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Jun 10, 2022
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How to install Photomath – Camera Calculator MOD APK v8.7.0 (Full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Photomath – Camera Calculator MOD APK v8.7.0 (Full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Photomath – Camera Calculator MOD APK v8.7.0 (Full) App for Android

Fantastic work team photomath! Other math solvers couldn’t run through my smartphone. This app is so well. Yes, it’s accurate even if I do not get two thirds of my sum, it still can detect it(also my poor handwriting). The solutions are simple and clear for me, but there’s only one stop to the plus point streak. should you add the option of writing it down the results and snap photos with the device, that would be fantastic. Overall, I wish you the best of luck.

The app is loaded with lots of tasty features that aid me greatly in tackling difficult math problems. The digital calculator as well as the scanning technique is extremely useful. It does not contain any unnecessary or unnecessary ads and is easy to use. If you are a student, this is the ultimate app that will answer all of your questions and ease the burden for users.

This is a very minor complaint. It’s not even a complaint. However, the way it displays ” Please enter a complete math problem-blah blah blah” each time I type something new and it doesn’t let me finish the equation it’s just uncomfortable to look at it all the time like that. It’s as if I’m running out of space or time to write my equation. In certain situations I experience OCD as well. It’s a bit dissatisfying to watch it appear every single second.

Excellent application! It’s great when I’m in the middle of homework or studying and require assistance to understand the procedure. The only problem I have is that sometimes my camera isn’t focusing and I’m unable to capture a photo, however it’s a matter of exiting the app and come back in , it usually solves the issue. Highly recommended! (It has the premium version, but the free version performs better than the premium version!)

This application is perfect for those who have questions that are mathematical. It’s quite easy to use and the calculator feature is quite good as well. For instance, if you took have a picture of a problem which was 10×4 you could determine that you could answer it with 40. The problem I have with it is that it can’t fully grasp graphs or word problems or any other written text in the real sense. If you photograph these kinds of things, it’s just saying that it doesn’t comprehend the issue. If you can fix this issue as soon as possible, I’ll update my rating accordingly.

This has been a huge help to me in Algebra particularly because they explain every step needed to reach the answer so that it is easy to see the areas where you made mistakes. They can also graph functions for users, and that is fantastic! Also, they don’t come with an overly large amount of ads. The app also comes with an option to search your textbook and the issues within the book.

Edited: I’ve encountered numerous issues that have incorrect answers. I have found it helpful, however, I’ve spent a significant amount of time following my trail. I’m taking precalc classes at home, and this is the closest option to “asking the teacher” for assistance that I could get. They provide a way of reporting wrong answers, which I am happy to do however there is no method to check back later to determine whether the feedback was received and rectified. The books that say they have solved all problems are not the case. Manage expectations.

This application is a lifesaver that has helped make my daily life much simpler in many ways. It’s not necessary to look through a text book , you could simply take a photograph of your issue and it provides an easy step-by-step guide for how to solve the math. My only minor issue with this app is it can take a lot of time to let the camera auto concentrate on math problems or perhaps it’s only my phone. Other than that, the app is a 10/10 I’d recommend! P.s. The lack of additional charges just makes it even superior.

Excellent, definitely one of the most effective applications for solving challenging math problems. It’s certainly saved me a countless number of times in school. I like that it provides instructions on how to solve the problem using multiple steps and many methods of explanation. It’s just a wish that it could comprehend the word problems.

Photomath remains the top choice, but it’s time to make a change. It’s been for a while. It’s not showing the results for all of the issues. It’s frustrating! I’m sick of it right now. Many issues aren’t solved by the application. We’d like to resolve this issue with the next update Photomath. You’ll be the undisputed champion in the world! Update: They have added additional expressions and improved the app. If it gets better I’ll give it another 5 stars. Thank You, Photomath! Thank you for your kind words for the compliment, and it’s enough.

My life was saved in school. I cannot thank you enough. this is the most simple and easiest to use and it explains the basics using just an unpaid version. The most important thing is that it comprehends my writing extremely well, and is not like the Microsoft math program which requires me to capture a picture 100 times or more and it’s the simplicity of the interface and explanation, which is what makes the app work for me. I wish I could give it a billion stars!

This truly is an amazing application. It has helped me when I was struggling with maths, particularly late at night maths. I still observe how the process is carried out. It would be great to see more steps and provide more information.

I love the fact that it’s useful not just for students, but also teachers. It will help you get better until you’re at your peak. grateful to the developer of this app for creating it. I wish it would remain available for free so that others can also experience math without difficulty.

The app is great and does everything it is supposed to do and performs very well. It provides a wide range of methods to solve problems and it also shows the method of solving it to help you comprehend the process. The only issue I have with it is that when you attempt to take a picture it’s quite restrictive, but it can easily be changed.

You’re likely be using this to cheat on your assignments However, the truth is that this can actually teach you how to accomplish it, at a minimum. If you’ve paid at the time to the lesson, and are able to solve the problem, but you’ve forgotten what method to choose it’s a incredible tool to study and re-learning concepts. It helped me study extremely efficiently for college algebra test by using a free study guide. I was able to recall the entire year’s content in just a week!

The app overall is great and it has helped me with my final exams tremendously but I noticed that it doesn’t recognize the brackets, such as the line bracket or small bracket, which is why it transforms the whole total into an incorrect one. I recommend the team enable it to detect the brackets and algebra terms as well. In the end, this app can be used for any type of math problem . Thank you 🙂

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