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▲Compete to become the Godfather in an awesome strategy game that requires wit and time management!
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Aug 8, 2022
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How to install Mafia City Mod APK v1.6.292 (Unlimited gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Mafia City Mod APK v1.6.292 (Unlimited gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Mafia City Mod APK v1.6.292 (Unlimited gems) Game for Android

Game is good. But it is very badly optimized. It runs fine sometimes but out of nowhere there are these sudden stutters and freezes in the game and it is really frustrating. Just this fishing event just because of the freezes I LOST 3 fishing baits now I don’t even know if I will be able to complete the rewards this event because I was so close (only 3 mysterious fish left in Iceland). And the game needs to give more rewards for the packs. It’s hard to compete when you can only buy sometimes.

Excellent…but please work on the bugs. I had to clear my cache and usage data to be able to log in again after I was locked out. Although the game data was preserved (which by the way is very impressive), my settings were restored to default status. Except for these minor things, its an amazing game and fully recommended

It’s a great game but, the problem I have with this game is that there’s too many ads trying to get you to buy something it’s excessive every time you go back to your base the ads pop up?? It’s like come on bro I’m just trying to play the game like I can already see all the ads everywhere and I know where to go but it is so excessive and also the game where you pick the cup or the diamond is a lot of times it takes my roses and glitches and I lose them also asking stars is a bit much u know? Ty

It definitely a great game but imo I think there should be better rewards and easier ways to get permanent effects other than spending $100 for a few pieces it just ends up being too expensive… So I had to stop spending $$$ on this game because the rewards I buy I can get by just putting a little time in…but overall it is a great game and that would be my only complaint…

This game is really fun and addictive of course if you are insterested in tycoon-like games, the concept and the features of this game are enough to keep you playing all day, welp, except for the music. The quality of the music is so bad to the point where you sometimes have to quit or turn it off but a game with no ambience has no hype. I am not saying that the music itself is bad but the quality is bad so if you guys just could improve the quality i’ll put five stars.

Excellent and enjoyable style of play But it has many problems The speed of progress in the game and the levels are extremely low When there is a problem connecting to the game and it says select line 1 or 2, etc. When the line is changed, the boiler will not connect. Sometimes it does not connect at all Please check There is no category for emojis when chatting The game’s graphics should be better Some items take a long time to load Persian language was not in the list of languages.

I came into this game starting from ground up. Challenges have been phenomenal. Graphics and what they have to offer in this game or pretty dang good. The only drawback I’ve seen is we don’t get to create files to keep notes in. Other than that so far, it’s been pretty dang good for me! Today’s date, 5/21/2022. And very actively involved. I still stand by the fact that it is the Dynamics of this multifaceted city. The quality of plots, top shelf! 💯

I like the game but its impossible to level up in decent time without in app purchases. Not all of us can afford to buy thr gold necesaary to do tasks. There is so much information to learn about the game that it can make you feel uncertain on how to level up and overwhelmed.

Very entertaining. And keeps you moving. The newer versions are better, with better graphics. But this has a cool story line and you dont get overwhelmed as easy, like you do on the others. Glad i took the time to find out, how much fun i could have. And time that passed while playing.

I couldn’t help but give this game a 5 star and trust me I’m as cynical as can be. The game is just wonderful and has literally become a part of my everyday life. The game is so well structured and planned out. I just wish you guys woul get on with the plot session. It adds a bit of spice to the whole thing. I’m just a bit sad about my progress in the game. Cos I’ve not been able to use my debit card for Google billing transactions so I can’t purchase most of your offers or purchase event

It’s been a year since my last review. Here’s an update. It’s still fun. There’s still too many click hoops to jump through. But most of all know this. You can spend thousands of dollars, TENS of thousands…but when something goes wrong with a purchase, customer service will fight you insisting you take what you get rather than making it right so that you get EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAID FOR. Yotta acts like a company that doesn’t care because they have 100 others to replace you. Keep that in mind.

Amazing game. Although a bit on the expensive side if you plan on buying packs. However it is possible to play and enjoy for free, like I do. The best parts are the social aspects as well as the countless activities/events to participate in

A game game with perfect graphics ,there is always some new event and something to do ,and also the feature that you are capable of making several account at the same time is amazing I just love this game.keep the good work .

To be a person that never liked real timed games, this game has definitely gotten me addicted lol. I met some amazing people on here too. Now I’m trying to get to 10 billion power. been playing for about a year & I still love it. The packs are expensive for what they give & hundreds of thousands of us agree on this. Maybe if you got a major power/stat boost for spending $100 it wouldnt be as bad & you shouldn’t have to spend $1500 or more to get turf decor with low stat/power that needs changed.

I do like the game. After playing everyday for weeks with no issues, today the game will not load. I have tried several times and it is upsetting being that there is some kind of murder war happening and my defense sheild has long expired by now. I already sent email. No response yet. I’ll be deleting the app soon if I don’t get a solution. I mean I most likely lost everything anyways.

It’s a great game and I love it, but those darn renegades will ruin the game for some people. Everyone does not like doing that Gold Rush event. Let us be able to get and complete the renegades from season 1, without having to spend money. Everyone does not like to spend alot of money. Season 1 materials are no longer any good. The buffs to collect resources from season 1 does not work in this new event. What’s the point of getting medallions, if they go back to zero after the event is over?

What's new

【New Content】
1. A new Babe has been added: Showgirl: Lola.
2. A new mini-game has been added to the Babe interface: Blackjack.

【New Features】
1. Decoration Interface:
(1) Off-Road Ranger Truck Ops Effect

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Renegade Optimization: 75% of a Renegade's Stamina will be returned if the Ops return before reaching their target.



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