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MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
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June 11, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.39.13 (No Ads) Mod APK for Android

They’re not going to let it go. Updates tamper with older settings, some of which aren’t utilized for a while. They don’t simply add new features, but also remove older ones. I wouldn’t recommend it any more. The removal of your program following an upgrade, only to install the previous version and then get it back up and running is an unnecessary waste of time. Be on the lookout for a rely that simply glosses over the problem.

This app is for you if you’re looking to play with video. It will accomplish what other apps can’t and will perform the task with ease. I’m the one who owns it, you don’t need tobut, it is logical. It’s the only video player that can come close. I also use it to play audio due to the same reason. I’m not a fan of having mixing different platforms in the same application.

I’ve used this application for so long, I have no idea the number of years (since they were using V1 at a minimum, so around 8/10 years) the best app of all time. The only issue i’ve discovered, and which is what hinders them from getting five stars, is that the video’s slow playback ends at only 25 percent. With the fast frame rates of modern phones , I would like to see at least 12.5 percent (8x) or lower playback speed. Apart from this that this is the most GO TO application for video streaming and playback.

It’s even worse. And why would I need to only use your portrait terrible audio player? Why would you want to ditch useful gestures from my everyday life What? Which committee completely destroyed the player in this latest update? The data mining, and the Eula? This was one of my favorites players. The team is now totally off the mark. These people are idiots. Change your mind now, because we can’t downgrade to this device (easily) as we could. We’d never take another update by you. You’ve ruined it.

Mx Player has been my preferred video player for a long time that’s why I decided to upgrade. But unlike the free version. After a while my watched content resets such as the movies or episodes I have watched are all labeled “None” instead of “Finished” and the “Resume” button at the bottom isn’t showing no longer. I’m not able to remember which episodes I’ve seen. I’d have to look through each episode to determine whether I’ve watched it or not. It hasn’t been an issue for me on the version that is free.

I’ve used this application since I bought my first Android phone. It’s the most effective video player up to this moment for android. I’m not impressed with any other video player since the MX player Ui is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. It’s also visually appealing. Vlc is great but it’s is not Mx player. My one request to the Mx team members is to not include the MX player(unpaid) features such as the online video show games, takatak games, music to this paid version in the future as it is this is extremely annoying. I need to play video.

I utilize this application to play audiobooks because it’s the best audiobook interface I’ve come across. It saves the place I started. A couple of minor issues – Listening at 1.5x speed, and I need to reset it each time I play a audiobook. The main issue comes when I alter the speed. The player won’t recognize it. Therefore, I need to close it by force and then open the file again for it to function.

I’ve been using this application for some time and I love it. It’s very flexible, which I love. I’m very happy that playlists have finally been introduced. But, I don’t see any method to change the order of songs on the playlist. I think that’s essential. I hope you will add this feature in the near future! Thanks.

Since the last update, it’s now extremely easy to sort movies according to dates. This is extremely helpful for those with an extensive movie library. This is a huge improvement. Thank for your work. I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that no other player offers more features than MX Player Pro. Keep up with up with the MX Player update with coming new codescs.

Recently, I’ve been using this app in place of VLC. I’m experiencing the skip buttons to be incredibly unstable in my tab S6 light. When I try to skip forward 10 seconds usually results in returning to a particular place instead of going forward. Additionally, clicking on the timeline can be hit or miss the exact point at which it starts. It is incredibly frustrating in trying to skip certain parts. This is a bizarre issue to experience.

[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.39.13 (No Ads) Mod APK for Android

What's new

- We've listened to you and added an option to change the sorting order.
- You can now customize the options available in the player interface.
- The player is now more responsive to "touch to play/pause" action.
- Online subtitle search now uses the latest APIs.
- We have made a ton of under the hood performance optimizations to make it even faster.


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