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Ninja Arashi is an intense platformer with mixed RPG elements. In this game, you play as Arashi, a former legendary ninja who fights his way through the corrupted world to save his kidnapped son from the hand of the shadow devil Orochi. With superior acrobatic and deadly weapons, Arashi is ready to face menacing traps and enemies who have sworn to protect the shadow devil Orochi.
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Aug 22, 2022
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How to install Ninja Arashi MOD APK v1.5.1 [Unlimited Money] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Ninja Arashi MOD APK v1.5.1 [Unlimited Money] APK file.

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3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Ninja Arashi MOD APK v1.5.1 [Unlimited Money] Game for Android

It’s good, but could be even better. On a 10-inch tablet, the controls for left and right are too far away from the edge. It’s difficult to reach them. When I try to press right, I often touch the left control with my thumb. Is it possible to change the positions of these controls? This game involves a lot of death. It is often better to start over with all your lives than to continue on. Is it possible to restart the level without waiting for the death animation’s end?

The Devs created a wonderful game. Two things that made it less than five stars: 1. It is difficult to control the character around edges of platforms/tiles. 2. The game does not have a quit/exit button, which makes it difficult to quit. It is a great game, with increasing difficulty and challenging levels that give you an adrenaline rush.

This game is a joy to play. Each level is challenging but satisfying. It’s still a work in progress, but I love the simplicity of the gameplay, the gorgeous artwork, and the overall aesthetic. It can be frustrating at times, especially when there are longer levels. However, the checkpoints keep you from getting mad when you die. This game is still a great choice.


Arashi, a former ninja-assassin, is the main character of the game. Unfortunately, his wife has been murdered by Orochi, the main villain. Orochi kidnapped Arashi’s son after that. The game’s purpose is to rescue his son, overcoming many obstacles and difficulties along the way.

You can see that Orochi is surrounded by inferior ninjas and asks Arashi to follow him. They try to impersonate Arashi but fail. Arashi, a brave man who is willing to take revenge on his wife, is ready to fight all his enemies. He is angry and stronger because of his sadness. Therefore, he fights bravely in order to save his son from the devil.


Ninja Arashi’s platformer gameplay is excellent. It is responsive and has fluid jumps. To control the device, you can use the left-hand arrows to move left or right. On your right-hand side you’ll see four buttons which can be used to perform different commands. The jump button lets you perform double or single jumps. You can also press the shruiken to attack your enemies. It can also be used to unlock secret rooms, break vase and crates, or even open hidden doors.

Camo button is a multipurpose tool that allows Arashi to transform into other people or objects. It all depends on the tools he has. This transformation serves to conceal Arashi from plain sight. The sword button also has an important impact on a dash attack or shattering breakable items. After being used, both the sword and camo buttons have cooldowns. These cooldown times can be reduced by upgrading your skills or spamming them repeatedly.

Arashi can only take one hit from enemies or traps during rescue. To ensure that Arashi survives, you need to use as many and creative tools as possible. You can use rotating wheels, bloodstained spears, acid fountains or shielded enemies to make your point. Or hide soldiers with rifles and guns behind the back. You can discover a variety of tools by playing the game. The developer has a knack for combining these features, which makes the game more rewarding and challenging.

It has a very interesting story. This is one of the most popular offline games. It is not easy to complete a level, but it is not difficult. I hope that you keep your promise to make the second part interesting. You are doing an amazing job, developers. A tip: You can make the second jump more appealing by adding additional features, but it doesn’t matter what. Great job!

This game was very easy when I first started it. However, you can see the moves live and have more room for error. Sometimes it can be frustrating when you can’t make a jump or something happens unexpectedly. One thing that I find a little odd is the sudden drop in lives on the last level. Jumping from 7 to 3 life is too much. It was fun to play, and I enjoyed it no matter what. It’s a great game, but it has some flaws.

This game is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it was difficult at times, I would take a break from the game and return to it after a while. It’s free and I have just finished it. You can advertise every now and then or to gain an additional 2 lives to complete that level. It didn’t bother me at all. It says that there are 3 scrolls in the boss level, but I couldn’t find any. I don’t know if there’s another scroll. It’s worth it, i loved it

Although I don’t usually write reviews, these guys did it perfectly. This is a fantastic game. It is possible to play it without annoying ads. The free version has ads, but they are only between levels or between games. The game can be played almost indefinitely. The ads can be skipped easily and are quite quick to load. It was worth it to have no ads. I’m willing to pay a small fee for a quality game and a great developer.


The manufacturer provided a screen that allows players to see stunning scenes and is displayed delicately and realistically. It was a sight that many people found fascinating. Sharp and clear sketches reveal the unique image of the Ninja. To increase player focus and attraction, the producer added more fun music to the game screen.


You must be able to improve and sharpen your skills in order to fight against hostile enemy forces. To make your ninja hero stronger and more patient, don’t forget about training them. Each character has their own fighting style and can take on different tasks. You can challenge yourself and learn from solid opponents.


Perhaps it’s because this game is high-entertainment. Through thrilling and suspenseful situations, it allows players to experience a variety of emotions. It will allow you to have a fun and comfortable environment. You will feel less stressed and more positive. It is possible to upgrade your capabilities by using diamonds or gold to enhance your strength and add new functions to your character.

This is one of my favorite offline mobile games in a long time. This game is amazing in mechanics, graphics and sound. Each level is more difficult so I never felt bored. There was always an adrenaline rush. This game has one flaw: the jittering around platforms. It can get really clunky and has zero smoothness. This is a great game that will keep you entertained and pass the time.

It is very well designed and the background music is great. It’s very well-suited to the theme, and it makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. But, you might think that the final level is too difficult. Orochi is a powerful man with 3 lives and very few skills. It seems impossible to defeat him. It is impossible to upgrade our skills so that it can better suit Orochi. Let the upgrade door open once more, or give us a new skill.

This is a very cool game. You will need to adjust the difficulty level 3 (level 2) It is impossible to continue in this area. It is practically impossible to jump across the platform with spikes when we need to take the third parchment. Please settle it quickly!

Incredible game. This game was fun to play as a child on my old phone. Recently, I was looking for games to play. Ninja Arashi 2 and Ninja Arashi 2 came up. Both games are fantastic. The ads aren’t terrible. It is a great level of difficulty. It’s not impossible, but it isn’t easy. Amazing levels designed. A great game. Keep up the great work and keep making levels in the next game.

Amazing game! This game is great! But there’s one problem. I cannot unlock the chapters. The maps required to unlock the second Chapter were found, but they are still not unlocking. This game is worth five stars, even though it could be my phone’s problem. !

Last Thoughts

Ninja Arashi Mod APK, overall, is an entertaining game worth downloading. The beautiful interface and excellent controls make it worth downloading. It takes up only 60MB of your Android device storage and does not come with a price tag. This is a great feature for Android users.

A second interesting aspect of this game is the fact that Arashi’s son Takashi becomes a ninja like his father later on. This story was developed into Takashi Ninja Warrior. These two games are must-haves for those who love adventure and platforming.


This game is known for its difficulties that test patience and endurance. You will face the evil and dark forces of darkness when you go to this game. They have taken your son and threatened to harm them. You can’t take it anymore, because of your exceptional acrobatic ability as well as fighting talent. So you are not only fearless, but also ready to face any challenges in life.

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