Shadow Fight 2 v (Coins/Gems) Mod


The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users
[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 v2.12.0 (Coins/Gems) Mod for Android Download APK
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Nekki - Action and Fighting Games
April 20, 2021
4.4 and up
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[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 v2.12.0 (Coins/Gems) Mod for Android

I love this game. I play it over and over again. One of the best fighting mobile games. But, I got a new update which was made to put the ads button directly under the “Store” button which is really annoying and will be effective if it is moved from one place to another and the points earned are increased. . But otherwise it’s all good
I can’t play this game anymore because of the (ug!) Save issue after the latest update. This game was telling me to ………. I can’t bother to explain everything but I will try. I was at level 30 on my phone but Cloud Save is level 1. I log in occasionally and save the game a bit on the cloud. Grind my way through the whole act and I will never buy anything with real money and your last general update is general superficial.
It’s a fun game, but I have a few problems. Cons: 1. Whenever you see an ad to skip time on upgrading or save on a purchase, most of the time it doesn’t work ideally. . Hitboxes, they’re a lot spoiled, I’ve had an attack many times where my attack wouldn’t happen, even though it should. (And no, they weren’t blocked.) Pros: 1. It’s very fun and challenging, and surprisingly balanced. 2. The story is great, I like the idea of ​​being a shadow and fighting the people who fight you.
It’s a nice game with wonderful soundtracks and all. I have no problem with the game. The only problem I had was that I paid 80 gems for 5 spins. After completing two spins I accidentally clicked out and when I came back, I lost all my spins. Technically I lost 48 hard-earned gems. Please fix this problem and if possible please return my gems. The reason I still give it 5 stars is that this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played.
This app has been my favorite game since it first came out and, let me tell you, it’s the best mobile game I’ve ever had. The fighting style is stunning. It makes him feel like a terrible combat. The story is awesome, the way you walk from an apprentice to a robot-fighting warrior in act I is brilliant. The graphics are mostly good for offline flying game. So yes, five stars. Certainly, all the way.
This is the best RPG game in my experience. It gives you the best fighting experience. If you are reading this you should try this game. It’s wonderful to try to be the first in the raid and complete the achievements and battles. I liked it more than Shadow Fight 3 and 4. But for those who can’t afford the game, getting rubies is very difficult. But you will enjoy this game without the top-up.
This is my favorite game, even better than SF3. The amount of weapons is staggering. Unique attacks for everyone are what really make this game better. The story is very good and long. The only thing bothering me is gems. I think the gem rewards are a bit low, so he either completes the .furs or pays real money. Maybe you can reward five monsters instead of three gems? And / and three gems are awarded for making all eclipse achievements. Just.
Hey there Shadow Fight Team, I just absolutely love this game and would definitely give it 5 stars but I can’t start a game that just freezes on the starting screen. So I gave him 4 stars, please try to fix this. Pls pls pls … I will give it 5 stars if you do. EDIT: I downloaded it again and it works fine, so I gave it 5 stars.
Waste. When you fight with someone then you are going to win, it is very instinctive it is inappropriate for users. Touch the pad and the enemy responds immediately with a full counter. Very unreasonable. Then whether it is called normal or hard. Plus I have experienced more than twice that their hitbox is getting smaller and their attack series is becoming ******. It’s supposed to be a fun game but this is just inappropriate
Fun concept. Beat Grindy I think publishers overestimate how much money they can make from this game, the prices are ridiculous. It would be nice if you could pay the right price for the game and then play it. But no. Unlimited energy release alone (so you can play endlessly) costs $ 20 … and then everything else is made so you either personalize and grind or you pay more. IMO (after the first monster and some playing online), it’s not worth it for the stuff you’re getting.
I love this game just in time and I recommend it to others who love action and fight scenes but the problem is getting gems, you can’t achieve all the effects at once, so it takes a lot of time so I don’t know how game coders expect those elite devices from us when there are no game accounts (banks) or no means to pay for those tools, please they should find a way to make it that way easier. Keys and you know it could be a daily prize or something.

[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 v2.12.0 (Coins/Gems) Mod for Android

What's new

*New event - Ramanavami - a mysterious enemy from another world is trying to seize power, stop him!
*Win the event raid, earn eastern coins and collect all unique items!
*New event set - get the whole collection of items and don't forget about the Demon Crusher!
*Revised and updated rewards of raid daily quests
*Improved protection
*Loading optimization
*Bug fixes


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