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Nov 1, 2022
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How to install Instagram MOD APK (Instathunder) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Instagram MOD APK (Instathunder) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Hello everyone, today I want to share the Instagram app (InstaXtreme Mod Apk), which has several amazing features like:

Hide Your Eyes (Read Tick)
View Live Hidden (new)
View Complete Profile Image
Download pictures, videos, stories, reels from IGTV, and voicemails (new)
Turn off Stories View
Delete the ads from the stories
& Many Other Things That I’ll Explain Below
If you use Instagram, you should try this Instagram App immediately (Insta xtreme Mod).

Social media is a significant part of most people’s life today. Social media is a powerful, but compulsive, platform where we may freely express our thoughts and reach a wide audience. Young and innocent people are now far more aware of things thanks to social media than we would have been.

These days, we are so interconnected to the outside world that we can learn within a few seconds what is occurring anywhere. Few individuals utilize social media as a powerful platform, but rather as a tool to target a certain demographic. Do you realize you can make money through social media? You did really hear correctly! Social networking is an effective tool for producing steady income flows.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea, though, and you need ability to win folks over. Previously, Facebook was the only platform that was widely utilized, but several programs have been created throughout time to update the idea of connectedness. Not all have endured through time, but Facebook has undoubtedly been replaced for the better by Instagram Mod Apk.

Instagram Mod Apk has only recently, during the last few years, become popular enough to attract the attention of a large number of users. Instagram has been successful in bringing together individuals from all over the world and has established itself as a common forum for a variety of debates. Instagram has given many social media influencers a source of income and recognition in only a few short years.

Instagram is being used by brands to advertise their history. To produce steady income flows, many influencers sign many brand partnerships throughout the month. If you think you possess that special quality, you should consider using Instagram as a platform to display your talent.

People commonly use Instagram to share and view wonderful experiences that they will love for the rest of their lives. Instagram is incredibly addicting. By uploading video and images of your daily activities on Instagram stories, you can also keep your friends and family in the loop about your whereabouts. This program is available for free, and none of its users ever felt let down.

Snapchat Mod Apk

Upload significant events
Everybody has special moments in their lives that they treasure dearly. It’s not enjoyable to keep a memory to yourself solely. Instagram is the best platform if you enjoy sharing your memorable moments with others. With your family, friends, and strangers alike, you may share photos of your life.

The key to a successful existence in our fast-paced society is information. People in the past used to exist in a bubble and were only aware of what was happening around them. You can learn a lot about what is going on in the globe through Instagram. Instagram offers creative methods for you to learn about sales, tech, and cosmetic items.

interaction with pals
As we age, we often grow apart from our old friends—not because we want to, but rather because we get so busy with life that we seldom have time to visit them. Social media may now be used as a connection tool to keep us close to our loved ones. People may view what is going on in our friends’ life on Instagram, and we can also communicate briefly with them through direct messaging.

Learn about brands
Before, we were only familiar with a small number of companies and had sufficient awareness of the diversity in our environment. Nowadays. We are aware of all the nearby brands thanks to Instagram. Small companies have the ideal chance to expand thanks to this.

Story addition
Every day has both happy and sad moments, some of which make us want to immediately share them with our friends or family or perhaps the entire world. You may record and share moments from the day with your friends using Instagram stories.

a glimpse inside the lives of renowned people
We frequently become curious with the happenings in the life of our favorite celebrities, and on some occasions, this has proven to be fatal. You may now follow the lives of your favorite celebs on Instagram and find out what’s new in their world.

get the chance to impact people
You may create a public profile and showcase your skills to become a well-known influencer. In everyday life, many people will look up to you as their role model.

ultimate protection of privacy
Instagram places a high value on privacy; as a result, users may upload without concern that their images will be inappropriately exploited.

Add several images
You may upload many images at once, allowing you to show off all of your beautiful photos to others.

Snapchat Mod Apk
create an IGTV video
Additionally, you may now create extended films and offer more information.

only include tales for your close buddies.
You can choose to share your everyday activities with only your closest friends if you have a public account.

Instagram is really simple to install if you simply follow these four simple steps:

Wait a few moments after clicking the supplied download link.
Activate untrusted sources by going to security settings.
Through the notification bar, click the install button.
Create a shortcut for windows.
Snapchat Mod Apk



How can we download Instagram quickly?
Yes! Follow the aforementioned four steps, or just download via Google Play.

