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Take on the world-wide motorsports – including Formula 1® - anytime, anywhere! Real cars. Real people. Real motorsports. This is Real Racing 3.
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Jul 26, 2022
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How to install Real Racing 3 MOD APK v10.6.0 (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Real Racing 3 MOD APK v10.6.0 (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Real Racing 3 MOD APK v10.6.0 (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android

Just EXCELLENT! Such a superb racing game! Best I’ve played so far! Gameplay is SO smooth! Graphics are awesome! Cars handle and sound different in every way! Love the in car “Cockpit” view during gameplay! Love it! Could be improved slightly but this is in no way a criticism because it’s a beautiful game, but maybe have different weather conditions and the option to change tyres for the weather? Maybe have tyres heat up, wear and have to pit? But hey, it’s just an AWESOME game! Well done!!!

Very good game, but there are some things that could be improved like AI cars can spin you out since they are folowing there pathing but it isn’t much of an issue. It would be great if there was an option to have those guidelines to tell you when to brake or turn . And I personally think that it would be great if the game it had a mode that you could choose the amount of laps, aponents, difficulty, witch track, tire were, and pitstops I think that would make the game way better.

The game graphics are great, though they are a bit of an acquired taste. The variety of cars is huge. The physics are full simulation style though, so don’t expect any stunts or tricks -not even drifting. Also, be prepared to do a lot of grinding, it takes a while to level up. Overall one of the best racing experiences in Android.

The game is amazing. It’s graphics are outstanding. But there should be a way to create your own match with AI drivers, you can choose the track, the car. This will be more amazing. There shouldn’t be money limit. Otherwise this game is really good. When you drive formula 1 it gives a nice feeling. It’s sound feels like that I’m actually driving it. The FPP cam is amazing. All cars have great interior.

Great game! Great graphics and user experience..but!!! The only thing is that the game for all these years with new updates nothing has changed. It remains the same from music, cars and concepts though I would love to see a change from cars at least since the moto industries have been designing such an amazing new designs when it comes to new models. That’s my negative point to this game concepts. And again cars to buy with an unecessary price sucks. U guys ( developers) need to review that.

This is my 2nd review of the game. And I’m still as much as excited and impressed everytime I play this game. The physics and graphics do brings me the feeling to play the game evrytime. But the downside is the price. It is without a doubt, buying do be real heavy, this does include the upgrade price. Both RS and Gold really seems to be the most wanted and unfortunately winning races does not really benefits you enough especially you’re a player that’s climbing the ladder.

The game is excellent and fun to play. Since F1s have halos, it kinda obscure the vision in cockpit view. In real life, drivers lean either left or right to get rid of the blind spot. I suggest that in cockpit view, the part of the halo fades out to see the front clearly. Additionally, the AI of the cars seems to follow a path that sometimes overtaking them is risky. They tap the back of your car and you’re out of control. It would be more fun if flag rules also apply in the game. Excellent job!

It’s an extremely well designed and well executed game. I think driving gets a bit boring, and I remember I played this years ago on a different device, so that’s probably a factor. They’ve done extremely well with the sounds in particular – like when your money tops up, that sound is so cool! Great graphics (but it is a massive file size, so you would expect that), great gameplay, great variety. If you like driving games, you’ll love it. I got bored quickly though. Beware “in-app purchases”.

Exceptional racing for mobile. Biggest let down is getting close to the end of a series and finding that the only way to complete it is to fully max out your car (and/or purchase driver level-ups) with upgrades that are unreasonably expensive relative to the reward for completion of the series. Instead of being rewarded for a big achievement, you have to spend currencies that took months to farm

The game graphics are great, though they a are bit of an acquired taste. The variety of cars is huge. The physics are full simulation style though so don’t expect any stunts or tricks – not even drifting. Also, be prepared to do a lot of grinding, it takes a while to level up. Overall one of the best racing experiences in Android.

One of the best mobile racing game I have played so far. It works perfectly fine with my cheap smartphone which is impressive.I love it’s graphics,and I really like how it features various motorsport series.However,I believe that a plenty space is still available to make this game even better,such as adding pit stops,and a more realistic and detailed tuning.Overall,this game is commendable for players who want to experience race track driving.👍

Quick question; Does updating mean I have to download all the game assets again ??🤔🤔🤔 Otherwise, this game is a total win for me. It has everything you’d want in a racing game, the sweet rides, their cool varying sounds and awesome graphics with a wide selection of tracks. I recommend it to anyone!

It’s a great game no doubt, I have been playing it for more than 4 years now! The graphics, handling are just great! One of its pros is ofc that there is no other better racing game on mobile with such great graphics at this point, but still it has its cons, one being that gold(required to buy cars, sometimes to upgrade) is very hard to obtain for f2p players, so it can be frustrating sometimes!

Easily the best mobile game ever. Not just in the racing and cars category…but just in general. The game is so realistic. Graphics are legendary. Gives a real life experience to gamers. Only problem is that you cannot race with friends in real time, but only in Time Shifted Multiplayer. This needs to be fixed

Brilliant game, with great graphics!! The only reason it isn’t 5 stars is because there isn’t an option for custom races, like picking a track, selecting number of laps, how many cars, AI difficulty etc. Fix this and it’s definitely a 5 star game. Would highly recommend

Loving this game since first version was launched. graphics are just awesome. …way better than asphalt 8 and feature is that it allows you to download specific game modes one by one instead of downloading the entire 6gb bulk at once… Good fps, HD graphics, and very realistic (tracks,cars just like the motor racing in real world)…..every part of the car is customisable (like ground clearance, colour, suspension, vinyl, rims etc.) … Best simulation i have ever experienced

The game mechanics are great, graphics are great, amount of cars and motorsports is great. It’s everything I’d want from a mobile racing game. The only thing I’d want more though is custom events so I can take whatever car I have to whatever track I want, but other than that, perfect.

What's new

In this update:

• The final round of Season 1 begins! Collect VP from events in the Round Hub to earn the incredible Audi R8
• Earn the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the Track Day: GT Black Series Special Event
• The Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport 25 the Audi quattro B2, ithe Acura NSX (2017) and Alfa Romeo 4C are up for grabs in four new Limited Series
• Earn the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport and Ferrari F8 Tributo in two Flashback events
• Plus more



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