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Jun 10, 2022
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How to install Island War MOD APK v3.6.1 (Easy Win / Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Island War MOD APK v3.6.1 (Easy Win / Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] Island War MOD APK v3.6.1 (Easy Win / Money) Game for Android

It’s relatively straightforward and an entertaining game once you get to higher levels. Unfortunately, when I tried to move to a random island, the game glitched and now I can’t ever access City Hall… so I’m pretty much stuck at where I’m at. It was fun while it lasted as a distractor during some free time.

Fun until you hit the soft-paywall/grind wall. I’ve played for about 2 weeks and I’ve got to say it’s not challenging or fresh, especially in campaigns (lvl 530). 20 arena plays per 20hrs isn’t bad but I can no longer receive extra rewards without a Battle Pass (although it is fairly cheap). Gaining gold and wood takes forever after a def/off of about 100k. It needs more depth and strategy. And a warning, this game is a battery killer!

I love the game, but there are 2 main issues: 1) only the top 10 or so alliances are even allowed to play in the wars to be able to gain extra wood, so only the strongest can progress creating a massive gap in power. Only the strongest get stronger. It’s frustrating never being able to compete in clan wars unless you are in the top guild 2) Daily wood limits block further progressions to those of us willing to put in the time to earn it.

I like it so far ads are completely optional and worth the watch. The game is simple and satisfying. SO far. I have been war simulator gaming for over 15 years. I have played over 150 different android platform simulators of this category and I would say, socially it lacks, but it makes up for it with the simplicity. After gaming in intense SoS or MS environments…some of you know what I mean. You will get attacked. The losses are minimal. Just keep going.

So far I’m loving the game… Best part? There doesn’t seem to be any adverts! Most games are riddled with adverts every few minutes. I tend to delete those games. But I’ve been playing for almost an hour and not a single advert! This is currently now my favourite game mainly due to the no adverts but also the fun and strategy of the game.

This is a good game and it’s fun to play. But hopefully there will be an instant replay of how the opponent attacked my base. Then hopefully have a direction on how to have a better island. Not just “random Island”. Hope to have Tips section in the game. I hope the base space will be even bigger. It’s too small to have a good defense. So even weak opponents are able to attack high level characters and even high level wall is burst immediately in a single location of the area.

I have been playing this game so far for almost 4 weeks and i must i’m thoroughly enjoying it. Daily challanges and many things to do make time pass really fast, sometimes even too fast . I wish the developers could add few changes like: cosmetic changes when you level up your soilders , option to check other players soilder levels, player level to be visible for other players. Other than that i think this game has great potential and i’m looking forward to rating it 5 stars before long.

At first this game seems deceptively simple but as you level up and get farther into the game you start to see the depth of strategy involved in configuring and deploying your troops. The ad system is good and doesn’t involve confusing ads that are hard to close after they play and the game is very fair regarding rewards. You can pay to advance more quickly but this is not a pay to win game and patience is rewarded.

A fun game. It is hard to get established at first but can be done. Only been playing for about a month and am able to sustain my base and advance. The only only reason so far for 4 stars is the limit on trophies. I can understand the limit on daily attack trophies, but to have revenge trophies count to the attack limit is ridiculous. I have been attack over 30 times so far in one day and since I reached the attack trophies limit I can do nothing to get back the 100 ot more I have lost.

FINALLY! An app that you can truly progress without having to pay left and right. The Legion Conquerer quest is daily and gives gems, I’ve never played one of these games that let you grow so easily without paying. The game play is addictively simply complex.

My only problem with this game is the fighting is unbalanced, it’s almost impossible to win defense, but on the other hand, I almost never lose raids. Please fix it so the defense/offense is balanced. Other than that, this game is amazing!

This game has some great potential to it. Its smooth, very quick to get into the next battle. The lack of ads whilst playing is so welcome, I really hope this doesn’t change. Going to be keeping a close eye on the updates for this game, lots could be added to make this game even better.

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1. Improvements and bug fixes.


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