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Legend has it that a hero will come to end the fight for shadow energy. He will have to learn three fighting styles, collect the best weapons and challenge the strongest warriors.
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May 31, 2022
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How to install Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.28.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.28.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) APK file.

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[Free Download] Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.28.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Game for Android

Some updates are damaging numerous things. The most boring thing is, that the first fight move is a long kick. It’s boring enough because everyone is aware of what they will do in the first. It’s a big problem. It’s a an issue for the fighters who are fighting. This is my request.. Modify these updates Please. If I’m satisfied, I’ll rate the game between 2 and 5. That’s all. Thank you.

Fantastic game. But it’s got too much lag , and it becomes dull over time. The rewards from battles aren’t too great, and the cost of the items available in the shop are expensive. In addition, the merchandise in the store have a specific time frame and in order to purchase them within the specified timeframe, you need to earn them fast or recharge the coins using real money. The idea of saving money to purchase a specific item appears to be the most effective option, however enemies get stronger as you play and you should refresh your equipment on a regular basis. time.

This game is simply amazing. There aren’t any major flaws to be found. If I had to choose a that something is wrong, it will be the customization of characters and the introduction of shadow powers. It took me a little long to realize that shadow powers were derived from equipment. The graphics are pretty good too but I’d like to see it improved. More texture and background on the home screen. Overall, 10/10 for me.

Excellent game! It requires a strategy, and even when the odds aren’t in your favor but it’s not impossible to conquer any level! The only problem is that bundles are quite expensive. of money, just for some decent rewards with the no “turn notifications off forever” button, however there aren’t any advertisements and the story is fascinating. I love that even with shadow powers, it requires a real strategies. I’d prefer Gizmo to be utilized more in the plot, but…

It’s a lot of enjoyable! It is pretty easy to progress through the initial three maps. Beyond that , it’s a game of waiting to get equipment, which isn’t very fun. The game can also freeze in random intervals. It will also freeze in the middle of an actual duels game, which could cause you to lose huge streaks of wins, that can be extremely annoying. I’ve been a huge fan of the Shadow Fight series a long time, but this one requires some improvement.

I am still awestruck by this game, despite having lost my progress. The only issue I have encountered is that I get advertisements that interrupt my game play and the upgrades that you earn from missions and chests make not make sense. Some of them show that they’ve upgraded, while others are unchanged regardless of the upgrade that is automatic.

I gave it just three stars due to the freezing issue and “no online with freinds” I would like to have played against my friends, another issue is that the events sometimes appear impossible to win. the final boss is always insane. I really like the graphics and gameplay. Edit: Wow! Nekki listens! They’ve fixed the freezing issues and added void World battles but I’m unable to enjoy playing with my buddies since it’s based on who’s playing. This means that maybe 4 out of five

A new review. Returned after two years, and I’m not dissatisfied. Amazing graphics and gameplay. I’m having a few issues with the app, like it freezing mid-game. For some reason, I’m unable to access the account on my Google account. I’m trying to uninstall it but I’m unable to because then the progress I’ve made will be lost. However, it’s fantastic and I am awed by the changes that have been implemented!

The game is fun but soon becomes dull and monotonous, and playing becomes a chore. the legendary and epic items you collect are outdated very quickly due to the price they cost to upgrade and how steep the difficulty levels are. The game suffers from the same issues similar to the one before but it enhances both negative and positive aspects, focusing more in the bad aspects. I suggest only if you have money in your pocket to purchase Shadow Pass. Shadow Pass, you won’t have fun playing it if you don’t.

It’s much better on all aspects. 4 stars. The game is too slow and stops working at times in fights. I’m willing to grind to earn extra items however it shouldn’t require my restarting the game more than 8 times a day in order to get some distance ahead. Fix this issue so that I’m able to return later to fix my rating. I really like this game and would be interested in a subscription when the bugs are solved. * Had to reduce my score for the game. Many restarts during combat, which reduces my rating each time! *Update will not complete downloading.

