Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v4.2.0 Apk + Mod (Money)


You keep the defense inside the house, which is stormed by a mob of zombies. You need to survive, build a time machine and save all the people!
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GS Games Studio
Jun 21, 2022
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How to install Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v4.2.0 Apk + Mod (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v4.2.0 Apk + Mod (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike v4.2.0 Apk + Mod (Money) Game for Android

This is the most enjoyable pixel-style shooters I’ve played.The game is enjoyable, but I would like to see a pause button during the portals. This would be extremely helpful.Also I ran into a problem that caused the portals to be unstable, in which you need to get returning to base once you have defeated certain zombies the door to the base doesn’t open I’ve tried to solve it but it’s evident that it’s an problem.I’m trapped in the portals until I kill myself using explosives or begin the game over again. In addition, it’s a great game.

Therefore I was forced to put off playing for a long time since my first review (phone did not have many memory). However, I returned after I got an upgraded phone and I am impressed with the new features this has received. I believe that some of the zombies are brand new which is really exciting according to me. I’d say that this is my top zombie FPS game and it’s definitely more enjoyable now! Fantastic game!

I am a huge fan of the game. Have a concern. Are you sure it’s PS4 controller , compatible? Because the controls for moving and shoot, and jump is not working on any level.

It’s a great game, but there’s a new feature that you can’t earn 2x in the video was a nice change. I like this and found it useful but it ended up not being a problem. to date, it’s an excellent game with an array of guns available Mele weapons, assault rifles as well as LMGs it’s an excellent game with a decent developer. I would like to see that adventure mode to be completed soon. I’d love to know the things you’ve created with it , and also the variety of maps that you can use

I believe the game is good in terms of difficulty in general graphics. If you can improve the quality of the weapons, and it’ll be the most effective shooting game available in the current low requirements for data

The game has come quite far and I am always looking forward to see the new updates. I enjoy playing it, Keep up the great work. I’m loving the most recent update, which includes a new shooting range, but I’m still left to wonder what the future holds for that corridor just past the room that has the squid’s game-like approach to it . It’s just a suggestion I’d like to see an updated and map that is more open to the world, similar to those you could visit using the time-traveling car, but larger or maybe could the portal next to the shooting range take you to a mini-game?

Good Game! I know that I love extremegames. If you’re a novice, and the games are that are not enjoyable, but the price is good because every when you complete a level, it gives you a plenty of cash. The game is therefore very balanced! I made it to 40,000 on the official level. However, there’s a problem. If I go to the arcade hardcore, my weapons are powerful, however when I am playing on Office and above , my weapons aren’t strong enough regardless of whether the game is set to medium. You need to balance it a bit. 😉

brooooo you’ve got a good game because of the good graphics and there’s a small bugs. Can you make a zombie-like 3 shot and they’ll die. Can be made please? And do you have the ability to make an out-side map similar to an old city, and a story mode because the map is small and could be made to look like an old city and bandits ‘ brooo as well as an avatar maker that lets you create your own avatar you decide on the costume you want to wear, like a swat armor but i love it so thank you to the creator

Wow, i love this game. Thanks for the update . And for the next update , please get rid of lag as the gun became 8bit, please made it work and added an amazing zombie squad game and also a brand new gun, too.

Fun game, however you must be able turn off the volume setting and also change the position of the fire/reload buttons to avoid accidentally shooting. Additionally, you should have information on the weapon’s stats. It is difficult to determine how much fire rate you can expect as well as reload speed or damage, which is the most crucial. You can only assume that the highest priced is the most effective, but this isn’t the case with skins that boost the damage. The zombies that have spawned in the last few days tend to reproduce very slowly and it can be very frustrating.

Very enjoyable Zombie Wave game. But there are some strange incidents that occurred. Somehow, the character will decide the moment he’s going to run in a direction that will make you fall over when you’re among a group of Zeds. The time required to make use of the axe after switching to it is way too long. It’s true it’s in order to make it less effective however it takes nearly five seconds to utilize it after switching it on. The hitboxes are misplaced. Sometimes I play melee and be destroyed by it because it did not recognize it.

Five stars overall for the overall experience. It’s a blast to play with a sense of fairness. There are aspects you may not appreciate about it. There are lack of crosshairs and unable to traverse obstructions, but it’s an enjoyable game when you’re done. Here’s a look at the negatives. advancement is strongly encouraged to be purchased to obtain “that weapon” as well as “that map” Everything is costly and will take several hours to purchase things without having to pay using your hard-earned hunchos.

Amazing gaming experience. It’s a zombie game that I am a fan of. It’s so much fun. Easy to learn the controls. Simple and clear screen. My favorite part is not in the number of icons which can create confusion and make the game more complicated. Some games do this, and I’m forced to uninstall these games. In addition, this game includes an Deloreon inside the garage for making an time tunnel! Don’t alter the game’s gameplay or design of the foyer It’s perfect timing. Thank you for playing a fantastic game.

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