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Jul 18, 2022
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How to install Shadow Fight Arena Mod Apk v1.4.21-4026 (Defense/Damage) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight Arena Mod Apk v1.4.21-4026 (Defense/Damage) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Fight Arena Mod Apk v1.4.21-4026 (Defense/Damage) Game for Android

Fantastic graphics and animations, it’s easy to see this game has been made with love and a lot of attention to detail. Really the only thing letting the game down is the lack of player base and that’s probably to do with the limited characters available. Some more fantastical characters would help a lot imo……I think it’s a great game and if you’re into side scrolling fighting games then you should definitely give it a go.

Thank you Nekki for this game, I’ve been searching for a good fighting game for a while. The graphics are great, and the different fighting styles are awesome. For those that are new to it this game like any other good fighting game will make you “throw your phone out through the window”. My biggest issue playing this game is when playing “special festival tournament”…the whole player matching system if bad.. 3 vs 3 lvl 4 where you can tell that the opponent has stronger fighters. Please fix!

I’m a fan of SF1,2&3 This however left much to be desired. 1. This game will randomly makes you fight on the right side, which can be confusing given I’m so used to fighting on the left of the screen. Often, I see the wrong health stats as a result. 2. Unlike SF3 which allows me to upgrade and change heros, weapon combination and armor etc, I’m forced to use the same hero, weapons, attack weapon style and the upgrade to the next hero a long journey. It become quite boring after awhile.

OK, so I downloaded the game and for about 2hours, it was fun and everything was fine but ever since I got my 2 fighters up to level 7 each, I haven’t been able to get a ranked match, it’s really frustrating… UPDATE: So I’ve gotten more fighters, the matchmaking system is very good and it’s been a great experience so these past couple months.

Game is great, fun to play, I was impressed with the graphics and fighting styles but definitely is another pay to win game. Free to play option available with limited rewards, and characters. Since this is a (skill level) game you have to be a great fighter in order to upgrade your characters so losing fights means losing ranking points and making it harder to advance and that keeps me away from having fun. Also noticed some intermittent/slow connection to the sever on gameplay.

Matching in ranked match is not a problem.If you have better skills you easily defeat one ranked upper player or maybe be two. But the main problem is that long time period during matchmaking in anymode. And also in low ranks I feel like I am getting match with fake players which is both good and bad. Good for someone who is totally new and need some direction also good for confidence building. Camping is problem but again depend on player to player. For me sometime lose and sometime win.(skill)

Game’s great, but the que time alone drops 2 stars. Honestly, at least 2 mins, and it could very easily get to 5 or more for a single match. I can’t play like that. Also, stop with the bots untill 130 cups, that’s just too high. How about 50? So you still get some experience but you can also get some actual experience early on with each character. Gameplay is great, as mentioned in the beginning. Great graphics and game mechanics.

The connection time can be unbearably long and when I eventually get a match, I a lot of times lose because of unstable connection… These sometimes just makes the game downright annoying when I consider other online games I smoothly run with the same network. Good graphics though and nice gameplay, I see consistent efforts being made to improve the overall experience with the game like character designs and skills but the connection really needs a lot more work.

The best and only real quality fighting game series out there. Almost perfect. The only weakness being consistency and support. If not for those. It garners a perfect score. There was a time that I could not play it at all due to connection issues.

I’m playing this game since it was launched. This game is amazing but the Game server system has many issues always when I’m going to win the match suddenly pop up come showing the msg technical issue and that’s why I’ve lost many matches. And this issue is not fixed till now.

The game’s UI is really good, though what bothers me most seems to be a technical bug which keeps showing network error even though I have stable (5G) network connection…I have lost many fights due to this error even if opponent’s internet connection is poor. Thanks

The game is very good and I am satisfied with everything except one issue… Players are camping and it’s really frustrating when we are defeated by opponents who are camping like anything… It would be good if u guys could add a reporting mechanism that might give warnings to such players… This could really give a relief to good competitive players out there..

What's new

In this update:

- Share your in-game successes on social media and get a reward;
- Option to turn off automatic gamepad selection in game settings;
- Various fixes and improvements.

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