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Parking Jam is one of the most downloaded Puzzle Board games with more than 80,000,000 installs.
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Aug 22, 2022
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How to install Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v0.138.1 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v0.138.1 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v0.138.1 (Money) Game for Android

Although I enjoyed the scavenger hunt, it was not something I would do again. I was certain I would get more hints as I went along, but I was wrong. I paid for the ads to be removed. I mistakenly assumed that the scavenger hunting would return. However, it didn’t. I still enjoy the game. It’s mindless fun for me. Because of this, it’s quite relaxing. There are more complex games that pop up and they can be a refreshing break from the simpler levels. It is the only game I can play when I am too tired to play more complicated games.

I was aware that the game’s priority would be to show me ads more than providing a positive experience. I received what I expected. You can save yourself the trouble and switch to airplane mode to avoid all the ads. The boss levels are fun, while the regular levels quickly become boring. The difficulty level stops increasing almost immediately. The cars and obstacles are a bit glitchy. My battery life is drained by the ap, even in airplane mode.

This is a great game for someone who is isolated and learning to drive. You must move the correct cars to get them free. At the same time, you need to “check your mirrors”, wait for pedestrians, and work around other people in the parking lot. You can also create a mini world by buying property and making money to purchase themes and vinyls for your cars. Even art styles. It’s so freaking awesome! My dad is also hooked up lol

It’s amazing! There are so many levels. It doesn’t play the same as any other game, and there’s no ending. Amazing Popcore Studios! Amazing! It is amazing! It takes forever to load if you click on an icon, which I don’t like. It still gets 5 stars, but please fix it!

These graphics are stunning and can be used on many devices.

The graphics are excellent, unlike other racing games. This allows players to have the best possible racing experience. These games often have a large toy map so it is important to use a strong configuration. This game is different. The game’s map is small and is contained in a standard parking garage. The game’s graphics have been meticulously designed by the game’s designers to look sharper and more authentic. This 3D format has enhanced the authenticity of the game and made it more enjoyable for players.

Rescue the cars!

Players will notice the title of the game. It states that cars are stuck in a parking lot and they need to be rescued. To make sure that all cars leave the parking lot, players will need to swipe their fingers across the screen. It will be difficult to win the game early because there are many obstacles and cars stuck in different places. The goal is to free them from their current position without causing any damage to other vehicles or obstacles. They must put them in order, and be aware that the public will be the first out, making it easier for other cars to get out.


Parking Jam 3D will test your ability to adapt and manage situations. To be able overcome each level, players must solve the difficult puzzles. This game challenges players’ critical thinking, logic, time management, and logic skills.

It has fun and humorous features that are equally interesting and attractive. It has a great interface with vivid colors and funny sounds. This game offers a unique experience unlike any other.

It is easy to play. It is easy to collect coins. I wish that we could use them to skip levels or buy packs/Things within the game instead of always seeing an Ad. It would be nice to have the ability to choose the appearance of your buildings. A row of gold towers. I loved the scavenger hunt. I am still playing and will continue playing, but it gets tedious over time.

Ads are relentless. I am level 600 and not one puzzle has ever given me a clue. Only coins. Granny becomes erratic and stops in the middle of the stream to get intentionally hit. Sometimes the game freezes and I have to exit and restart again so that I don’t lose any coins. Annoying. When the issues are resolved, I will give you a higher rating. Let’s change the parking lot bumper color and buy coins for trails and cars.

Although it is a free game, and games that are free to play need to generate revenue, the ads take away the fun. I don’t like being forced to watch ads, but it is better than not watching them. I enjoyed building the car and the city with the cute characters that act as obstacles. I’m happy that I have something to spend all my coins on. You can stop forcing me to watch ads, and you will have a great game.

There were some issues. Some cars passed through people, but they weren’t pushed over. Additionally, I have been receiving ads offline which is both odd and concerning. Does this mean that the ads are just part of the app taking over my space? There are many ads. It’s not difficult to reach the highest levels of challenge. Fun boss levels. It would be great to be able turn off all the driver’s expressions. It’s fun, but it could be more.

Parking Jam 3D Unlimited Money – Introduce

Rest Grand Slam! You are in a “Parking Jam!”

You’re ready to leave the parking lot. But why are all the other cars on the road? But wait! Because there are so many obstacles, it is important to do this in the correct order. Is it possible to solve the parking puzzle and get all of the cars onto the road?

This colorful and challenging game will test your logic, timing and critical thinking skills. You will be amazed at the variety of car colors and patterns that you can unlock. It’s super fun to flip cars (or each other) on the roads.

While I enjoyed the game, it stopped freezing and shutting off on its own. It would shut down when I was close to finishing a level. It is very frustrating to have to restart the game. It is very frustrating to have to restart the game from scratch. If it doesn’t, I will switch to another game that might work better. This game is new to me and I’ve already completed 3500 levels. I also beat the challenges. The game freezes.

It was great fun but I have some malfunctions. I really like “boss level” which is more difficult than regular games, but has a lot of moves so I often complete them in 1-2 attempts. They are adorable. The tasks are interesting and add some interest. However, after I reach level 1400, I am never credited with completing any challenge level. This is more annoying than irritating: I cannot complete tasks and earn coins. I am uninstalling and looking for another jam-game. It’s so sad that this has happened.

OK. I have issues with the large parking lot on my hard side. It takes me away my time every time it flips out and goes into an ad. Halfway through an ad, it disappears from the game. It happened on hard level 84. Screen shots are available if you would like. Thanks. I hope you are able to help others who have this problem. My email address is currently down. This is the only way I can let you know. It happened 3 times. Each time I played.

It takes forever to reach the parking lot. And random grandmas have been added that will flip cars whenever they come into contact with them. The ads are at every level. I spent more time watching the ads than I did playing the game. There is an ad for every 5 items that you find in the “scavenger hunt”, which you can also do. You could make the game more enjoyable by removing ads and making the “grandma hurdle” optional.

What's new

> You spoke - we listened!
> Now you can skip daily race if you don’t want to participate.
> You’ll also notice some improvements on the car skins selection screen.
> We also did some optimizing and big fixing.
> Keep writing those reviews - we love reading what you think about the game!



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