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Jan 8, 2023
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How to install Online Soccer Manager OSM Apk v4.0.11.2 (Full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Online Soccer Manager OSM Apk v4.0.11.2 (Full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Online Soccer Manager OSM Apk v4.0.11.2 (Full) Game for Android


Simple game with tons of fun features and plenty to do. One of the most fun mobile games I’ve played over many years, and in fact , one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played. It is possible to form leagues with friends, which is an awesome feature. Absolutely no ads, although there are in-app purchases, they’re not outrageous and you don’t have to spend money to get more features but they do offer benefits. Highly recommended.

Excellent game, however I’d like to see an possibility to take on loan players or players with no clubs.

It’s a great application that comes with a wide range of combinations, and offers you the decision-making power to make decisions about tactics and economic. I also enjoy the press feature, but I would love it if it was updated more frequently. Three things I’d like to add it would be wonderful when one could choose whether the team should play narrow, narrow, or wide and in terms of tactics. One of the most important things missing is the loan. Additionally the players who are 100+ become more expensive every little more powerful. I would prefer this would decrease a bit.

I love this game. It’s simple and enjoyable to play when playing with friends. There is only one thing I would like to ask to the developers, I would appreciate it if you could enable the game to be able to rotate in landscape mode since currently , it is locked in orientation due to a reason I don’t know about. If you can implement portrait mode too, it is a huge improvement, however the simple act of enabling 1800 rotate in landscape mode could be life-saving when charging the phone or wearing wired headphones. Other than that continue the excellent work!

The entire game is an absolute blast. It’s an enjoyable and fun management game for football. There are, however, some complaints I have: 1. There aren’t season for Germany. It is not possible to pick an entire team that is from Germany (any champion) and join them, unless you select an European Championship, in which the only option is to pick only a handful of teams. Add German Divisions 1 and 2. There are Championships which have not received any proper update of the team because there are seasons that are older rather than the latest teams.

It’s a great game that covers all aspects of managing the soccer franchise. A well-rounded game that offers a range of methods for improving and growing your team. There are only a few complaints. At the end of the season, the slates are cleaned. The progress you’ve achieved is wiped away and everything resets to zero. Players are removed and team returns to the prior starting point. I would love to see leagues integrate promotion and relegation in order to give more real-world perspective.

I’ve enjoyed playing for a while currently and am always enjoying. It would be nice to have more seasons one thing that could make the game more enjoyable is the possibility of cancelling an scout in a short period of time, if a mistake has been made . I’ve been there and had to wait for long hours or forfeit a lot of credits in order to make a change. Also, Ronaldo isn’t present in the game of Juventus or Portugal it’s a major difference for both teams.

Great application for Manager mode, but it would be nice to include virtual match play to allow the team so that they can see more of their performance. Respond to this message

This is an excellent game, but I’d like to add a few more things. We are allowed to look at the second match. We should be able to sub-a player. If you can add these two things, this is the most enjoyable game

It is a highly competitive game and enjoyable to play. Moreover, the fact the fact that you can play up to four teams simultaneously is a great way to enjoy because you don’t have to play with one team. the game is simple to comprehend as the visuals are excellent and the most important thing to make the game is adding tournaments such as the champions league or premier league. Also, the possibility of making it so that all the leagues that play playoffs in real life also have their own game.

In the past, it was great and enjoyable. However, since the last couple of updates that were unstable, the app crashed (must restart or retry the application) and I’ve already watched the advertisement, but didn’t earn any reward (time in). The crash issue gets worse. Exhausting Update: 29 Apr 2021 The game ran smoothly. Super nice! Could we save the funds from our former club and use it to build the next club? 10% at the very least. Thank you for fixing it.

The game is great and I personally enjoy it even though it’s a paid to play game. You’re rewarded with coins each time you advance and reach the goals. The game is experiencing bugs which make playing difficult. Two clubs I manage are playing in game play in game-play mode as of last night. it’s very annoying. I would like to see an update that will solve this issue. We also recommend a particular game time for all teams controlled, as it doesn’t make sense if the game starts at 7:30 and ends at another one is 10:30. We need to resolve this issue.

I have never had any issues in this area since I began playing for about around a year up to the latest update. When I start the game, something about blanks that just pop up in the game . I must clear the cache or delete it to download it again. Sometimes, it doesn’t works, but please find out what the issue is however, overall it’s a great love for it, it’s just that about blank, which is the reason I gave it four rating.


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