Shadow Fight Arena(Defense/Damage) Mod

v1.2.20 b3996

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September 7, 2021
v1.2.20 b3996
4.0 and up

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How to install Shadow Fight Arena v1.2.20 b3996 (Defense/Damage) Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight Arena v1.2.20 b3996 (Defense/Damage) Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Fight Arena v1.2.20 b3996 (Defense/Damage) Mod APK for Android 

it’s a fun combat game, but it has its flaws. The characters are all unique and enjoyable. But a few are overpowered and overpowered, including Jack Bulwark. But basically, anything can do unbreakable is a spammer. And there’s no reason to interact with the other characters apart from playing with your buddies or participating in daily games. (best played with a companion, if you can)

The game gets stuck after the first tutorial. It will not let me proceed… The screen is grayed out with the fight button highlighted while the background (you are rewarded. Continue to collect the reward) button is grayed out and then the game is stuck. I’ve reached out to the developer and they have informed me that they’re currently working on a fix for this issue.

The Shadow Fight Arena was excellent. However, the issue with its network connection is quite. There are a lot of bugs. I was planning to broadcast this game again, but due to a myriad of problems with the network and bugs, I had to remove Wheat. I believe it’s a pity for Nikki. It’s unfortunate that they haven’t been able to solve the issues, despite having an enormous gaming system.

I am a professional in this game and play arena IX. (1) I’ve playing this game to complete the arena levels and to see what happens next absolutely nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. It’s just an ordinary hero chest. (2) The game is a pay-to-win and if you invest money you can achieve higher levels and, of course, greater power. (3) Some heroes have overpower like MIDNIGHT, JET, and MARCUS. (4) Time to search… I am sick of waiting around to find a player in ranking mode.

I love the idea of playing. It’s an interesting plan on paper. However, when it’s executed, it comes off as a bit scratchy. My main issue is the camping. There ought to be some form of penalty for camping since every time i play in games those who are in the upper levels, like 6500 trophies, i meet campers, and it’s extremely frustrating and makes me want to quit this game. Can you implement something like making the stage smaller or implementing the report system which allows you to report players who are boring

I’m really enjoying everything the game offers up to this point. It is well-designed, has great visuals, superb gameplay, and numerous other features. The reason I’ve rated it to 4 stars is because there are a lot of things that aren’t there in the game, for instance, there isn’t a squad or clan system within the game, the game has an unofficial profile of us(it could have been nice to show how many games I had won or lost) and there are the game does not offer daily or spin reward system, and no option for chat with friends or with the world. Add these elements to the game and your experience will be amazing.

The game is great, but it could use some improvements. It’s unfair that we cannot finish the race through opening the chest from the fight pass. And there’s no other way to get chest. Make sure to include chests to win a fight. I’ve been playing the game for more than 5 months and yet there is no new character unlocked. I’ve opened numerous mythic chests as well, but nothing. We need to do something to fix it. Make it right and we’ll rate 5 stars.

Hi! I’ve discovered a glitch that I fixed. I upgraded the game this morning and when I launch it, it shows “You’ve got a reward! Tap to collect it.” When I press the ‘CONTINUE’ button, and when the cards are displayed then I press the claim button, and it appears to say “Something went wrong, please restart the game.” It happens each time I start the application (the rewards are the same each time, and if I restart the app the game, the rewards aren’t accepted.) Because of this issue I’m not able to reach the support for customers.

First The internal audio will always break. In addition, the screen sometimes stops working after about 3 fights. The other day, when I was playing the game, the screen would freeze during fighting. The entire screen looked like a 3D wallpaper, the characters looked like statues with an animated background. I could not manage my hero. Shadow Fight is my most beloved video game series…So, Nekki please fix these two issues, and I’ll give two stars for this title…

Excellent graphics and gameplay, however do not have a great support team . Worst network experience. Even with an internet connection that is fast the game shows an the unstable connection and shuts down. It’s a terrible experience, and there are no improvements as of yet. Still not uninstalling because I enjoy the game. I believe that problems with the network and matching issues will be fixed with future updates. Getting worse. Still the most difficult game after the update. Worst opponent matching ever, Level 7 vs Level 10 fights. Easy lose.

[Free Download] Shadow Fight Arena v1.2.20 b3996 (Defense/Damage) Mod APK for Android


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