Q. Is this program cost-free?
Yes! This program is totally free.

Because InstaMod offers certain advantageous features over Official Instagram, I personally use it. 🙂

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Free instagram mod download

How does the Instagram Xtreme Mod App work?
Instagram Mod App v20 features include:
Download IGTV, Stories, Photos, and Videos.
View Stories, Change Typing Status, and Hide Seen
View the Entire Profile Photo in One Click
Internal Applock
Remove ads
Tap three times to download media
Turn off video autoplay (Save Data)
Instagram Extreme Apk Installation Instructions
Download the most recent version of Instagram MOD Apk.
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How does the Instagram Xtreme Mod App work?
A modified version of the official Instagram app called InstaXtreme has included several more features.

It is 100 percent safe and reliable. We Protect Your Privacy.

With just one click, you can quickly download any image, video, or story.

Additionally, with quick, immediate delivery, you may buy real Instagram likes from real users.

You will have access to privacy features like Hiding Your Seen Tick and Watching Stories of Others Without Letting Them Know.

Additionally, I’ve included the Instagram Dark Mode version below.

the instagram app in dark mode

Instagram Mod App v20 features include:
The features of the Instagram Mod App are as follows:

1- You may download images, videos, and other media from your gallery with only a single click.

2- Live ghost mode added to Hide Live View (NEW)

2. Turn off the ads for stories and tapes.

3. The ability to download voice messages and unopened expired media. (NEW)

4- View anyone’s full profile picture with only one swipe.

5. Turn off Seen.

DM Typing Status Can Be Hiding.

Internal Unfollowing Tracker, item 7 (New)

8- Use a four-digit pin code to lock the Instagram app.

9- Change the settings for your feed, search, share, news, and profile bar.

10- Copy the captions and comments from other people’s postings.

Triple-tap to download media, number 11.

12) Turn off Story View.

13 – Dark Mode is active.

14- Disable video autoplay by holding down the camera icon for a long time to save a lot of data

15- Change the wording of the comments and caption.

Download IGTV, Stories, Photos, and Videos.

Users of this Instagram mod will be able to download all of the content offered on the platform for offline consumption.

You may very easily download photos and videos.

To download, simply select 3 Dot Menu > Extra Options.

Instagram video and picture download

mod for Instagram Plus

View Stories, Change Typing Status, and Hide Seen
Over the official Instagram app, it will provide you privacy features.

Hide View Stories: It’s possible to see someone else’s account without even letting them know.

Don’t notify the Sender that you have viewed the message by disabling the Seen Tick.

In DM, hide typing status (Direct Message)

To make these features available:

to access privacy, go to Profile > Advanced Settings.

modified apk for Instagram

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View the Entire Profile Photo in One Click
Simply tap and hold on the profile picture to instantly see the full profile picture.

Either a private or public account was involved.

Internal Applock
It allows you to lock your Instagram app using the built-in applock with a 4-digit pin code or a fingerprint sensor.

How to Set an Instagram Pin Code Lock: –

Step 1: Select “Profile” > “Advanced Settings” > “App Lock”


Two-Set Fingerprint and Four Digit Pin Code

Remove ads
You may stop ads by doing the following: –

Visit Profile > Advanced Settings > General > Settings for Feed and Stories.

Select “Disable Ads”

Instagram advertising are disabled

Tap three times to download media
Just triple-tap to download media (photos and videos) from your feed.

Go to Profile > Advanced Settings > General to enable it.

Check the box for “Download media on triple tap”

triple-tap to save a photo on Instagram

Turn off video autoplay (Save Data)
You can save a ton of internet data by disabling autoplay for videos.

To turn it off, simply (Hold on the Camera Icon for 2-3 Seconds)

deactivate instagram video autoplay

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Instagram Extreme Apk Installation Instructions
Step 1: If you have previously installed Instagram, remove it first. (Important)

Step 2: Enable the Unknown Sources setting under Settings > Security (if you below Android 8.0)

Step 3: Install the version of Insta Extreme Apk that you obtained using the links above (Allow the Source Permissions if asked)

Open the app in Step 5.

Step 6: Enter your username and password to log in.

Step 7: Open your profile and click the icon for advanced settings (See Below Screenshot)

the free instagram mod apk

Step 8: Go to the Privacy & General Settings page and make the necessary changes.

Instagram’s hidden-seen settings

modified apk for Instagram

Enjoy 🙂

Download the most recent version of Instagram MOD Apk.
App Name InstAero, Instander, and Insta Xtreme APK
74 MB, 48 MB, and 20 MB in size
Vers. 16.0 (Based on v256.
Android 4.0 or later support
Accessed on October 14, 2022
Creator of mods krogon500, Team Instander, and
Root Necessary?
Read Dailyhunt MOD APK Download v18.4.7 (Ad Free) Latest Version 2022 for more information.
Last Words
The greatest Instagram alternative mod app, in brief, is Insta Xtreme, Intsa Pro, and Instander.

Some of the Best Features that are Very Useful are there.

Personally, I’ve been using this app for the past ten months without any issues. 🙂

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below!

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