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NBA LIVE MOBILE SEASON 6 IS HERE. Choose your path to greatness and build your NBA super team.
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Jun 9, 2022
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[Free Download] NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball MOD Apk v6.2.00 (Full) Game for Android

Its a cool game and really fun to play but has some minor problems. The one thing that mainly bothers me is that the game will cut off and send me to the home screen 2 or 3 times. Every time I play, and I have to log back in. The controls are pretty simple, and like wise, the game itself is simple too. Things like animations and other things like that. But in conclusion, its pretty fun; and if you put in the time, you can have a really good team without spending any money at all.
It is a great game but need some improvements. Season game time is too short. Give us more options regarding length of gameplay. It would be better if there are time outs during season games including substitutions. How about free throws? Need more flexibility in forming team lineups like having a three guard lineup for example. I might be asking too much but it would be awesome to have those. Anyways, great game and I won’t be uninstalling it anytime soon.
Pretty good game, but since i just got it, i am working on shooting and i shot, and the game just completely froze and it would not let me back out. It is seriously annoying because i can’t play without there being minor glitches, and the thing is it happened to me 3 times! I don’t know if it is just a random little glitch or something, but if not, for now i’m giving it a 4 star..
I love the game quality and games. But when it went to Pvp or Showdown i have to challenge 90 ovr players is really unfair. And also it gets boring when your super high in levels and Season Game time is too short. last bad review it always crashes every time you open it. Its really annoying me. Please Fix this. I give it a 4. Anyways kidding it is a good game and will never uninstall it in this tablet.
I really like the game, in my opinion it’s better and more realistic than nba 2k mobile. I have an Android so I play this, first off it’s very addictive and grinding is pretty fun in this game but it can be a bit boring sometimes, not like in a bad way but in like a repetitive way. I’m a newbie and I just unlocked showdown, it took me alot of playtime just to be level 7. the storage size is extremely good for this game. The gameplay is OK, the graphics are alright, the realism is very good. Nice
It’s great. There’s a bug where every time the month changes the objections reward changes and removes the live pass points. It would also be nice if you guys could give players the option to extend and decrease the length of the seasonal matches. Hoping for more dunk, layups, crossovers, dribbles, or the overall animations.
Its good…but there are a few things ….. all in all i love the game, i play it every single day but i dont understand how i can hit a perfect timed shots every shot (with maybe the one or two miss times shots) and the 3s struggle to go in even though i have most of my team sitting at a 97 for 3 pointer overall on average. When i first started out with a 70 overall team they had extremely low 3 point shot ratings and they would sink it from deep, half court you name it with ease awsell.
This is a very fun game. The online just has constant trouble because of connection yet even when I have full bars every online game is very laggy. Also the season mode is far to easy and makes almost Noone want to play it because it’s unfairly matches for the bots and it’s just constant wins. If it were harder I’m sure more people would be playing season mode.
I love the game actually, pretty addictive in a good way. But why does the game keep freezing automatically when I try to watch ads for stamina. And an ad for 50stamina is bad please increase it. And Please read the reviews, other players have stated a lot of concerns about missing wide open jumpshots and etc. I love the graphics and all. After the problem is fixed I’ll be back to give it a 5✯ rating.
Great game. I had fun playing it. My only suggestion for now would be to bring back the dribbling move back from season 1 (if I’m not mistaken). I tried to watch tutorials on how to improve on playing the game and I saw the dribbling thing, it was cool. Sad because it wasn’t available in 2k22.
I’ve been looking for a great Sports game. This is the game I’ve been looking! I like the Campaign, it’s not to hard. There’s no commercials. It’s so entertaining & cool that I can’t put the phone down. The quality is good. The loading might take a while, but its worth it’s! If you’re looking for a Sports game that’s fun, exciting, competitive, and free. You found what you’re looking for!! Game 4 all!!
The game is very good, the experience is good, but there can be some improvements by making it more realistic the players look nothing like how they do on the cards, also some characters have 58 dunking or layup on the other teams so sometimes they get 58 dunk challenged and still make the shot.
Excellent game ! I gave it 5 stars because it’s so good! Now I’m noticing a glitch. I’ve monitored this game and now see that everytime I have a match with Philadelphia it freezes with “error”, and won’t allow play. Please fix! The game is too good to give completely up but I’m about to soon.
Fun game…would really like to be able to earn rewards again while winning actual player v player tournaments and only thing that I see wrong with this game is when someone is still able to use their team and players from over a year ago which can make the game kinda unfair considering that they still have automatic 3 pointer buttons while I play with my new team who can’t really beat them once their bars fill up for all five of their players..other then that this game is entertaining
I really enjoying the game so much but can you make it more realistic,more fouls,add shoutcaster and add fights,add injury moment,players on the bench,crowd saying defence,replays,posterize and vertical,more dunk and lay up animation,can pass when they jumped to the rim,make the graphics more realistic Idk if its 10GB just do it,it will have more downloads
I love the game but it should add more features like freestyle and friendly matches. Also, the AI scores buzzer-beaters from behind the court and it is annoying, so try to reduce the chances of that.

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