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Aug 16, 2022
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[Free Download] Monster Fishing 2022 MOD APK v0.4.4 (Unlimited diamonds) Game for Android

This is a decent game; but, buying to remove the commercials does not eliminate all the adverts. Only a small block of forced advertising are deleted. You still need to view a ton of adverts to progress in the game. So, since I have done just that, I have maxed out my upgrading and evolution possibilities and now there is an awakening option that I can’t figure out how to utilize or what it accomplishes. I am hoping a support person may read this and respond. BTW, I would also recommend knowing how to use the Save and Load game options to minimize any loses when attempting to upgrade you fishing rod and reel.. Thank you.
is a nice game it dosnt take long to download but it dosnt have the bes graghfics but its the experience that counts
I’ll offer a five star if they fix the pricing for the unsuccessful improvements. Would also be nice for the vases and shells to not run out 1200+ yards of line, I mean really why would a vase fkr one jump out of the water and then run all your line out???? Outside of those drawbacks, this game is extremely nicely planned out and I adore the aesthetics. Fix the few faults and I will gladly grade it five stars. Even yet thank you for a wonderful game
Introduce about Monster Fishing 2022
Monster Fishing 2022 is the third part in the Monster Fishing series of Nexelon. They released the first edition in 2018, then gained passionate response from the gaming community, making them more eager and attempting to develop to deliver the best experience. And after three years, Monster Fishing 2022 now contains most of the characteristics that a fisherman is wanting for their fishing expedition. Beautiful scenery, diverse fishing location, lots of fish types and lots of realistic circumstances. What more could you expect?

Real fishing experience
Monster Fishing 2022 delivers a realistic fishing scenario. You will play as a fisherman, clutching your rod and adventure on a small boat in the ocean to fish.
I like this game can you repair this glitch that the fishing line broke instantaneously on sea of monsters I just attempt capturing more huge fish but I see a problem that made the fishing line broke suddenly and why is it saying “your fishing line is too short” please repair this fishing line instant broke bug
Pretty interesting game that makes it slightly different to not feel like a complete grind, which it is. Glitches quite a bit and won’t allow you to watch movies, but works if you keep slamming the button. It is a price to pay if you wish to rank in events at a high placement. But still entertaining if your board and like fishing games.
Features \sThe game will offer you with all the required gears and equipment to start your voyage. Follow the tutorials to rapidly master the basics about fishing and enjoy thrilling bouts with intuitive control mechanics. Find out about the fantastic features that the game has to offer.

Free fishing tools for beginners
Here you’ll undertake an adventure into the deep sea for the best catches. And don’t worry as you won’t have to prepare anything for your trip. All the needed items and equipment for your fishing excursion will be provided at the beginning of the game. Hence, all that is left to do is pack your bag and enjoy the journey.
I simply say that I have played a lot of games on mobile devices. I’ve also seen a lot of comments about this game, it seems that some people are getting irritated on completing Maps to 100%, I understand because of Maya City aswell. I can only suggest that you move on, and come back later when you completed another 10 Maps or so. At that point you can afford stronger gear, and it will make it easier to attain that achievement. Phenomenal game. Thanks for working so hard
Initially really fun.
Older gadgets the graphics are decent but bugs very severe. Ads disrupt game and occasionally you catch fish,game glitches or ad interupts and it doesnt save game you played. The rods and reels are not outstanding and it costs to keep upgrading therefore forcing you to purchase. It states no wireless /internet necessary which is not accurate. Also uses google games,so yes internet necessary so sucks up allot of space on mobile. It is enjoyable and good for squandering time. not worth spending actual money over.
Travel the world most popular fishing destinations
For people who love traveling, this would surely an excellent game to have on your smartphones. In Monster Fishing 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to over 30 different fishing places from all over the world. Feel free to appreciate the scenery while setting things up for an incredible catch. Explore the oceans from different corners of the world and encounter unique organisms that are exclusively native to the areas.

