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The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40 million users
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May 31, 2022
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How to install Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.20.0 (Max Level ) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.20.0 (Max Level ) APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.20.0 (Max Level ) Game for Android

It’s an amazing game. So interesting. Here , I can find numerous unusual weapons and fighting styles, as well as a beautiful background, etc. It’s a difficult game.Sometimes,I am afraid to look at my opponents. in one sentence, it’s an exciting game. However, it also has some negative sides.Some times , I require lots of time to reach the hot ground. I require plenty of money to improve my weapons.but,in this instance, I’ve completed all of my levels without Butcher. Therefore, I have to play a survival game. It’s disturbing.thats it.

It’s an amazing game. Animations, graphics, and art are fantastic. The only problem is the advertisements. Each time played, an ad plays , and some ads were inaccessible and thirty seconds long. There were ads that we were required have to launch Google play and then close it to stop the advertisement. In some cases, when you close advertisements, game shuts down. The advertisements are trying to force you to quit playing this game, therefore make sure you fix the ads.

If there’s a more impressive mobile 1 on 1 fighting game, I’ve not seen it. This game is amazing and the graphics control, characters, and graphics are amazing. Even the weapons and armor are top-quality. The graphics are sharp. It is unmatched by any other game when it comes to timing and controls are concerned. But, the advertisements that pop up out of the blue don’t be a problem for me, but they freeze the game completely, it just loads and loads, and it shuts down after. It’s a shame, the the best game that was ruined by ads crashes. This needs to be repaired.

It was a good game in the beginning but it began to lose steam in after a while. The ads that follow every game are a major inconvenience, adding to nearly 25 ads in a whole hour of play! I’ve also noticed that the hitboxes of enemies are a bit unclear and slow. The AI has an immense advantage because it is a an algorithmic component, the moves are seamless, and they appear to be able to execute movements that which no other player could do, such as diverge and teleport attacks at a more rapid rate. The joystick is extremely awkward and you cannot choose a specific move.

A really good game that I highly recommend! But there’s a flaw that is causing me to rate the game three stars. The amount of advertisements that appear in the game is too many! I’m not sure about you but to be beat by a boss only to immediately having to watch an advertisement is an awful experience. It’s a good app overall that doesn’t say to eliminate ads , but at the very least let us watch numerous ads.

It’s a wonderful game, both the textures and weapons, however there’s a problem when you finish the level and then go back to the menu for any game mode, an ad will appear. it’s not a big deal, but after you’ve finished the game will be able to be lost each time, so I have to shut down the game return for the next round If you can solve this issue, it would be fantastic.

I like the game because it comes with a wide range of weapons available and you can progress with a steady pace but what makes it difficult to play is it crashes often, and after restarting the application, it continues to crash and, yea impossible to play. What bugs is that the game’s developers are aware that lots of players play the game, but they don’t intend to fix the game. I’m fairly certain it’s just a minor update to fix crashes.

I really enjoy the game , but the RNG is so incredibly stupid. The opponent is able to be able to block all your attacks and do very little or no damage, while you will take every hit to your head and destroy your health in a matter of minutes even if you move faster than you would (even at normal levels). Please don’t make the enemy the OP.

Fantastic combat animations, graphics, story and awe-inspiring music. With a variety of weapons to pick from, and a variety of enemies to battle, and an incredible storyline and a captivating storyline, it will keep players coming back for more even when you’re facing a difficult boss, and you feel stuck. will be able to overcome it with a bit of practice. Shadow fight 2 is a fantastic game that only gets better with the exclusive edition that is free of adds and a bonus gem and unending energy.

Yes, I’ve been playing since the year 2016 and it’s a great game. I gave 5 stars in the past, however there’s a problem that is currently. The game allows only one player to play for a while before it is crashing. After playing just one game. The app displays an advertisement, I’m okay with that, or at least it should be since every time you close the ad, and return to play the loading circle will remain there, and you won’t be able to do any button. The only way to fix it is to close the application completely and then open it up again. Please find a way to resolve the issue. That’s all

A 5 star rating without the advertisements. The ads are shown after each fight , and often they’re so long that it’s quicker to shut down and restart the game instead of waiting for the ads to be finished. The most frustrating thing is that it was not always like this. The game featured an option to play again following a fight that would end which allowed you to go back to the battle, however that option has been taken away to allow them to display additional ads. Apart from that, it’s possibly the most enjoyable mobile game, however the advertisements are too much.

Excellent app. Really love the amount and quality of advertisements however, you could be playing a game during the advertisements, which can ruin the experience. Please think about reducing gaming so that users can enjoy advertisements to their fullest. Also , change the name to be more precise, such as advertisement fight 2 . This will clear any confusion that might arise.

Wow. The first time I had the pleasure of playing this was around six or seven years ago and it’s just as enjoyable as it was. This month there were a few issues with ads and their volume. It was possible to see an advertisement after you had fought with other issues. I’m happy to announce that they’ve gotten their errors fixed and are now removing advertisements that are passive. The best fighting game I’ve played on mobile. It appears that they’re also ready for a change. With the latest fixes it’s as great as I remembered.

I really like this game. I have played it twice and am now close to my initial progress. It’s a great game that offers a grind with interesting progress. There was a glitch prior to that in a deal I bought to get rid of advertisements, but it was later was fixed and I don’t have any issues any more. It is definitely worth playing this game

The experience is amazing. The graphics, the amazing battles, the various weapons, and much more. There were times when the game lacked speed. Overall, the game is an excellent option, thanks to its amazing storyline. A slight performance enhancement could make this game even superior. I am grateful to the entire nekki group for doing this.

The game is such fun that I truly like it, regardless of the fact that the opponent is stronger and more difficult. What I don’t like is that, after playing one game, an advertisement appears and I am unable to move on, but can I remove the ad , or will remain like the one you saw earlier ?

It was a game I had played many years ago and then decided to go back and play it It’s still fun and I am still enjoying playing it. But the advertisements are extremely annoying. They’re quite frequently appearing after each game, but what’s more frustrating is that you cannot ever skip through the ads. They’re as long as 30 minutes and there’s not a skip option! There is also a glitch when you start a game, it stops and you need to restart it. However, you’re losing energy. I’ve lost 5 the energy counters due to of this and also lost gems

What I love in this video game is the narrative and art style. My only complaint is the advertisements. Each time I complete an Mach and then a deal will appear. It’s annoying. It also is plagued by bugs that are annoying. I’m hoping the ad issue and the bugs will be resolved as soon as they can. Although there are some issues, I would recommend this game to other players.

Animations smooth and precise as well as the weaponry is perfectly balanced. Following several updates unlike other games it’s not changed much. I was able to beat the game a couple of times before I decided to give it a the chance to play it on my laptop. It’s a breeze to fight with a keyboard. However, it’s not a way to interact. I personally have a tendency to spend a significant amount of time in front of my computer. Because I’m aware of where the appropriate key is. The issue I’m having is I’m trapped in the instruction to enter the dark side. The tutorial keeps showing up at my desktop.

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*In the bowels of the earth there lives an ancient cult that organizes ritual battles for the glory of cruel gods. Save humanity from their rage!
*New event in honor of the Dragon Boat Festival!



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