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Aug 2, 2022
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[Free Download] Island War MOD APK v3.8.2 (Easy Win / Money) Game for Android

Although not a bad game, it is rather repetitive and gets monotonous after a few days of play. Your army and heroes are developing slowly as well: Based on a card-based system, you get them at random, making it nearly impossible to incorporate any kind of strategy into your offensive or defensive style unless you’re willing to put in months of work to have every option available. The mechanic could use some simple changes, as it’s currently only a little over mediocre.
While attacking islands, the game isn’t particularly responsive. The game lags after the first boat is launched, making it difficult to time the subsequent boats and paratroopers. Since that is the game’s main mechanism, it needs to be repaired. Apart than that, it’s a great game, but after a while, the enthusiasm wanes.
So far, I like it. Ads are absolutely optional and entertaining to watch. The game is straightforward and enjoyable. SO far. For more than 15 years, I’ve been playing war simulator games. I’ve played more than 150 other android platform simulations in this category, and I’d say that while socially it falls short, its simplicity more than makes up for it. Some of you understand what I mean after playing in challenging SoS or MS situations. You’ll experience assault. Losses are rather small. Simply keep going.
Overall, I still adore the game. Yes, the random troop generation through cards is not that amazing, but it doesn’t really matter until you have enough coins to buy the cards and a balanced earning-to-spending ratio. 1) I’d also love to have the option of personally attacking my island to test its defense. (If it can be added, please do) 2) I’ve been playing for a while; nice work on the game. Once I’ve explored a few more features, I’ll modify my review.
If this is the game you’re searching for, I have no doubts that it’s a good one. I was looking for a game where you had to gather enough players as you traveled downstream to battle the red mob along the way and at the conclusion. because that is how the advertisement depicted things. FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING So foolish. Wasted 500mb on bogus advertising; just show the game’s description in the adverts, as it’s clear that players enjoy it based on its 4.5 rating. Terrible Idiots.
Quite a strong game. I purchased a season pass and used it all in one day. I feel like there should have been more incentives. When I come in after a day and everything is gone and I’ve been assaulted 12 times, I don’t see how I’m expected to advance. Not everyone has the ability to play nonstop. It also allows those with double and more attack/defense power to match up with you. I had 130k coins and returned with 30k. It seems like a decent game is only worthwhile if you play it frequently every day.
Once you reach higher levels, the game becomes rather simple and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the game glitched when I tried to transfer to a random island, and now I can never visit City Hall, so I’m essentially stuck where I am. It was entertaining for the brief period that it served as a diversion.
The game is excellent and compulsive. It has been my favorite game for the past three to four months. The only issue is that it frequently fails to launch on my wifi connection. My WiFi connection is flawless overall, but only this app. To play the game, I must switch back to mobile data. Please resolve the situation.
Not at all awful. This game is incredibly fun for me. The price of the season pass is merely $3.99, making it at least $1 less expensive than any other game with a season pass. Furthermore, no advertising are required. Excellent overall experience.
Quite a strong game. No advertisements or bothersome pop-ups or reminders for microtransactions. Like the majority of free-to-play mobile games, it has some pay-to-win elements, but you can still advance in the game without shelling out any cash. The only thing behind a pay wall is the skin you can add to your boat for aesthetic purposes. This game’s paid components are either lootbox- or gacha-based.
It’s an awesome game. I’m just unclear about three things. Why can’t you purchase units in Expedition? Why does the Battle Pass have a cool down? Why do you have to start in Arena/Online Mode first? And why not make the boats brown again like they used to be? It looks finer and is reminiscent of the original versions of the game. I hope you can cure this, but overall, wonderful game.
Fun up until you reach the grind/soft-paywall wall. I’ve been playing for about two weeks, and I must admit that campaigns aren’t really tough or new (lvl 530). 20 arena plays every 20 hours isn’t awful, but without a Battle Pass, I can no longer earn additional benefits (although it is fairly cheap). After a def/off of roughly 100k, it takes a very long time to gain money and wood. It requires more nuance and planning. A word of caution: this game drains batteries quickly!
excellent time waster The balance has occasionally undergone some unfavorable rapid shifts, although these were subsequently corrected. The fact that super troop is only available to the top 100 players disadvantages everyone else.
incredibly repetitious. To break up the boredom, it would be wonderful if there were other things to do. The game has a number of different games to play, but they are all fundamentally the same. Land a boat and make an attack.

What's new

1. Added multiple defensive lineup functions, now players can switch other defensive lineups in the editor.
2. Various improvements and bug fixes.



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