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SASSLA es la app #1 de monitoreo sísmico en tiempo real en México.
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Aug 8, 2022
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How to install Sassla premium APK Mod v5.2.6 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Sassla premium APK Mod v5.2.6 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Sassla premium APK Mod v5.2.6 (Unlocked) App for Android

Great!!!!! The interface is a bit confusing. To optimize the app, you will need to adjust the settings. It can be frustrating in seismic areas like South Puerto Rico. It’s amazing to know there’s an earthquake in your car while you drive… it can save lives. Knowing when the earthquake will strike in the instant or a few seconds ahead of time gives you enough time to escape or seek protection. Overall exellent App… (Cons) Confuse User Interface

Excellent app that provides tons of information. Highly recommend. One question: Why does my phone make a rapid “busy telephone sound” when it is turned off? How can I silence that sound? This alert sounds every 5-10 minutes at night, so I have to close the app. One mention was made in a review about the same sound. It doesn’t correlate with any alert settings I can see.

Once configured, it works well. You can even get a subscription and a pro version. The free version is a good way to learn more about the program, and then test it out. I switched from learning about the program to actually using it. This was due to an earthquake that I was told about. It was happening after the fact. The idea was good and it was timed well. I needed a quicker response so the paid version is available. Excellent and very satisfied. California USA

Although I enjoy the flexibility to set the notifications to my own needs, the app overrides all notification settings, even those in other apps, when I connect my phone to the charger, it takes precedence over any settings. Even though my phone has been set to silent, I still get the annoying alarm-type notification for all my notifications when my phone charges. The issue persists despite me trying to reset every setting in the app and on my phone. I paid for the premium features and was disappointed.

Although it’s a great app, the alert sound can be a little too eerie. There have been times when I felt an earthquake. I was able to see other users reporting it on their phones, but it never appeared in the feed so I don’t know what happened.

Amazing app alerted my instantly, even though I was right above the epicenter. Be sure to disable battery optimization, as it can interfere with the app. The real-time simulation of seismic waves is a great feature. It would be great if the alarm could have a longer vibration and the screen brightness could be increased. It would also be helpful to show the magnitude of an earthquake on the first page. Why were fault lines removed? It was a great job nonetheless.

I am a Northern California resident and have many earthquake apps. The app provides constant, real-time notifications which are received instantly. My other apps may eventually notify me about a quake that took place between 30 and 60 minutes ago. It is easy to use and I can quickly post “I felt” notifications. It’s also one of the most comprehensive apps I have found. I suggest that users who are new to the app adjust their settings to their preferred notification preferences before they start using it.

It is difficult to use the user interface properly. You need to know where to look to lower your alerts and only receive alerts about big quakes. The default settings are too broad and loud for alerts that could save lives. The app is excellent and I am in Puerto Rico. I get alerts from the South about quakes.

It worked well. It was working well. I decided to upgrade to Pro. The app is slower on real-time notifications. I liked this app and gave it 4 stars at first, but then reduced to 3 due the drawback. I’m going to go with 4 again, so the developer knows that we can be frustrated. We appreciate his efforts in optimizing reliability. This is what I want. If it is not 5 stars (FF), I will return to you and let know. Your reply was not what I expected. Listen to the users. We are rooting for your success 🙂

After purchasing the app and upgrading from the free version, I was able to upgrade after experiencing a short interruption with their server. I have decided to upgrade and keep the app. This app has an incredible feature: it gives you an audible alert that is triggered by other phones using the app, alerting others about quakes before USGS posts results. This app is amazing. I have lived in California all my life, and it has now started the Fourth of July.

Since the earthquakes of July 4th and 5th, 2019, I have been using your earthquake app in Southern California. Although it worked well at first, I am no longer receiving alerts. To check if an earthquake notification has been sent, I need to go to my phone. It’s difficult to know how close earthquakes are to me because everything is in kilometers rather than miles. It’s impossible to find any setting to alter it or fix the alerts.

It’s not very attractive, but you have a lot of options. You can manage your alerts, how close they need to go to set off your alarm. There are tsunami warnings and an update page. You can also chat in multiple languages. You can also report earthquakes that you feel to share your intensity with others.

The best earthquake app yet. Get alerts and a countdown before you feel it. It responds faster to alerts when it uses other peoples’ phones to detect them. It coordinates the shaking of the phone with others’ phones in the same vicinity and sends alerts. Very impressed

It is very useful. Although it is a bit confusing at first, it is very easy to learn. I downloaded the chat section in November 2019, and found it very helpful. Recent events in albania and puerto rico as well as Turkey and Jamaica were helped by this chat section. Still has a lot of potential. One complaint I have is the appearance of the chat sections. They look like they are from 2010.

Although only a few days old, I like this app so far. This app works well if there are more users. To detect earthquakes, it relies on the other smartphones. So download it. It’s working well, but it needs more people to connect to the network. FYI: This app works better at night because it requires people to have their smartphones in a relaxed state to detect any earthquakes. This app is great for data, such as the smartphone map and quake map.

This app is great for letting me know when an earthquake could occur. Some are closer than others. This app gives me the opportunity to quickly escape if I receive a notification about an earthquake that is very close by. One thing I would love to see is how far I am from an earthquake that could cause it to strike my area. This app is fantastic!

It seems like a great app, but I just reinstalled after the earthquake in California. Then when the 7.1 hit, my phone didn’t go off my Las Vegas diagram. My phone was still there but the water was splashing everywhere and my legs were shaking. I was confused.

Excellent accuracy. In some cases, the network alert will give an alert a few seconds prior to the movement. We are currently testing in Puerto Rico and have seen more than 1000 movements in the past two weeks. This is the best app for earthquake alerts. The faster alert

It works! The ShakeAlert app was not what I expected. They are working on it, but I discovered the Earthquake Network app and it works! Mother Earth continues to shake at the County Line. This app will notify you based on what you want to know. Although it’s not very pretty and confusing, it works! Although it has a small cost, I am not sure how much. However, this version is completely free. It works! Alarms options

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