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KineMaster makes video editing fun on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook! KineMaster makes it easy to edit videos with lots of powerful tools, downloadable content, and much more:
[Free Download] KineMaster Pro Mod APK v5.0.1.20940.GP (Full Premium) Download Download APK
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KineMaster Corporation
April 14, 2021
6.0 and up
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[Free Download] KineMaster Pro Mod APK v5.0.1.20940.GP (Full Premium) Download

So I’ve been using this editor for the last several years but when I had a brand new way, it changed! When I trim or cut a video, it cuts it at the wrong time and takes me half way from the timeline! This is very annoying! I would recommend a different app and I would cancel my premium subscription! I will not use this editor until this is fixed! Please fix this issue to Kinemaster! This is annoying! Thank you, Joel
Hey so I bought an annual subscription to your app, and it remains to say September 16 2021, and it’s still a long way off, why does your app ask me to update it? I still have 5 months, let me know and let me know why he’s going to update me. Because I’m not interested in repaying the day before the scheduled payment. I look forward to your feedback, please let me know as soon as possible, I’ve got videos to make, and no time to waste.
Dear Keymaster, Why would you remove the “full view” preview option in this 5.0 version? Don’t you understand that it is important and necessary for the video editing process. And in fact it is the industry standard in top editing software and applications. We have been a premium subscription user for many years and we are considering leaving the app until this update. If the kinmaster will not restore the “full preview” option. No one should export video to check for bugs and errors.
Great app! Easy to use I recommend watching the tutorial to get started. I haven’t mastered it completely yet, but I can make some simple videos already with video footage, pictures and sound. I’m using the free version because the watermark doesn’t bother me for my purpose, and I don’t mind helping you market this way for this wonderful app.
This app is great but why whenever I finish a text, the text just disappears. Please fix it, I just spend a lot of time editing my 1 videos. There is also the error that when you edit a video you post it, it has a 70% chance of freezing and I don’t like it, so my clients think I did it, but it’s just a mistake. Please fix both issues!
I liked the older version better, and don’t get me wrong- if this was the older version I would give it a 5 star rating, just, I made a new video and I went to export it and whenever I do it. It kicks me out of the exporting thing and brings me back to the “edit video” place. And I tried closing the app and opening it, closing my phone, and nothing seemed to work. Please try to fix this bug, thanks for reading this πŸ™‚
Good application. However, when downloading a video I have to make sure that the download screen is constantly on or I make a mistake (i.e. can’t see through other apps on the phone during download). Also, for weeds over 40 minutes, the transitions become very high quality and some transitions (cross fade) also show a very fast image of other parts of the video, which is fantastic. Also, before the update you could choose to continue editing or watch the video in full screen. You can no longer watch the video in full screen until it is downloaded
With the exception of a few swings, this app is fun and easy to use. An option for “in animation” as well as “out animation” where the songs are spun horizontally or vertically would be nice. Also, it would be really nice to add an option to insert diagonals for songs. Editing: What happened to the ability to watch video outside of editing? And how do we name our projects ?!
Hi, I used to rate these 5 stars but now I rate this app 2 stars because when I made an 18 minute video and decided to export it, the export feature was loading really long now that I Can’t wait any longer. . In my opinion, I prefer your older version. I don’t like this update, I can’t save the 18 minute video I made now, which took me days and I’m too late to make it. Please fix this, I wish it would not continue loading as long as I am not able to save it.
This app is good, although you better not buy this trash but there are a lot of things wrong with this app, 1. There are a lot of ads, 2. You can’t run your video edits whenever you save your edits And eventually it gets worse with a huge major update that doesn’t let you play the video. So do not install this application until it becomes normal again.
It’s the app I use because of its amazing transitions to all my YT videos and intros, but if you want to use more things you need to pay a premium which is a bumper but other than that it’s amazing! It hangs sometimes but I don’t mind because it’s still a really good editing app. When you export depends on how long your video is and then if your video is 10 seconds long, it won’t take long to export, but if it’s about 10 minutes long, it will take a while!

[Free Download] KineMaster Pro Mod APK v5.0.1.20940.GP (Full Premium) Download

What's new

Feature updates:
1. Adds support for import and export of project files
2. Adds support to replace media (video and photo) files in the Timeline

UX/UI changes:
1. New home screen design
2. Adds an updated FAQ menu (The Email Support button has moved to the bottom of each FAQ article)


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