Excellent game, controls are easy to use and it comes with a huge assortment of weapons and armors. It does slow down occasionally and at present I’m unable to play because when I launch the game it says “No Server Connection” and I’m not able to go beyond that loading screen. I’ve verified that I’m running with the most recent version. I called support and they said that the app was in maintenance and that I should take a while, I did, and it’s gone for two whole days.

This is an incredible game that I absolutely love it! I have only some issues. If you’re fighting against your opponent when they hit you in the process, they’ll keep hitting you to the ground until you’re dead! Additionally, the products that are sold in the shop are wildly priced too high. The item that was once worth 15k coins now costs 7.5 million, it’s true. I believe Nekki should be able to include all merchandise in the shop, including the horrible nightmare set, which is not available until you purchase it and I’ve done twice. Other than that it’s my most favorite game.

Excellent game. The one thing I do not like is when you are playing an oblique and the other opponent doesn’t choose to fight. It should be an official timer for an event that is dual. In other words, if one opponent is not joined in a certain time, they lose. The game must be restarted and lose. This needs to be fixed, it is extremely frustrating. Thank you

The game’s control is awesome, but the card game is not working well. I am aware of how the game is presented in the format of a card however when I complete quests and collect keys, the loading of the cards causes everything to be slow and can even stop the game. In the shop what are the reasons why legendary weapons superior than the ones you are selling be offered? It means that the coins I have become worthless. Shadow rate is too high, and the rate of upgrade for capabilities is too high.

A fun game to play. However, lately, it’s been playing and it’s really frustrating particularly in the event that you win. I’m hoping that they can fix it. Have tried to chat with them, but their response was constantly the same. Additionally, O noticed that my opponents have always been the same group of players. It’s as when they were bots. This means that there are fewer players playing the game right now.. Could end in the near future. Great graphics and graphics but there’s nothing to play. It hangs often, and doesn’t load , even when the latest versions are installed.

I am a huge fan of this game. I really do, but when I play Shadow Fight Arena, I believe that something needs to be done to fix the freezes when switching menus and switching. I was thinking it was due to RAM, but I’ve observed similar issues even with 8GB RAM. The planes in the game can be an absolute nightmare, and it’s difficult.

I recently played your game. I enjoyed the graphics as well as the controls, characters, and other things. I would like to reset my game , but whenever I do that. The game will always return to the progress I made even though I delete my data. What is the reason for this. Shadow fight 2 is equipped with the same system. I’d like to see you do that and possibly I’ll purchase something using real money.

Upgrades require work, and also stores. At lower levels, you don’t have enough money to buy equipment from stores. However, in higher levels, if you have the coins the cost of equipment multiplied exponentially, making the coins ineffective. Store is absurd. Gameplay, however, is fantastic.

Play for nearly an entire month, without having to pay. No big paywall. Some waiting and grinding here or there. easily manageable and fun. There are downsides, like ads, when you it can freeze during fighting, and advertisements. I’d say it’s worth a few dollars for ads to be gone and to aid the dev. Overall, it’s a great game. kudos. !

This game is fantastic for all aspects. The graphics and everything is fantastic The armor, weapons and weapons My biggest complaint is that at times, when I was playing a brand new event, like Prison Break and the Vampire event The bosses were super-powered, and even if I did manage to defeat they, that was only luck. Even with heralds weapons, crucial hits will not cause any damage but I’m dead of 5 head wounds caused by them , which makes them nearly impossible to defeat

Excellent improvement. The side quests can be helpful and award seven gems. Events are always available. The quest that was part of the event was a great one. If you finish the quest, you will receive an excellent amount of tokens. Tokens = Good gear Tokens = Marathons Awards Marathon awards = Excellent rewards. Better rewards make for an easier game. This means it’s less P2W. It is not perfect. the combat system and the difficulty system such as it being difficult to avoid combos and difficulty being a bit sloppy. Ex. Easy being hard. It has some P2W, but it’s not as poor.

What's new

Version 1.28.1 changes:
- Technical improvements added
- Several bugs fixed



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