Encounter the most exotic and amazing monster fishes
With areas to go, new fishes will be introduced to players as they journey across the map. Here in Monster Fishing 2020, there are now more than 250 different species of fishes available for you to capture. With realistic 3D visuals, all fishes are pretty faithful to their real looks. Hence, you can take this chance to learn about different sorts of fishes and their habits. Be brave as you could find some of the giant fishes rather terrifying. And don’t get your palms to sweat since you can lose your grip.
I love it but I think it needs more equipment merely because I was able to buy all the top notch poles reals and line and bait in a month in a have if at all possible I would suggest adding newer stuff like I said along with in the sea of monsters should be a place of like the locknes monster and other bigger topher stuff but over all I like the game haven’t finished the campaign of catching all the fish mainly been catching sea monsters like the megalodon I rate the game a 6 or 7 if I could very \sit’s enjoyable to play, have a great graphics, many fish that you may cacth and it’s become much more fun after my friend compete with me. but why every time I upgrade my reel or rod their always a failure due to the upgrading. its say’s that you can evolve after 5 times upgrading however I have to upgrade approximately 7 to 8 times before my fishing gear can evolve. pls repair it😓
The gameplay is fun and addictive its not too hard but it does demand a little but of skill as the game advances. There aren’t too many bothersome adverts and if nice to play. Trying to capture all the fish could take some time and might be irritating at times but in the end its a fun game.
great, I love this game it’s addictive but I have a couple problem, I have the longest line, highest damage rod and reels, and still a lot of the fish from level 60 onwards end up snapping the line within seconds, it’s like you don’t have a chance from the beginning, also way too many relics get caught. otherwise a superb game
Great game. Just after you get done with a bunch of fishing sites, Catching one fish takes forever. Could have a lot more different species of fish. Too many candlesticks, trunks and silly shells, that battle like fish!. I do adore capturing the illegal scuba fishing individual. I wish you had a non-breaking line so you could at least catch some thing in the sea of monsters. I upgraded reel and rod but sadly no fishing line up grade. But I truly appreciate this game as I don’t have to spend money.
You undoubtedly already know that the ocean is considered a big ecosystem. It is home to many different varieties of fish, from the smallest species to the enormous species or deemed unusual. It isn’t easy to view them in real life, but you can observe many more uncommon fish species when you come to this game. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes for you to admire.
But rare fish or species that veteran anglers desire to see once in a lifetime typically do not occur in confined fishing regions. Therefore, you need to complete the duties to be able to expand more and more good fishing sites to catch ferocious species like sharks. Don’t worry too much because they will assault you or anything since here they are, the prey, and you are the hunter.

What are you waiting for? Come to Monster Fishing 2021 to experience what it’s like to be a professional fisherman for a day and catch a lot of fish? It gives an exhilarating sense and an opportunity for you to comprehend this job better and see the fishermen’s difficulty.
Rare and varied fish species
Your fish basket is terribly unhappy since it is empty. Fill it with fish from the sea. As said previously, Monster Fishing 2022 is a realistic simulation game. And according to popular understanding, we know the sea is the largest ecosystem in the planet. It features thousands of millions of fish species, and you can catch them during your voyage.

However, you will have to accomplish more missions to move further. Because when you initially started the game, you did not have a boat, but only sat on the beach. There, the fish is not really big and not that diverse. But over time, the fishing area steadily grows, and you may even float in the sea, fishing for large creatures like sharks. Don’t worry about these dangerous fish, for you are the hunter and they are the prey.
Really amazing fishing simulator. All is right with the world when playing. I’ve only tried it today but I’m amazed. I got acclimated to the controls very fast and despite my inexperience the game was pretty much flawless, highly engaging, and utterly addictive. Prices are costly yet you may can rinse & repeat watching adverts till you collect a fortune if you’d like & never spend actual $. I am extremely grateful to the developers, you have my deepest THANKS
I LOVE THIS GAME! Very fascinating, and educational ! I adore learning about other areas and the fish species that are caught there. My ultimate fave is the fabled, elusive, prehistoric megadalon!! 🦈🦈🦈 Great game overall. I play every every day, especially when I cant get out to fish, for real! Thanks guys, amazing job! 5 🌟 !
I really enjoy this game, I love the music, and the numerous options I can pick to boost my chances to capture bigger and better fish, I genuinely think all the fish are lovely and I grin everytime I catch one. and I like that there is a level up system and there is alot of goodies to acquire. thank you for making this game.
Little requirements
And not like many other games on smartphones, you don’t need an online connection to be able to enjoy the game. That being said, even without a solid connection, you may still play the game in single player modes without any problems.

On top of that, all the in-game contents will be downloaded concurrently with the installation. Hence, you won’t need to do any further downloads for DLCs.

Visual and sound quality \sGraphics
Featuring realistic 3D graphics, the fishes in Monster Fishing 2022 will make you both afraid and excited at the same time. In adds, with amazing details, you may quickly learn about numerous types of fishes.

On the other hand, the outstanding visual effects, including breezing winds, ocean waves, would make you feels like you are in the Pacific, cruising on a magnificent fishing boat.

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- Add new area
- Ad system update
- GDPR / ATT Permission update
- Bug fix



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