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The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users
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Jun 29, 2022
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How to install Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.21.0 (Max Level ) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.21.0 (Max Level ) APK file.

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[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.21.0 (Max Level ) Game for Android

A great fighting game. There are exciting fights and all. However, advertisements should be a choice instead of appearing every time you complete an event, it’s not a good idea to see ads to increase the amount of coins and the next time you watch one. It is also important to show advertisements once, not each time you play the game, it can be annoying at times. Apart from that the game is great in terms of gameplay, animation and other features I would highly recommend.

A lot of ads. It was a lot better with no ads, but now you have to deal with ads each time you end the fight. It’s a pain and at times it becomes stuck and you must restart the game, which takes the longest time. The visuals and music are stunning. The Bosses’ weapons are extremely nice and are enchanted with strong power.

The initial impression was that everything was fine but it’s now going downhill. After I downloaded the game’s content to the underworld, following each game, it will send me an email that the underworld an ad. After every game, I have to contend with this, which can be annoying. In addition, advertisements appear at random times and the problem is that there’s one advertisement that you can’t skip. I’m required to restart the game in order to continue playing. If this continues to happen, I going to have to remove it.

The game is pretty decent in its own right, with good gameplay, fun weapons and some cool moves. It’s a bit grindy and there are advertisements after every fight, however other than that, it’s excellent. However, a couple of days ago, something changed I think because after every fight, instead seeing an ad the game gives me a screen of buffering and I need to quit and start the game again after each game. This is much more time-consuming than an advertisement. It’s a pity that this isn’t fixed this game is great. I’d like to grind. It’s kinda grindy, tbh.

The game is very cool. I am awestruck by the fact that it has different music and background music for each duels, tournament or boss battle, as well as survival. I only have one complaint concerning the raids. Every time I fight the boss of the raid and it takes such a long time to locate players. within a few minutes, once players are located, random players who have at least a 10th Dan or more offer the highest damage. It also indicates that “you have inflicted not enough damage”. Then my keys have been wasted. Fix this one issue

This is an extremely enjoyable game, however, ads are very annoying to manage as well as the hit boxes with the AI are way too different from ours. Another thing to note is the fact that all act are randomly determined, similar to hermits ‘ acts, which is the second act and yet it’s said to be the most difficult. This is something I’m not too concerned about because it seems to add to the plot? Other than the glitches and ads it’s an enjoyable film.

If there’s a better 1 on1 mobile fighting game I’ve never played it. The game is amazing The graphics control, characters, and graphics are fantastic. The armor and weapons are spot on. The graphics are sharp. The game is unlike any other in when it comes to timing and controls are concerned. The advertisements that pop up from nowhere would not be a problem for me, but they freeze the game indefinitely, it loads and loads, it shuts down after. This is a shame. The the best game that is ruined by ads crashes.

It was a good game in the beginning however, it was beginning to turn sour in the after a while. The advertisements that follow every game are an enormous issue, which adds nearly 25 ads in a whole hour of playing! I’ve also observed that enemy hitboxes are extremely unclear and slow. AI has an immense advantage because it is a an algorithmic component, movements are smooth and seem to be able to execute movements that which no other player could do, such as disperse attacks and teleport with a higher speed. The joystick is extremely clumsy it is impossible to choose a specific move.

This is an awesome game, and it’s all. However, my issue is what is it that makes certain opponents overwhelmed. In reality, you strike them, and they take only a couple of damage. However, when they strike you, it’s a simple knock-out. It’s a bit odd isn’t it? Another issue I’m facing is that I see ads after I’ve finished fights. You might want to take into consideration keeping ads to the minimal amount?

I like the game because it has a variety of weapons, and it progresses in a steady manner, however what renders it ineffective is the fact the fact that it crashes often, and after restarting the application, it continues to crash and is inaccessible. What problem is that the creators realize that a large number of players play the game, but they don’t care about fixing the game. I’m pretty sure that it’s just a minor update to fix the crash.

One of the most enjoyable offline games I’ve played. The reason for 4 stars is due to the fact that you need energy, and only five battles each time. If you wish to recharge it, you’ll need gems, which you are available through payment methods. There are also too numerous. (Renewed) Ever since the game’s update and the Boss raids can be very irritating. I’m playing on my computer, but it is saying the same thing following a round, unless you try it just once. When I tried to raid it did not launch the game for over 5 minutes

It’s a fantastic game. The animations, graphics and artwork are fantastic. The only issue is the advertisements. Each time that you participate in, an ad appears, while some were not able to be skipped as well as 30 seconds long. Additionally, there were advertisements that we were required launch Google play and then close it to stop the advertisement. In some cases, when you close any advertisement the game shuts down. The ads are trying to force you to quit playing the game, so please fix the advertisements.

What's new

*There's an element of truth in every myth. The day before an independence celebration, the dark legend of a small tribe has come to life, and now its ancestors' memory, in the form of a vengeful spirit, is destroying everything in its path.
*A new event in honor of Independence Day!
*New boss. Be sure to fight him before the end of the event!
*New Battle Pass. Compete daily tasks, earn points in the event raid, and get rewards!
*Bug fixes


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