ran into troubles, troubleshooting them can be entirely different from each other and require different procedures.
Simple interface, easy to use
The interface of SHAREit is extremely simple and intuitive, making it convenient for users to use. At the sending device, simply select the file to send and click the Send button. You need to wait for the application to scan your file in seconds. After that, the receiving device can confirm and download the file you just shared. Note that the two devices need to be close enough to ensure uninterrupted file transfer.The app was great. We use this to transfer pictures and files from our customers who wants to print something because we don’t accept flashdrives (but they can send it to my email) Also, in this app I can get load, hopefully they would give us options where we can transfer it to our gcash number.
I absolutely LOVE this app. There’s no better app to send files, be it music, photo’s, documents, and best of all…I can choose from the currently installed apps on one device and have an APK (an installable copy) of them, and transfer them to my other device, which makes it so easy to then have apps that I’ve gotten from different sources, even cracked ones. AWESOME..!!!!!
Since I started using this app it was really good, until now whenever I connect something it always saids that I had a bad connection even though my connection is fine. now I had the most annoying part of it the viber apk keep showing up on my screen and said download apk even though I don’t really really need it I don’t even remembered how it got there

What's new

- We upgraded SHAREit account system, log in now to set your unique ID!
- Now, we support sharing your favorites to Telegram~



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