NetGuard Pro – no-root firewall v2.301 Apk + Mod (Full)


NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet - no root required.
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Marcel Bokhorst FairCode BV
Mar 3, 2022
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How to install NetGuard Pro – no-root firewall v2.301 Apk + Mod (Full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded NetGuard Pro – no-root firewall v2.301 Apk + Mod (Full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] NetGuard Pro – no-root firewall v2.301 Apk + Mod (Full) App for Android

It’s a great app. It is great for privacy. It improves internet speed by preventing background apps from accessing the internet. It is almost without lags and glitches. The best thing is that it was free of charge, and I don’t mean to say add free. It doesn’t work for some people. They are lying or the device is defective. It is perfect. I hope you don’t mess up the app with an update.

All the pro features were purchased, but they do not work. Not after cleaning cache, or reinstalling app. Edit: Open source is a great idea. Other apps that I’ve purchased also work out of the box. It’s simple for me – either the stuff works or it doesn’t. Edit: It finally worked after a while. Later, I discovered that no payment had been made to my account. Payment verification was the problem. It worked when I placed the app in pop up view. Otherwise, it would cancel the payment.

Update: After some tweaking, the app now works flawlessly. The app works great, but the user is still confused and a little lost. It would have been great if it could have provided a way for those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy to be able to understand which connections are valid and required for apps to function properly and which we can block globally. This is especially important when I want Google to stop contacting me.

The basic functions are easy to use. The app was so good that I bought all the additional features that were available to help the developer. I was not disappointed. Although there were a few things that took some getting used to, it was not difficult for me to master them in an afternoon. Also, I recommend visiting the developer’s site GitHub. This site has great information about tips and tricks to improve your quality of life.

This is the endpoint security that I would recommend to anyone who values privacy and security. There is no ‘cloud feeding” for analytics. The interface is simple but not too nerfed. And there’s no ridiculous subscription model. In the brief tests I have done, the only thing that came to my mind was a rule admin panel to establish global baselines. But that would be more niche.

It’s a good but not complete solution. You will need the full functionality from the Github page to access it. Google Play does not allow certain functions. In my network settings, I added a DNS-over HTTPS to my account. This is because Android doesn’t support encrypted DNS, but this app does. It allows me to see what leaks through the firewall and catch them.

Everything worked great after switching from Noroot firewall and netguard. But there was one problem. When I enable VPN, when I try to access the internet via an app with allowed network, it will block connection without VPN. So, I had to leave my VPN turned off and keep my Block connection active. It’s possible it is a bug, but I hope it works. I’m using a xiaomi device.

This is great for managing data while roaming. Allows only messaging apps and maps (if you enable “Manage System Apps” in advanced settings), so that you can communicate with your friends and navigate around while on the move without paying roaming data fees.

I can’t wait to try the Pro Version !!!! I think I need a tutorial, hopeful youtube For some strange reason, my Google Text Messaging App is not sending any messages,.. and Google Chrome is slow for loading or frozen ….There must have been a way to adjust the settings. My Samsung Baseline Model Samsung is Verizon. It seems like there may be a problem with the functionality. It is a great app and I love its functionality. Thank you! !

This is used to block websites from using adware. Do you not want ads? Block the internet! Easy setup with advanced features! Affordable features! All phone users should have these features.

Edit: Android 11 to keep NetGuard on all times. Edit: Android 11 to keep NetGuard always on. Go to settings, then connections and then more connections settings. Select VPN select configure knob right. This will turn NetGuard always on.

I have over 200 apps on my android device. This gives me little control over what i can delete or firewall. Although it won’t stop all data scraping or privacy invasions, this idea is morally sound. I’ve already paid for logging and i’m happy to see it block so many unnecessary transactions on the internet.

This app is the best to optimize your phone for heavy games such as genshin impact. It’s especially useful on Samsung phones, where junk called “GOS”, needs to be disabled. This app is simply amazing. I cannot thank the developer enough. Prior to using this app, my average speed in genshin Impact was around 20 fps. However, after disabling GOS and Game Booster and Launcher, I now average close to 40 fps. This is a huge improvement. Again, thank you.

App for people with brain… Great! I blocked all (system/user app) apps from accessing internet. Also, let me know the person they were trying reach. This app does not display any ads. This app doesn’t send data to any server. You can enable adblocking and verify hosts with the ping command. This application is designed to protect your privacy. The developer may be threatened with death if they use it.

This app was purchased 2 years ago. It worked well before the last update. Netguard stopped working after the last update. We hope that it improves with each update. It may be a painless experience for those who are able to try it, but the people who have paid money to get the features feel the heat. Only developers can be supported if we purchase the software. This view point is important to me.

So far so good. App seems to block apps from accessing the internet or wifi. It has only been a few days since I purchased it. As time passes, I will update my review. If it works as advertised, I’ll give it 5 stars.

This app is great for blocking other apps from accessing internet. But, it became an issue several months ago. It started after my Nokia Android One was upgraded to 11. I couldn’t answer any calls on the full screen popup, where you swipe up, because my Nokia Android One was locked. It automatically hung up after 1 to 2 rings. I could still answer calls with the screen on, but it was unable to slide down from the top. I tried everything but switching off NetGuard was the only thing that helped.

What's new

* Improved Android 12 compatibility
* Updated builds tools and translations

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