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December 6, 2021
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How to install PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.22.152 (Full) MOD APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.22.152 (Full) MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.22.152 (Full) MOD APK for Android 

This is an improvement to pubg mobile. However, there are a lot of issues with this game. We’ll start with the graphics. The color of the map is dull and resembles desert. A lot of gamers don’t like it. Please reduce the yellowish color. In addition, you should fix problems with connectivity. Also, it increases the chances of crating. We’re waiting for stable new state of pubg.

The game is plagued with a lot of issues with the net. Sometimes, it is not able to let me play the game. After pressing, it displays, “unable to connect to the server”. Sometimes, it quits the game when playing. Because of this, I’m not able to play the game in the way I want and can only participate when the game will. I’m not going to give 2 rating to this particular game. However, in this game’s motion animation, graphics, and other features such as giving revive to enemies I am awed by all this. Therefore, I’m giving at least two stars.

The game is extremely slow when there is a threat nearby, and I get between 20 – 15 frames per second, even when having a high frame rates, and the slowdown started with the latest update.The joystick is sometimes stuck, and the controls are reacting slower. The ping fluctuates even with a high-quality internet connection. If you do not add additional features such as new vehicles, weapons, or weapons, please make sure you fix the lag issue first. The gameplay is fantastic.

This was a four-star game just a few days ago. It ran flawlessly even with extremely high graphics and a very fast frame rates. However, since the update, the game is dropping frame rate even at low graphics. Also, there’s a an issue with the server. I’m located within South Asia, and the speed of the server for South Asia remains very high. Make the necessary changes and I’ll award you a five-star rating.

This is an improvement over pubg mobile. However, there are a lot of issues with this game. The most significant issue is connectivity issues. A lot of the time, we encounter ‘unable to connect to server’. We’ll talk about graphic. The color of the map is dull and resembles desert. Many players don’t like it. Please reduce the yellowish color. In addition, you should fix connectivity issues. Also, it increases the chances of the possibility of. We’re waiting for the stable new state of pubg.

The game runs extremely slow and it’s not a huge game but still slows down significantly, whereas the PUBG mobile game is more than 6GB and runs very smoothly. Even genshin impact runs better. Except for the lagging, everything else is fantastic. The only issue is that it laggs excessively. Graphics quality is also poor and I can’t be able to see buildings clearly after jumping off the plane. The image won’t load until i get down upon the ground.

The game was excellent. It now lags(lags more when the enemy is in) regardless of the graphics being very low. It also displays server as disconnected and kicks off the player. In the past, this game didn’t have lags(even high graphics). I was hoping that this game will turn out to be extremely premium, and different from Pubg mobile, however it’s similar to them. Adding cartoon costume. The graphics and gameplay are more enjoyable. The rank reset occurs frequently, but it is fixed in the future. This is a major glitch. It causes heart attacks every time. It also happened to my buddies. I am a huge fan of your game, but this is causing me to irritate.

The game could be regarded as the top Battle Royale game. The most enjoyable Battle Royale game I’ve ever played. However, lately I’ve noticed lots of lag on the lobby. The lobby is constantly saying it’s not able for connection to server. The server is disconnected from the lobby. The lobby itself is slowly. I have friends online, however it’s showing offline. I’m hoping PUBG Studio can resolve these issues very soon.

The game itself is great, however the game’s optimisation isn’t great and the bugs are also a problem. The ping is extremely high and when switching servers, I need to play with a different rank. I’m in South Asia so the game is defaulting to that region, however my ping is higher in Asia however I don’t want to change servers because the game resets my ranking. However, my game’s ping is quite high as well(189 milliseconds) Additionally, the game suffers from several rendering issues after landing, including malfunctioning anti-aliasing and motion blur, and no bloom and low resolution.

[Free Download] PUBG: NEW STATE v0.9.22.152 (Full) MOD APK for Android

What's new

- New events have been added
- New gun skins and costumes have been added
- Gun customizations have been added
- A new vehicle has been added
- Content systems have been updated
- Overall improvements to content



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