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War is coming – Will you be ready? Summon heroes to defend your kingdom and charge the enemy in this one-of-a-kind RTS adventure!
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May 22, 2022
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How to install Magic Rush Heroes v1.1.325 (Full) Apk + MOD APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Magic Rush Heroes v1.1.325 (Full) Apk + MOD APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Magic Rush Heroes v1.1.325 (Full) Apk + MOD Game for Android

What’s the issue? It’s the first update that forces me to log in by switching accounts. This is, in fact, quite a hassle as I don’t get any notifications when I’m targeted. Now, the app is slow to load when you switch your accounts. It asks users to download an update, however there’s no update available! I’m hoping you can fix this issue because I am a huge fan of this game. I’ve been playing for about 6-7 years. Don’t let your loyal users down. Thanks!

I love the game great, but there’s one thing that I’m worried about. I’m unable to upload pictures from my folders since it says image not found. Could you please help me figure out in how I can resolve this issue? Thank you! Fak your team isn’t being responsive.

Super fun without ads doesn’t require money often however when it does, it offers a wealth of rewards even though the cuaracters can be very sexualized, if you overlook the fact that it’s a fun game.

Amazing game. One small problem… there’s an account that I log in on autopilot, which isn’t bound or linked with any email addresses however i must switch it back to my main account every time I open the game.

I was trying to get back to this game following having a break. I was having fun however, I’ve been forced to re-enter my old game every time I want to play. It’s tiresome. Fix your game. Perhaps next time I get an opportunity to play it won’t be this clumsy. I’ve played this game for about 6 or 7 years. On and off. It’s an enjoyable game, especially considering how it has updated things to keep up with the latest games, but no one wants to log in to Google every time they play

Then I decided to try again after I had lost my account due to a reason I’m not able to pinpoint. Can I suggest adding more rare monsters to the map of world? This will give stamina or a very low chances of 1 diamond or something. Also, a boss monster you can fight alone. The game gets boring when stamina has gone.

The game is enjoyable, however.. They began to add many more features that force players to give up or spend more. In addition, it causes players to stop or spend more. Another of the biggest issues is that they ask players to invest more time to this game. They’re still trying to develop Conquestia but it’s a mess of bugs, and demands players to be online for up to six hours. Geezuz, a smartphone game such as this that takes such a long amount of time is absurd. It’s possible to go on and on, but the review is limited to 500 characters.

After updating the game I’m back to where I was before. It’s not easy to complete the same tutorial and switch accounts.

Amazing game. Been plating for a long time. I’d like to utilize my points to buy packages and gems within the game. … it possible? If so, how?

The game is great it is easy to comprehend and grow. It takes a long time to reach the highest levels. It’s not as simple to get to the next level as AFK games. Therefore, don’t be expecting a to reach a high level in a short amount of time. The game has plenty of freebies. With patience even f2p is effective. 1. Graphics aren’t special, but are acceptable. 2. Game play is so simple. 3. F2p is a good option, however if favors are requested you in a significant manner. 4. Updates are constantly rolling into the game, and that’s a sign that it isn’t over.

First of all, the game appears to be extremely engaging with great game graphics and in-game currencies hero animations and stories as well as other things that are present throughout the game. Overall, the game is intriguing and can be competitive with other games on the internet, I only hope they improve their gameplay and continue to make incredible updates. goodluck : >

I played for a few weeks before removing. A lot of notifications and alerts, and there are about 20 different locations to click within the game, which can be portals or ways to make money within the game. There is too much happening in the game, it’s insanely busy visually, and I was unable to find room in my head to manage the plethora of information. It was too much money-making and the game’s gameplay was good but the experience was enjoyable but it wasn’t enough to go on.

It’s an excellent game however, I’m not a fan of the reality that the kingdom levels drop when we attack, I’m sorry to say that I believe that this is a bad idea as it causes players to become angry, and hinder people from having fun and getting more powerful since it can impede development and force them to start over in technology,

I really like the game, I loved it. I played it for 6 months , and got to merger, but after switching accounts from the merger to my other account , it continued to crash and crash as if I couldn’t fix it. I had to reset my phone, erased it three times to check if it’s reset, but it’s stuck on the screen telling me that I’m still playing the tutorial game or like…its been about 2 weeks since I’ve deleted the game , so I’m pretty sure that’s my experiences

This is an excellent game I’ve been playing for the past 5 or six years, but I’m experiencing issues every time I start the game, I’m being asked to sign in in order to access my account.Can you help me fix this problem.

Really great game. Simple and fun. It’s not boring me at all. I’ve played this game since 2015 till now. Smooth graphics and cool character design , and different features that must be complete to increase the hero power. Also, i like the ability to blast another player’s castle to keep playing and help the our team magic rush.

It’s fun at it’s beginning, but eventually you might become addicted and start paying. After more than three years, the game can waste your cash and. The devs have released new legends that are superior to the current meta(which took a considerable amount of money and effort to create) but with a significant power differential, which means you have to pay more

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New Hero: Hubert
Cannons of the Magic Continent, unite! Let's destroy all darkness together! ——Hubert
In the midst of chilling, endless fear, Hubert's appearance is like a fire in the dark of night, which reflects in the eyes of monsters wide-eyed with fear!

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