Musixmatch Premium (Unlocked) Final Mod


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October 19, 2021
4.0 and up

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How to install Musixmatch Premium v7.8.6 (Unlocked) Final Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Musixmatch Premium v7.8.6 (Unlocked) Final Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Musixmatch Premium v7.8.6 (Unlocked) Final Mod APK for Android 

I’ve tried to sync the lyrics but I’m not able to. The account I have is connected with Spotify Premium, but when I attempt to send or sync lyrics after I click on connect to my Spotify account (again) it simply won’t work, though it appears that the player (in the application) operates while linked with the Spotify account. This isn’t clear to me. I love helping people but this has become a bit frustrating.

I have paid for the subscription, which means I don’t have ads which is great. The thing that is ….ing irritating it that when choose to play in sequence the app won’t start playing the song that is next. It actually starts playing for two seconds and then skips on to next track. Sometimes it skips 2 or 3 songs the same way (play for 2 seconds). It’s also ….ing irritating.

4/5 is the only reason I’m using it because it has an inclination to display the lyrics whenever I switch songs on release radar playlists. It then informs me that it does not have any words… as well usually I don’t want to look for the lyrics and if it doesn’t have them for three consecutive tracks in the same playlist, and then I take it off and then go back to it, I’m not going to know if it does not contain the lyrics for fourth… or the 14th…

I absolutely love this application. It’s been around for a long time ago, and it’s an amazing experience to be capable of singing along to the songs I love and not be able to understand the lyrics! But, I’d love to make more contributions to the app, as there’s tons of music that I enjoy that doesn’t have a match yet!

The app changed from being one of the top music players to a complete mess in only 3 years…cause it’s difficult to bear when you’re waiting for the next track on your list and it’s not just playing an entirely different song…it starts playing the current track for about 2 seconds before reverting to a different track…what has happened to this app is embarrassing and I believe it’s high time that they shut it down or make major changes

A very useful and the best application for database of lyrics, that I’ve heard of. The highlighted line of lyrics is usually delays of around an inch or more and the highlighted line of lyrics for songs currently playing on the phone is often a half-second ahead. This can be a little frustrating.

Wow! Brings music to life, especially for the english-second-languagers like me. We have had issues being able to understand the songs that we love , but not anymore. It solved that. It was a great inovation. You should try to integrate more sons.Thanks

The best way to master songs and their translation! Thank you very much. However, I am not able to translate any song in order to add translation. I always get an unidentified error whenever i attempt to add a translation. This is the most unpleasant experience. This is only possible on web-based site. However, i’d like to accomplish this using a mobile application. Help! Android 11, Google pixl 4a 5g

It’s been a favorite app of mine for a long time. I lost my account, which is a pain, but I renewed my account since it’s one of the best apps I’ve seen for lyrics. It’s enjoyable to edit lyrics and to sync music. I would recommend trying it out.

If you are playing the music in your library and select your preferred and then the next, and so on automatically. when you edit the text in sync, the text appears blank , however it’s white as well as the color of background is black. in the event that you’ve downloaded an updated song recently and the song you downloaded has was not found in your Musixmatch folder. Why is this? I’m just trying to express my be happy, but I have so many issues.

I’ve been using this application for a long time and never encountered any issues until recently whenever i get new songs, I modify the information about the song, however when i try to edit the information for the song but it’s not working. It keeps saying “sorry that the information for track 1 couldn’t be altered. The track is badly formed.” The same is true for other tracks. Please fix it

[Free Download] Musixmatch Premium v7.8.6 (Unlocked) Final Mod APK for Android


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