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Apr 12, 2023
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How to install Rider MOD APK v2.04.0.00 (Diamond) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Rider MOD APK v2.04.0.00 (Diamond) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Rider MOD APK v2.04.0.00 (Diamond) Game for Android


This is one of my favorite mobile games! I love the neon design and the mechanics are awesome! I love how you can do backflips for points (or waste time if you’re trying to get three stars on each level) and the physics levels are pretty realistic! I would love to see a level where you spawn in a circle and need to make it to the end while rolling on your side and trying not to flip on your back and die! But I’m not a creator. Easy 5 stars for me!
The neon design of the games is really cool but I will NEVER pay for any ads which can be very annoying at times. Sometimes if I don’t press the “revive” button it still shows the ad. Every 3 plays(?). Overall the style and gameplay is really good………… Edited: I didn’t buy any ads and the $2 price is worth it
So after about 200 hours of playing this game I can finally give my opinion on it. The level design is great, the physics are fine, but I could use some fine tuning because at times I could have sworn I lost just because of the crazy physics. The wheels are separated from your car, which can cause problems if you land poorly. The challenges are excruciatingly unfair and hard and even after 200 hours I haven’t even done 70. Endless mode is addicting and I keep coming back to it. 8/10. A real classic.
really fun game if you turn on your phone in airplane mode no ads and even without airplane mode almost no ads easy to progress super fun no pay to win
Great game. it could use a little more tweaking of the controls, but I understand the finesse of the controls is why it’s challenging, but just being able to flip in any direction could make for a more engaging game. good game. worth the ads most of the time.
Great game, but there are some glaring bugs like invisible bumps on the track that randomly catch your bike and moving objects that misbehave. I also find the game a little laggy and slow/jerky when the ads change.
Honestly, a very good game. Since there is no wifi to play, you can play it anywhere. There aren’t many ads either, unlike other games that play an ad every 5 seconds. Besides that, there’s a lot to do like beating the high score, unlocking new cars, completing challenges, etc. I definitely don’t regret downloading it.
Gameplay is pretty good. I prefer games like this where you have a chance to improve your score/time, it gives you more work to do. Disappointed with ads between levels. Sometimes when the ad ended the next level didn’t start properly. Also some ghosting issues when you try to improve your time, be in some way ahead of you when you beat your previous run. It only got to level 7, then it was uninstalled due to problems. If these bugs were fixed it would be 4 or 5 stars.
I love this game. It’s great when you need to entertain yourself. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky because you have to be careful how long you hold the gas pedal (otherwise you’ll flip upside down and crash), but when you get it right it’s really rewarding. I love the display of the neon course and the cute bikes you collect. Sometimes it’s annoying with the amount of ads that pop up when you crash and have to play again. But I just turn off WiFi and play without ads. Great game 🙂
A combination of challenges and skills can really change the behavior of an application. Online this game has a serious problem with ads, there are too many of them. In terms of gameplay, however, the controls are far too simple. The levels in the game are also EXTREMELY difficult, which is really misleading, despite the categories in the Levels.
Definitely five stars. It’s a really simple game, yet surprisingly super addictive. I usually don’t do levels and just play in adventure mode, but the levels are still pretty cool (though sometimes I wish they were a little harder!). endless mode is really fun though. It’s really easy to control, but sometimes I wish there was a brake pedal. The challenges are extremely fun, and while some of them are super difficult (bordering on impossible), most of the challenges are doable and really enjoyable. I like the choice of wheels, even if they don’t help you much in the game (they just look cool). But anyway, it’s a really simple and fun app that’s not too complicated to understand, but really cool to play!
Brilliant casual game.. really simple controls, easy to learn but requires a lot of skill. You get a lot of ads, but you can pay 1.69 to remove them, which is very fair – the game is simply worth it. My slight gripe is the lack of depth. You get challenges, but everything is kind of the same. I would like to see different modes, maybe online player vs player and some kind of ranking system. Otherwise, you can’t blame it.
Amazing game. Lots of cars to collect, a fair amount of campaign levels, lots of obstacles in the usual free-wheeling kind of way. It’s a great time killer if you’re bored or on a trip. Just really fun, easy to use too. I recommend it to you or anyone looking for a new, great game to have fun and pass the time. Too bad I deleted it. He had to make room for other things. But still, do the developers a favor and download it. It will do you a favor too. 😉


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