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Sep 1, 2022
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[Free Download] Ludo King Mod Apk v7.2.0.228 (Full Version) Game for Android


When we get 6, and then other number, then I think you should allow a move only after finishing all the turns and not on every 6, because ultimately that person is still playing, and incomplete move causes irritation. Sometimes we feel that it would have been better if we could have moved the other one. Hope you’ll take note of it. Moreover if our turn is taking opponent’s goti, then it can be highlighted for a better UI

Its a so interesting game especially when I play with real(human) opponents. But at certain point I feel like the algorithms are programed such that I don’t go beyond a certain score. But……. I also observed of recent that there are issues with the system. A couple of games back including my last game which I won, I realized that I received a note saying “we noticed you lost your previous game” of which I won and this happens when I exit the game “After Winning” So I’m a lil confused

The game has been developed significantly in terms of what numbers the players get. Now it’s more fun. The game decides at the beginning of every game who’s gonna win, which is way better than just giving random numbers. The down side of this technique is that no matter how you play, your fate won’t change. If the game has decided you would lose, you will, period! If it has decided you would win, you will, even if you suck at it! Developers: fate should change dynamically. Show me your talent 😄

When the opponent misses a turn the dice which gets rolled should be canned. We play games to relieve our self from the daily stress but the games give u more stress, anger and geta u off the mode. Being Made in India my preference was too high for it. Trough u feel good when u win but when it’s the other way around u completely loose temper. The game should not the baised towards people with higher ranking or with more coins

I love the game,and i play it all the time,but when you play with robots,every time when you need example 1,2,3 ,4 or else zars it doesn’t give it when you roll the dice,it is like they are doing it in purpose,but great game i would recomend it to you.

Totally addicted to this amazingly engaging game reminds me of my childhood days ..the only difference is now the game is available online and I can play anytime ..During lockdown I was introduced to Ludo King and it is still a huge part of my entertainment. Ludo King is truly awesome. PS: I’m now back to express a few issues with this game. Firstly, too many adds are killing the excitement. Secondly, I have noticed they always make the one with highest score winner.

I understand the need for ads. But off late the ads appear without the [x] and you are stuck with no way to start the game. So you have to exit the app and try again. The last time I had this problem I couldn’t play the game for 3 days.

Many time I noticed number one possition comes very very fast seems person is given special treatment, no fight, No risk just wanted/required numbers on his Dice but whole positions should have tuff fight✅✔️ requested several times to add more phrases while playing online, some time two players shake hands & do’t cut coins of each other just to realise them other players should have some options to realise them that wrong doing is not good for game Regards.

Quite disappointed… it seems as if the numbers of are not random but fixed. Have to watch the whole 30 sec add n option to skip before 30 sec. If you are 1 or 2 steps away n the opponent has 3 pawns out even then you gonna loose. Probability of getting a 6 is always higher for your opponent. Seems like it is towards players on high level.

Completely fair and just gameplay

To start with, Ludo King introduces gamers to the fair and protected gameplay that prevent any hacks or cheats during the matches. That being said, it’ll be almost impossible for hackers to exploit the game. Not to mention that the frequent upgrades will make the game extremely secured.

In addition, the auto move system will keep the game going and prevent hacks when gamers want to buy time. And most importantly, gamers who’re spotted to be cheating will have their accounts being banned in certain amounts of time, depending on the severity. Hence, you’re guaranteed to have completely fair and enjoyable matches with Ludo King.

Convenient in-game options

And to make the game more enjoyable, Ludo King features some of the most amazing features that any gamers would want. Having said that, you can easily resume or stop your in-game processes if you find yourself in the middle of something.

As for the offline gameplay, you can easily save and load your processes in the game. Resume your adventures whenever you want.


The images in the game are probably close to many people, the familiar image of the game on mobile. If you are a subtle person, you can easily see that. The difference is that the in-game visuals do not use the seahorse, but only the marked notes. The simplicity of the design makes the game easy to understand and accessible to many people. Besides, the board is made simple with 4 main colors, red, green, and yellow.

Players realize what their pieces are with this minimalistic design and distinctive color, making it easier to determine the chessboard situation to plan a win. In addition, you can also customize the chessboard with many different types of themes, such as nature, Egypt, Disco/Night mode, … to make the board more lively.

An in-depth statistic system

Players in Ludo are also given their own statistics and will have a level system to interact with. And of course, you can also check the statistics of their friends and other players in here. Learn about their victories, their preferred games, and so on.

And as for the level system, with each level gained, you’ll also unlock new gameplay that the game features.

Simple and intuitive gameplay

To start with, Ludo King is extremely simple and intuitive for gamers to quickly get familiar with. That being said, you can easily find yourself enjoying this classic board game in no time. Make uses of the simple and optimized touch controls so you can get comfortable in the game.

Frequent updates with multiple features

Gamers in Ludo King are prompted to have the most immersive and enjoyable experiences with the game thanks to the frequent updates that are rolled out every once in a while. Find yourself experiencing new features as well as enjoying a clean game with no bugs.

Modes in Ludo King

Ludo King has up to 4 game modes for you to enjoy.

Players can join the practice match against the AI or when there are not enough players at the table. This mode can be used to play offline, so you can play anytime, anywhere to relieve stress.

Another mode is Online Multiplayer. This mode makes the game more attractive, players logged into this mode will have to confront many other players around the world. Everyone will connect with each other over the internet and experience a fun match together.

There are two modes that allow you to play with your friends, players will be allowed to join matches with people using the same Wifi network together via Local Player mode and Play With Friends mode. Players can invite their friends to the same room and start a match. There must be at least 4 people to start the game.

What's new

- Bug fixes



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