MX Player Pro v1.36.5 (FULL) Mod

Varies with device

This is a paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads.
[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.36.5 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android Download APK
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MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Varies with device
April 23, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.36.5 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

I paid for this app a while back and used it every day with my Bluetooth earphones and from there. Lately I’ve been having problems stopping it after only playing 2 or 3 tr x. The developer said it was probably due to my phone’s battery settings so I emailed him a screen recording showing the app’s battery settings from my phone but got no response. Now I’m back using the powerramp. Hope to get a refund for this app now!
This is still a great app. That’s why when something works well, someone must always turn it into a problem. I paid for this version of MX Player, and I rated it 5 stars. Now I have to subtract 2 stars and give it. I had to load the free version of this app with all the additions, just because I can’t find the search line for subtitles with this latest version. Please fix this issue for me to rate it 5 stars again.
I paid for this app a long time ago and am happy with it. The new UI is ******, and not properly thought through. It seems that it has been changed only for its sake instead of the real need. The “restart” function disappears very quickly (did they even test this part ????). Before that dexterity, now it looks amateur. Very disappointed !!
Honestly, I never take the time to rate apps / but this time it is necessary. Really trust me, your latest update on the user interface is awesome! Adjusting the screen play would be more complicated impossible. Thanks for reading my comment. Greetings. Be careful.!
EDIT: I played with the background settings option and managed to fix the problem. However I still think the old layout was much more intuitive. So 4 stars. πŸ™‚ Hi! I can’t use the navigation to change or play songs while the app is running in the background when my phone is locked. This happened after the new update. Please fix this immediately! I have a pro version of the app. Thank you. The older UI was even better.
He bought every worth of money. I love the March 2021 updates! I wish the list had a description of the quality of the video, format, etc. And a pop-up screen, so we can see while doing something else. Surfing like social media I am watching using new updates. It’s better, more modern. It gives you complete control over how you want to look. But you can be creative and beautiful, personalize with your interests. Thanks for the POP UP screen I can work on right now.
Never fix something that is broken. The new UI is messy and buggy. Here are a few examples: 1. The ‘Continue where you stopped’ warning disappears very quickly, sometimes we can click on ‘Start over’. 2. screen The non-screen menu options contract very quickly, and need to be expanded again and again to use them. Enhance. Sound level E.S.P. Seems significantly less than before. Please give the option to use the older style, as you would for a horizontal scrollbar. Esp for point 1.
Liked it for almost 10 years! The new update breaks video playback on both my Chromebook and phone, however, no one can watch the video. And for some reason, pressing the space bar no longer stops the media but will press the “Backgroup Play” button πŸ™ I hope this is fixed very soon! PS I arrived at the support team (April 18) but still I have added that this update may conflict with the ChromeOS version as most of the issues on that device have been fixed since the system update so the most important feature is working smoothly again. 5 stars when I get a response)
Closer to the great, a few frustrating mistakes and omissions. Unlike the incredible PotPlayer app on Windows, one of these sterling features is missing, which is the ability to drop X time at the beginning and end of videos. _ _ Update 29/04/21: Considering the full player, I am impressed with the choice to change the placement of the FF / RW buttons as well as tighten the inconsistent design. Also, kindly bring back the list that shows the saved search history when you click the search field.
5 was used but the clunky update is causing a mess. When I want to adjust the speed of the video instead of the small box box, now about 1/2 screen is taken with the new interface which makes it difficult to adjust the speed when I can’t see any significant part of the screen. It would be different The background of the interface was transparent instead of opaque.
V.L.C. Tried to play video in but it won’t work. Got MX player and it works well but also suppresses ads. So upgrade to Pro. I enjoyed it, it’s even better than the free version. Honestly I don’t understand all the complaints. I’m super stupid about apps and as far as I’m concerned they nailed it. Thank you
Why fix something that is not broken. The new UI is full of bugs and lag. I am sending bug reports but have not received any replies. It would be better to implement missing features such as MKV chapters, options of debent filters and scaling algorithms. EDIT: It’s a nice copy p and paste feedback. If you had read my review, you would have known that I have already sent emails, but received no response. And did you dare ask me to raise my rating? Now I’m doing it less.

[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.36.5 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

What's new

- Long-awaited Video Player UI overhaul is here! It is completely rebuilt from the ground up to be easy to use
- You can now create playlists with your favorite videos.
- Supports double-tap to FF/RW gesture
- Casting now resumes the playback where you left off. Oh! it also supports external SRT, VTT subtitles.
- You can now change your Private Folder PIN
- Better external storage support for Android 11 devices
- Fixed: Watch status resets randomly
- Fixed: Aspect Ratio issues on recent builds

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