Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK (Menu mod/Unlimited traps/ammo)


After having rescued your three friends from Rod’s clutches on several occasions, the evil ice cream maker has captured them yet again and, this time round, has taken them to his factory. In the previous installment, J made his own special ice cream with the ingredients your friends had collected to fatten up and let Rod capture him.
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Sep 2, 2022
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How to install Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.2 (Menu mod/Unlimited traps/ammo) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.2 (Menu mod/Unlimited traps/ammo) APK file.

2. Touch install.

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[Free Download] Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.2 (Menu mod/Unlimited traps/ammo) Game for Android

About Ice Scream 4
If you appreciate the horror game genre, you already know the Ice Scream game series from Keplerians Horror Games like Ice Scream 1, 2, and 3. Download the current edition of this series is the Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory. Rod’s Factory leads us back to the nasty ice cream guy who kidnaps youngsters and from whom need to escape!

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This Ice Scream 4 game series uses one of the main horror resources: dread, and continues to feed it with a new episode that leads the player to the horrific ice cream factory. Here, you have to conquer numerous hurdles to fulfill the final aim of saving yourself and the abducted children. Download Ice Scream 4 now and pay attention to escape successfully!


The Sour Ice Cream

Rod, the ice cream vendor seems to be quite pleasant towards youngsters. However, he always has a wicked plan. Through the many stages of the game, the game will have to figure out where his factory is and rescue the day! All that is known is that he puts the kids into vehicle, but you do not know where are brought later.


The game offers a situation where the wicked man has several youngsters frozen utilizing some type of superpowers. Therefore, the main task is hiding inside the vehicle and investigating the riddle of this criminal. Through several circumstances, the gamer needs complete the essential puzzles to save the frozen youngsters.


ice scream 4 apk newest version

In this horror game, the user controls the character from a first-person perspective. Notably, this lets the player experience actual frightened sensations while confronting terrifying items. You will feel like you are facing physically and cannot take your eyes off the screen to locate the proper way for the character. At the same time, there are unexpected events as you don’t know what is behind the door you open.


Ice Scream 4 Features

The Ice Scream 4 is a thrilling continuation of the creepy ice cream guy narrative by Keplerians Horror Games. Gamers who have played this game will verify that it has remarkable qualities that make it stand out amid its series including the Ice Scream 1, 2, and 3. Here are some features.


Tools and Manipulate Objects – this game offers an experience in which the character needs to flee and carry out various activities with stealth action to avoid being found by Rod. Basically, the purpose is not only to escape from our imprisonment but also to rescue the youngsters caught by Rod. To assist the player win over Rod easier, there are tools and manipulate things incorporated in the game. All things assist us to go on and simply overcome numerous difficulties that exist in the game, within the ice cream plant. If you wish to explore additional places in the game, download Ice Scream 4 and locate the essential goods in every setting.

Ice Scream 4 MOD (Lives/Trap) APK Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory (MOD, AD-Free/Menu/Free Rewards) provides you a sensation of horror. You may uncover new worlds while taking on foes that come suddenly before you. If you’re a major lover of the genre horror, you’ll stay away of Ice Scream 4: Rod’s Factory. While it’s not in the same horrific atmosphere as the Granny and Evil Nun titles, it contains some fascinating and thrilling situations for players. There are various hurdles to tackle during the game if you’re motivated to complete the game’s aim. There are sure to be numerous things to bear in mind.

How to Play? Ice Scream
If you are with Ice Scream 4, when you initially begin utilizing Ice Scream 4, the first thing you’ll be able to see is an enclosed space. It is conceivable to glimpse a weird human being of a little size who’s brought one of your buddies to the factory. While at the same time, you’ll be the one who supports your teammates in escaping from their grip. However, this activity might take a lot of time to reach your objective, and there are moments when you’ll have to confront numerous problems.

Element of Terror
The game’s mechanics of play are identical to the real world. However, to incorporate the element of dread, players are allowed to do anything they choose to do on the game screen. However, it can also present challenges when they need to move around an area frequently. In the same manner, there are adversaries all over the area, and you’ll need to remain clear of them in whatever way you can to gather the vital components to aid you and your pal.

In this terrifying game, you’ll take on the role of an in-person perspective that enables players experience true emotions when confronted with the terrible beast. It will appear as if you’re somewhere in them and can’t turn away from the game’s display to figure out the best approach to determine the best course for the person you are playing. However, things proceed rapidly, and you’ll be ignorant of what’s occurring on the other side of the opening door.

Escape by Finding and Exploring New Places
The players will confront anxiety and hardships when their companions have been snatched from the Rod and put inside the caged area. Your mission is to aid your buddies escape by locating and exploring new areas to progress forward through the game. The sole obstacle in the game is the lack of a minimap provided for players to navigate the game.

You’ll see how your enemies as you hunt down your opponents inside the earliest minutes within the initial stages. After that, you’ll be free to escape. Amid anything so huge as an industrial complex without minimaps may be an issue for players. For instance, to win, you’ll need to be aware of the places you’ve journeyed through and then exploit these maps to take out the creatures with scary smiles that are ready to attack you. Overcoming the Scary Elements – without a doubt, terror will rush down your spine when you and your buddies have been caught and trapped by Rod. You will have to escape together with your companions by locating and exploring new spots in the ice cream factory. You will confront terrifying elements as you strive to escape through uncertain pathways. That is because this game doesn’t show a map that a player may utilize to travel and escape from the factory. Download the Ice Scream 4 game and save yourself and your pals from the rogue ice cream guy!


Super Abilities – in the Ice Scream 4 game, the player is the only character that can slip out the prison and aid other children escape. perform the major characters. The gamer has amazing talents that aid them through the complete adventure while engaging with the surrounding. The player needs to be mindful of the environment since it lets you find your way out of the factory and escape Rod. Even with the amazing skills, it is necessary to use things in this game that you will need to win the game!

[Free Download] Ice Scream 4 Outwitt Mod APK 1.2.2 (Menu mod/Unlimited traps/ammo) Game for Android

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