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The leading free streaming TV and movie service is available to you! Watch 100s of live TV channels and 1000s of movies and TV shows, all streaming free. Pluto TV also offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including native language and dubbed movies, reality TV, telenovelas, crime, sports and more. Pluto TV is 100% free and legal: no credit cards, contracts, or bills.
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Pluto Inc.
Sep 9, 2022
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How to install Pluto TV Mod APK v5.18.0 (No ads) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Pluto TV Mod APK v5.18.0 (No ads) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Pluto TV Mod APK v5.18.0 (No ads) App for Android


I’ve been using the app for quite a while. I don’t regularly use it due to the many options that I do not have time for. It’s actually live TV that has a wide range of channels, including an the ability to stream on demand! My experience is that it functions as advertised and is actually cost-free. It’s possible that your mileage will differ however, I personally suggest the application. Do note that, just like TV, it does not have actual ads. At present, it’s innocuous enough.

Fantastic app. I’ve been using this app for some time now. It plays free TV movies and shows, and includes 2-3 ads at the beginning of the show or film which I’m comfortable with. It works well, and it’s user-friendly and awesome. The only issue I have is that in some certain parts of the show do not show subtitles at the right moment when the characters are speaking and the subtitles appear a couple of just a couple of seconds later. It is fixed in the other half that video.

I’ve used this app, along with five other apps for free TV including Netflix and Hulu on my two Roku TV’s as well as a tablet and phone. The one I use the most is this the most. Issues: 1. Every once in a while (once every week, perhaps) it will shut itself. I then close it again and it’s fine. 2. It was a few months ago that it would not exit an application properly or restart play. I was forced to restart, which was extremely annoying. So I searched for the problem and found a solution. There are a lot of choices on demand, watchlist… I would recommend you give it a shot

Edit 8/2, so they have solved my original issues that I wrote about. I am now satisfied with the application. A variety of shows available in both live or on demand. There are many compliments regarding the excessive commercials, however I’m not experiencing any problems with this. With the live TV option generally, it shows commercials even when it usually happens frequently, however, there are times when it skips pre-planned commercials and instead continues the program. The on-demand option can differ however.

It was functioning well until a couple of days ago, when it started to stop and stop caching every couple of seconds, but it only happened after it had been running smoothly for about one minute or as. With a browser, it’s working so it’s likely to be an issue with the application itself, it’s not connected issues. Perhaps it was the result of an upgrade that caused this issue. At the moment, I’m using a browser for it . The problem is that I’m unable to turn it to fully screen with this. Even though I receive acknowledgements when I forward or back up, it’s not really a problem.

First, I’d like to declare that this is my top streaming service that is free on Android application. It is a great quality of the films and the old television shows. There are shows that don’t work. Twilight zone or outer limits, and mission impossible, they only have only a few seasons and have the same two seasons for a while in the past! Why not change it just a bit. Thank you

I made an account, but my favorite accounts went missing. Then I added the accounts again. Today I attempted to open the application and all my favorites have vanished once more. Very irritating. Click for customer support. There isn’t customer support. Great. Very irritating. Excellent channels, however. Update. Support reached out to me and we came up with a solution. It would be great to have had the email address for support readily available prior to my review, however ultimately, the support team reached out assist me!

I usually watch the majority of my shows on Roku. Excellent content, but the commercials will make you go mad. The first thing to note is that there are too many. They repeat the same songs repeatedly. This can really affect the mood of the viewer after few minutes. It is also possible to get tired of constantly changing the channel. If you do change the channel, you’ll likely come across another commercial. I used to be a fan of the channel a often, but due to this, I’ve shifted to Tubi and other channels.

Better over the Directv application, or any other streaming application and cost-free on top. Two suggestions to make it better are : 1 For TV shows to include the episode and season number. Secondly, when you quit fullscreen, the menu goes up to top rather than returning to the current channel.

A very good application, I haven’t encountered any issues with it as of yet. The only thing I’ve encountered issues with it isn’t the fault of the application. The strength of data signal or the absence of it is the fault of either the phone or the mobile service provider or a mixture of the two. It’s impossible to watch TV with the app without data signal , or wifi.

I’m not able to view it since it has so many glitches that sometimes it’s working. In our effort to entertain our viewers by providing regular updates to software that focus on the introduction of new features and enhancements to the product and bugs corrections. This update, along with the bug fixes will continue to provide improvements of the player as well as a better loading experience. Keep an eye out for exciting updates and amazing features that will be coming soon!

The most recent update for my tablet does not make any of the Info as well as Closed Captions options available unless the channel is running in Fullscreen mode. It is also required to click Three Dots to open the options. This means that you must listen to every channel and then open Fullscreen for reading Info is not a pleasant change.

Pluto has been one of my favorites channels, with the exception of how commercials are positioned. For every channel you choose there are three to four commercials which are continuously repeated until they cause frustration. Because I am so tired with the products, I’m not willing to purchase it. Pluto should cooperate with the advertisers and agree that no product will be presented more than twice on a show.

I’m a fan of this streaming service. However, due to reasons unknown, I’m no being able to connect to my Android. I was watching the channel on my phone earlier this morning. I’ve been trying to connect to the channel for about 30 minutes and it does not connect to my phone. My connection to other apps is fine However, for the reason that it isn’t connecting, Pluto TV will not connect

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In the effort to entertain the planet, we provide you regular software updates focusing on dropping into new product features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This update in addition to the bug improvements includes continued enhancement to the video player and loading experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates & out of this world features coming very soon!



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