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MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Varies with device
June 11, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Download APK File [Pro] [Arm] v1.36.11 Download APK File [Pro] [Arm64] v1.36.11 Download APK File [Pro] [X86] v1.36.11 Download APK File [Unlocked] [Arm] v1.38.2 Download APK File [Unlocked] [Arm64] v1.38.1

How to install MX Player Pro v1.38.2 (FULL) Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MX Player Pro v1.38.2 (FULL) Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.38.2 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

To be honest, I’m very disappointed. I bought this app because it’s a pure benefit, and it was the least bloated experience I’ve ever had on a portable media player, and it has to support a non-standard format, and most of it still exists, but the interface is so overpriced that you need to tap once anywhere on the screen, and full of features that I probably will never use. The ease that I felt when I bought this app is no longer relevant.
The best thing I’ve ever had, I do not know why there are bad reviews here, but this app is 100% for me for a year now, thank you so much for this app. Just like it happens in my library, and will always be my last video in the specified folder, even if several weeks have passed and I was looking at this map, just click on the play button and it will still be the last song, movie, I didn’t even know what movie, and upload them to the end, it continues from where it left off at first… Lots of good ideas to go over
Audio problems. When I turn off the audio tracks, Instagram turns on the volume of the sound, and that’s fine. However, when I return to the previous volume level, it disappears, and I will either have to close the app, or play a few different files in it, and then restore it again to get high quality. Just like the equalizer, it will only get worse. Volume, fade, and low-pass gain controls reduce the volume level. Without the equalizer, the sound seems like it was your fault … I’m in love with matching whatsapp messenger, which is supposed to be the best, but it’s only a music player. Improved equalizer and sound quality .
Thank you for all the latest app updates, as developers. We need to solve the problem of stopping traffic-minimize it, but in the new conditions. However, there is still a connection error, this is not an option for the host” when I try to access my local instagram thread. VLC fixes this every time, using exactly the same data, so MX Player Pro must be a bug. Edit 21/06/2021, Thanks for the answer, Doctor. I sent the error message according to your instructions.
Improved interface for the last time. I really appreciate that the developers seem to read some of our feedback, as well as our ideas and concepts. Now all I can say is that although some of the front-end screens are different from what they were when he first started using this app, many years ago, and it’s up to me to get used to that, although it’s different, and it’s very effective.
It was amazing, and with few mistakes or omissions. Unlike the amazing PotPlayer for Windows, it didn’t have any of these world-class features, one of which was able to skip X amount of time at the beginning and end of a movie. _ _ Update, 29/04/21: “I am surprised by the choice of changing FF/RW and the position of controls (hold) at ?????????? I believe the player as a whole. 12/05 is so buggy right now! 02/06 Thank you for all critical updates and fixes to the primary points of failure and frustration!
The best apps are the ones that work with you, and you forget about it when you know they’re getting the job done. Updates and bug fixes are a necessary part of the application for flexible, adequate and efficient formation. Some apps are abandoned and not updated this year. In order to provide negative reviews, re-download, update and READ! in the settings. This is the No1 video app in the Playstore 👍
I bought this app because it’s “free”, it was more creative to stop my viewing pleasure. This is a “rate me” plugin, and this is also a mistake, so how can you expect people to judge you as strong?! Add another “fork” and I will demand a refund, and you just have to live with the noise – it’s free, which means that you should put up with even more interference with each purchase.
Ability to stream videos on the Internet. You can’t go wrong with this player. However, I noticed that some AVI, audio, and video files are not syncing properly. However, since this is an archaic format, this is not really a problem
I am writing this bug report, where as soon as we can lock the video screen, we can’t unlock it correctly, because if we will tap on the screen to find the option to unlock it, it will not pop up, but the only way to get is to close, lock the video, lock and unlock the phone!! Please correct it

[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.38.2 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

What's new

- We've listened to you and added an option to change the sorting order.
- You can now customize the options available in the player interface.
- The player is now more responsive to "touch to play/pause" action.
- Online subtitle search now uses the latest APIs.
- We have made a ton of under the hood performance optimizations to make it even faster.


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